Press release by Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 15 July 2023

The Government of the Republic of Somaliland is deeply disturbed by the recent statement from the World Health Organization (WHO) about the conflict in Las’anod.

The Somaliland government shares the concerns of the international community regarding the continued violence in Las’anod.

Since last December, our security forces have defended Somaliland’s territory and citizens against clan militias and al-Shabaab terrorists in the Las’anod region. We have made every effort to protect human lives and civilian infrastructure, including hospitals and healthcare facilities.

For many years, the government has worked to construct and support the development of these facilities in Las’anod and has provided extensive medical care to the people of the region. We remain committed to ensuring that those in need have access to these services and other humanitarian assistance.

We encourage the WHO to work with our government to ensure that civilians impacted by the ongoing violence are able to access the medical services they require.