The Ministry of Information Culture and National Guidance of the Republic of Somaliland strongly denounces the recent statements made by the government of Somalia, which undermine the existence of Somaliland. The accusations made by Hassan Sheikh and his government, alleging that the Republic of Somaliland government intends to harm journalists and protesters, are baseless and without merit.
Furthermore, we express concern over the actions taken by Somalia’s security agency, NISA, who have been targeting individuals of Somaliland origin or with a Somaliland dialect, under the guise of compassion. These actions are clearly aimed at sowing discord and division among the people of Somaliland. Given the historical injustices perpetrated against Somalilanders from 1961 to 1991 by various Somali administrations, this tactic is seen as an aggressive act against Somalilanders worldwide and an attempt to undermine our unity.

Most recently, Abdibasid Mohamed Gani, a Somalilander expressing support for the Memorandum of Understanding signed between Somaliland and Ethiopia, was attacked during a live social media broadcast by two NISA officers, who in addition, seized the contents of one of his shops, forcing him to close his businesses and return to Hargeisa. These incidents highlight the alarming actions taken by the Somali government against Somalilanders.

It is regrettable that Hassan Sheikh’s government perceives the fundamental freedoms exercised by the people of Somaliland, including their right to express support for the agreement independence, as treacherous. Instead, they should embrace the ideals of unity and denounce the agreement, echoing the sentiments of the Banadir administration. The people of Somaliland remain steadfast and resilient, driven by unwavering love for their cause, which they have fought for despite great sacrifices. Today, they stand poised to see their flag represented on international platforms.

We strongly urge the Somaliland community and the media to be vigilant and recognize the trap set by our adversaries against Somaliland. Similarly, we call upon Somalilanders residing in Hamar to be cautious of the threats posed by the Somali security forces (NISA) and to closely monitor the actions of the Somali government, which is actively targeting the citizens of the Republic of Somaliland in that region.