The Class of 2021 at QF partner Georgetown University in Qatar (GU-Q) is preparing to take the next steps in their academic journey.
The graduating seniors successfully faced the challenge to achieve academic excellence while engaging with their communities, and garnered recognition for their accomplishments along the way.
Saoud al-Ahmad developed an interest in foreign affairs in high school: “Studying international affairs made sense and I knew I wanted to go to Georgetown,” he recalled.
At GU-Q, he delved into Qatar’s rich cultural heritage through a degree in culture and politics, conducting research for an Honours thesis on Qatari identity, and promoting the Arabic language through various campus clubs.
Al-Ahmad credits one guiding principle for his academic success.“I only pursued topics that interested me. Having a passion for what you study makes a difference.”
That included an internship at the Qatar Financial Centre Regulatory Authority to expand his skill set.
“A Georgetown education prepares you for so many career paths. You can fit anywhere. I can’t think of any other degree that gives you that level of flexibility.”
GU-Q presented International Politics major and National Political Science Honour Society member Amna Salatt the opportunity to attain a competitive degree at a prestigious university close to home, while also offering study abroad options on Georgetown’s Washington, DC, campus.
Through the Qatari embassy in DC, Amna represented Qatar as a Points of Light and Qatar Civic Century Fellow, taking part in a virtual conference centered around public engagement.
She also volunteered with the HELP organisation, a student-led initiative that organises tutoring sessions for the university’s service providers.
Putting to test her Arabic language skills honed through GU-Q’s Arabic programme for native speakers, Salatt took on the challenge of working with complex case files as a litigation intern at Al Tamimi law firm, and has plans to apply to law school in the future.
International Economics major Mustafe Axmed plans on using the skills he gained at Georgetown to give back to his pastoral farming community in Somaliland.
“Families are always on the move, following the grazing herds of livestock. So it’s difficult for many young people to access education,” he said.
He shared stories of those challenges at a joint GU-Q and Education Above All panel discussion on the impact of displacement on education.
He also won $10,000 in funding from Davis Projects for Peace for his “Think and Share” campaign to engage Somali youth in peacebuilding across tribes.
In the classroom, Axmed earned membership into the National Economics Honour Society, with plans to continue his studies in Islamic finance in order to contribute to Somaliland’s economic development.
Phi Beta Kappa Honour Society member, accomplished violinist, and International Politics major Adithi Sanjay has advice for the incoming class: keep an open mind.
“I know it’s cliché, but it’s something I’ve learned from personal experience,” she said.
Adithi began her undergraduate career at Georgetown’s Washington, DC campus and transferred to GU-Q in 2020. In DC, Adithi was part of Georgetown Global Consulting, a student-run organisation that consults for NGOs and MFIs in developing countries.
Adithi has also made waves in Qatar, winning the CIRS 2020 Paper Competition and the GU-Q Summer 2020 Research Competition.
In September, Adithi will begin an MSc Management programme at Imperial College London, in order to launch a career in management consulting and further explore the nexus between business and international development.

Source: Gulf News