Preventing the incitement of Chinese violence in Lasanood, Somaliland, is one of the added provisions

By M.A. Egge

Washington – The United States Congress is expected to approve new provisions added to the Somaliland Cooperation Act which was appended to the budget of the US military last year.

Members of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the United States House of Representatives has reportedly assented it proposed new provisions to amend the law and broaden it and has forwarded it to the US Senate

The US Parliament, which is preparing the US military budget for 2024, has the new proposals of the MPs are part of the new provisions to be added to the Somaliland Cooperation Act.

MPs Chris Smith and Marc Veasey from both major parties in the United States have added new provisions to the Somaliland Cooperation Act which includes;

The US presence in Somaliland is to/for;

-Increasing cooperation in the fight against terrorism and the sharing of intelligence information to defeat the terrorism of Al-Shabaab, ISS and other terrorist groups.

– the PRC’s role in fomenting unrest in the Sool region of Somaliland and;

– the role played by the Republic of China (Taiwan) in checking the PRC’s engagements in Somaliland.

This move depicts the tangibility of the cooperation agreement between Somaliland and the United States showing that the United States wants a real cooperative relationship with Somaliland.