By Goth Mohamed Goth

The House of Elders “Guurti” is set to name a select committee charged with the extension of the tenure of the parliament which has long expired. Usually, this is the legal procedure in such a scenario following a notification letter from the President of the Republic of Somaliland.

The speaker of the Upper House of Parliament (Guurti) Honorable Suleiman Mahmud Aden announced to the members that he will avail to the Guurti the members of the committee on Sunday 17, Nov 2019.

The task of the committee is to recommend as per the constitution, the need for the extension of the parliament.

The House of Guurti of Republic of Somaliland is charged with assessing and making full evaluation of on the reasons that caused delay of the elections; whereas considering conditions that brought the delay of the elections which were reflected upon, discussed and debated, realizing the need for the Somaliland people to have a free and fair elections that takes place in stable and secure [manner] equally in all over the country at one time, assessing security , natural calamities if any or any technical hiccups constraints the holding of election etc

The constitution of Somaliland allows a term extension ONLY  if the election cannot be held because of natural calamities, security, and technical considerations hinder the holding of elections.