Hargeisa (Somalilandcurrent)- Somaliland Government says they would not attend a conference about Somalia that will take place in USA, though Somaliland has been invited to attend the meeting.

Somaliland Foreign Affairs Ministers, Abdullahi Muhammad Duale, told the press in Hargeysa [the capital of Somaliland], that his government was not ready to attend the conference aimed at discussing Somalia affairs.

He said the conference had nothing to do with Somaliland, and that it was for Somalia and Puntland regional autonomous [in northeastern Somalia]. Somalilandpress reporter in Hargeysa, said that the minister, who returned from Kenyan capital, Nairobi, took the decision after meeting with US embassy officials in Nairobi.

The minister said that Somalia and Somaliland are two different countries, adding that Somaliland was ready to talk with US as an independent country.

Reports say that US congress has invited Somali government, Puntland and Somaliland to attend a meeting over Somalia crisis.

By Abdinasir Mohamed



  1. Yes, well done minister Abdullahi Muhammed, keep up the good job. The world know that where we stand in this struggle.Let the world know again Our independence and separate statehood are not subject to negotiations. Our unilateral declaration of the sovereign state of Somaliland is irreversible. Somaliland belongs to Somalilanders not Somalia.We will defend our motherland to the last drop of blood. God bless Somaliland. " Brother Lynch".

  2. Its not enough to decline the invitaion only. The Somaliland government need to make the case for recognition in no uncertain terms painfully clear for the US government. If our state presidnet and minister of foreign affairs act as if Somaliland is a peaceful part of Somalia where would this passive attitude take us? Peace is not a prerequiste for independence!

  3. we should go and be part of the meeting, i think that it is showing weakness on our pert for not attending, plus it would give us a platform to announce our separatist views, and also we should be part of the war that going on in the south Somalia, we should help the government of sheik sharif, after the shabab and all warlords are defeated we should make clear to president sheak sharif that we want to go our own way and we will always be brothers and always share common interests and even share security but we want our country, i think if that happens we have very good chance of getting what we want, but my view is we should all be in one country with different federal states just like USA, but thats only my views

  4. I am glad the Somaliland Government declined this Invitation, If Somaliland had accepted it, there is no calling our self a separate Country.
    How comes Ethiopia, Djibouti and Kenya was not Invited but Somaliland was?

    Because, the congressman was misinformed by his advisors. He was Informed by the advices that Somaliland is still part of the so called Somali republic. And if Somaliland could have agree to this meeting they have legitimized their case. So, I for one, I'm glad Somaliland did not attend.

  5. Somaliland should've accepted. I believe the supporters of the Independance of 'Somaliland' are mislead due to what the Siad Barre Administration had undertaken during its rule. Somalis are Somalis whatever happens. We all understand that what happened was wrong and heartless, however we should be united. Our great Grandfather and fathers before that all supported a united Somalia, imagine how they would feel now..Separating a independant Country…

  6. Moreover, 'Somaliland's independace is very unlikely because Somalia itself has to agree to it, and I doubt Somalia wants to be separated along the lines of a brutal history. Somalia is facing great changes now, and we should change with it, align ourselves with the Somali government and become a powerful United Country like before, but by practising Democracy and freedom..

    Havn't you wondered why 'Somaliland' hasn't gained recognition for the past 18 years? Even Britain, the evil colonising power, hasn't recognised the colony which it so brutally took hold of, and yet you intend to create a Country under the name of a Colony? The only Country which has lightly recognised 'Somaliland's President as a head of state is 'Ethiopia' the greatest historic enemy of Somalia. Again, havn't you wondered WHY? Well the answer is here: They want to separate Somalia even further, so it becomes divided and weak, paving a way for them to become the strongest power in the Horn of Africa which Somalia used to hold respectively.

  7. My dear brothers, I dont seek to argue, but advise. We are all 100% Somali and 100% Muslim in Somalia. Two things which any Country in Africa or the World would so strongly desire. Yet we want to weaken Somalia even more? Please, take time to think about this, because a new Somalia will emerge soon inshallah, and I, and most others would want north-west Somalia to be part of willingly. May Mogasidhu, Hargeisa, Garoowe and every city in Somalia be united fully. Inshallah.

  8. we all speak Somali language and we are all Muslims should be ingredient to unite us. As far as I am concerned that argument is a non-starter. If language and religion were a uniting factor then the entire Arab world should be one country. I am currently based in the Gulf and here you will find that countries that form Gulf Co-operation Council are so close to each other that literally there is no cultural, religious and language difference between, say, Saudi Arabia and the State of Qatar. And yet they are two different countries. ha ha ha ha ha ha
    Somaliweyn supporters who like hiding their heads in the sand, here are some facts that you may consider next time before you embarks on another unsuccessful advocacy of that failed union: We will defend our motherland from any outsiders. "Brother Lynch".

    • we are not like the arabs who number 250-300 million people, we are only 10 million, so if you dived us in to three or four nations we will end up being dominated by the ethiopians and kenyans for ever just like now

    • Goulled brother i understand you and agree 100% with you, we are many here in somaliland who believe in united somalia, dont mind these separatist who are only looking out for their clan interests not the somalia interest but walahi many here in awdal or in toghdeer are for a united somalia

    • thats just the most ignorant of all replies i've ever seen. "all the arabs of the penensula are the same"??? you obviously havent studied history nor georgraphy. let me educate your qaldan mind. the egyptians are not the same as the syrians, jordanians and iraqis, they had a civalization going way back before the prophet Mosa (as), the iraqs dont consider them selves as arabs either, their civalization was known as that of babylonia completely different and distinct. they had a language called the akkadanian and sumerian. the syrians have a different history as that of assyeria, the palestineans and the lebanese branch into cannanite (palestinean) and phonecien (lebanese ancient judea)

      so please dont give us a bunch of Bulshit by comparing the diverse arabs with the homogenous somali people who have ALWAYS BEEN ONE. go educate yourself.

      • look at this fool…what an argument, so by your theory, why don't you tell us where Somalis hail from before they became Somalis. stop visiting Somaliland websites, and use your energy to fix the situation in your own country.. a little education is an dangerous thing, a prime example here

  9. SOMALIS are an ethnic group Not a country.
    Somaliland will continue on its course for recoghnition no matter how difficult and lenthy tha Road.Indepence is just a step on the Road to Success for our Beloved Country.We are Somalis …But we Also Somalilanders separate and distint.Somaliland First.

  10. Somalia is Somalia there is no such thing as Somaliland. These separatist are dreaming, once a new government comes to Somaliland we will unite with our brothers in the South no matter what. And you arab loving northern Somalis can go back to yeman and leave Somalia to the somalis. If you don't like Somalia then get out of its territories, we don't need tribal scum like you.

    By the way i was born in Somalia even though my parents lived in Somaliland.

    • precisely, somalia is not a ground for breakaway sentiments, if the so called somalilanders wish to have a different nation they can go to the north pole, we wish them all the happyness there. inshaAllah a stable and competent government will arise in the south and when that day comes (which it will sooner or later) somaliland will regret its seccesionist claims. perhaps somalia will want to breakaway from somaliland seeing the complete malice and disregard the somalilands have have for the aling somali people of the south.

      either way history will repeat itself. somaliland merged with somalia less than a week after the british left, after somalia gains a new government you will regret your insane plea for recognition and begg to be part of somalia once again. have no doubt about that.

  11. Alla, maxaa rag cabanaya meesha ka buuxa, war ordoo xiniinya iska raadiya oo dalkiina hagaajiya, Somaliland socotay oo rag xiniinyo leh baa xoreeyey

  12. The people of Somalia the do not have clue about political parts like they have been in pass they rather organize by tripe.