By Goth Mohamed Goth

Nagaad Network in collaboration with Interpeace organized two-days training for members of the Campaign teams tasked with conducting campaigns for the Women’s Candidates vying for parliamentary and local council seats in the upcoming elections and ways to deliver their respective message of the candidates to the public.

During the two days of training, the participants were briefed on the ways in which people communicate and share information during the campaigning period, as well as securing equal visibility of female politicians and decision-makers, and promote more inclusive representation of leadership.

Mr. Kayse, one of the trainers, elaborates on the importance of candidates connecting with potential other citizens through public engagements and social media can offer women a space to exercise their right to freedom of expression and participate in public life as committed citizens. Considering “its low cost and the role that personal initiative plays in its use”, social media “can serve as an equalizer for female parliamentarians who are otherwise politically disadvantaged”, having the potential to advance women’s participation in politics

Mr. Abirashid Abdullahi Hassan, one of the trainees and a campaign manager of one of the female candidates speaking during the end of the two days training thanked Nagaad Network an Inter-peace for organizing the training for campaign teams. We have gained much from the capacity-building and training initiatives aiming at improving social media knowledge and skills of women in politics can strengthen their communication strategies and voter outreach plans.

Ms. Ikran, a female trainee said that learned a lot about the effective ways they can help women candidates improve their communication strategies during the campaign.

Ms. Kaltuun, speaking on behalf of Nagaad Network said, ”The aim of this training is to equip the campaign team with the tools which offer women politicians and candidates a platform to present themselves and their political programs before citizens during the campaigning period so as to secure seats during the upcoming period. A majority of the populace is illiterate and the rest use social media platforms hence the need to come up with the ideal communication strategies, and the platforms where candidates present their political ideas and programs.