By: Guleid A. Mahir

The mayor of Hargeisa City Council Mr.Abdikarim Ahmed Moge has stated that most Somaliland’s populace is youths. He urged the youngsters to work hard to develop their country.

He affirmed that nations reach the peak of economic development through manpower; this could be as a result of education, technical skills, youth’s creativity to find solutions to many problems facing the country.

The mayor proposed that youths in the hinterlands, towns and cities across the country to be assisted in acquisition of skills so that they could participate in national development.

He said “Somaliland is blessed with a large number of youths, a country can only develop through the input of its human resource. Educated youths with talents in technical and technological skills and creative mindset for problem solving has been a catalyst for economic development.  Any nation that has passed the threshold of economic prosperity has done so through expert knowledge of its  work force.”

He reiterated the importance and power of information for youths to become decisive, they should also learn or be taught of their rights and acquaint themselves with Somaliland constitution to defend their rights.

The mayor also revealed the importance of youths sensitization about the role to hold leadership positions today not tomorrow.