Hass Petroleum Company has opened a new office in Tog-Wajale Commercial City, where the community can access all Gas & Oil services.

The General Manager of the Hass Petroleum company Mr. Mahad Abdi Ali said that it is an honor for the company to open a new center in Wajale commercial city.


He said that they have brought two services that were previously absent in the city, one that the vehicles need and one that the family needs for food.

The benefit of the people living in Wajale town from the services of Hass petroleum, he said that it is quality oil that the customer can rely on.

On the other hand, the food gas that Hass company brought to the country five years ago, he said, has added five new features, which are the reason why the society has accepted and welcomed it.

It does not have the risk of explosion, and it does not have the main concern of the society, and it is an opportunity to create new jobs.

Officials and members of the Wajale community who spoke on the occasion welcomed the new services and promised to use them.

The new center is expected to serve the community of Wajale commercial city and the community areas of Ethiopia.