NAIROBI, 19 December 2009 (Somalilandpress) – Two officials working with the African Union’s peacekeeping mission in Somalia, Amisom are reportedly under investigation, following reports that they are being used by a Western intelligence agency and South African Intelligence.

According to sources inside the African Union, quoted by a Somali news site,, the officials are involved in gathering intelligence aimed at undermining the Djibouti Process and assisting the West in the war on terror in East Africa.

The two, an intelligence analyst from an East African country in Amisom and a Somali-Tanzanian who works for UNSOA (United Nations Support Office for Amisom) as a Public Information Officer in Nairobi have reportedly been recruited separately to spy both on AMISOM and Somalis.

They are accused of gathering information for America’s Defence Intelligence Agency (DIA) and South Africa Secret Services (SASS).

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A source close to the investigation told the Nation that a routine counter intelligence operation showed a plethora of sensitive information on Amisom operations and its staff had constantly been passed to the two agencies.

“This is very damaging and could potentially harm our efforts to bring peace to Somalia,’’ he said.

Source: Nation


  1. I'm not surprised, even the so called Al Shabab are funded and recruited by the Americans directly or indirectly, they planning the next invasion after Iraq and Afghanistan, its to lay grounds for the Somali invasion using these elements.

    All those kids missing from the West who are said to have joined Al Shabab are been recruited by Western intelligence, after they dont make it through the mission they are been accused of clerics recruiting them. Don't believe them, Somalis be aware your sons are been recruited by American, British, Danish and other governments.

    They are up to dirty things as usual.

  2. Are you kidding me!?
    Everything is possible. Westerns are masters of manupulation, famous in spinning and twisting things around and would do anything works in their favours. Turning Muslim against each other and laughing!

  3. How long must we blame all our ills on others? When do we take good look at ourselves and face our problems?