The government of Somaliland has repatriated 51 citizens with the help of IOM who were languishing in Libya.
The repatriation of Somaliland citizens from Libya has been done in collaboration with the National Refugee and Displaced Persons Agency and the International Migration Agency (IOM).
The Chairman of the National Refugee and Displaced Persons Agency, Mr. Abdikarim Ahmed Mohamed (Hinif), said that the IOM organization has made a lot of efforts to bring these citizens back to the country and reunite them with their parents.
He said, “51 of the young people arrived back in the country having been repatriated from Libya and we thank the IOM organization, which worked hard to bring them back to their relatives and families in the country”.
One of the returnee youth who tod of the horrific conditions he was subjected to including beatings on daily basis while tied up for failure to pay 14500 USD to the traffic lords.
Some parents were happy to welcome their children back who were in that wilderness for several years in the name of human trafficking.