By Julian Macqueen

8th January 2014

Somaliland, a breakaway state to the north of Somalia proper, wants to develop Berberainto an export facility for land-locked Ethiopia.

Investors are being assembled to back the $2.5 billion project.

Lawyer and Somaliland envoy Jason McCue is quoted by news provider AllAfrica as saying that an agreement is there which involves “one of the world’s best port operators”.

Authorities in the state are trying to overhaul crumbling infrastructure as they seek to capitalise on their position as a bridge between Africa and the Middle East.

Ethiopia is Africa’s second most populous nation, with 91 million inhabitants, and has annual exports worth almost $1 billion, led by coffee and gold.

Source: Portworld



  1. "Saying that an agreement is there which involves “one of the world’s best port operators.."

    Wow, this is good news! We'll go through the route of Djibouti soon! Somaliland has proven reserves of oil, uranium, and other natural resources, not too mention livestock and trade business. We're going to make it big soon, let's hope this benefits the people and not greedy officials.

    Btw, does anyone know when the next Somaliland presedential elections are? Puntland had theirs recently, so I'm curoius. I think this time we should elect a Gadabursi or Harti president. Silaanyo hasn't been the best president, and many Somalianders like myself oppose him.

    Best Wishes! GO SOMALILAND!

  2. These reproduced enticing reports of no real basic serious beefs are killing the SL
    good Public. The SL public have become used to like Cinema going for different films shows.
    As regular customer for SLDPRESS more than a decade, the same film industry shows without progress is always around. Am beginning to get disillusioned by the dangerously irresponsible
    trends of most of the SL Medias year-in-year-out with the same reproduced bogus fabricated
    fairy tale stories.

    • You are so right. These copy plasters should GROW UP. We are not going to get anything due to no recognition.

  3. Somalilanders elect the most able person, irrespective of community ties. As long as he/she is able and a true Somalilanders then he/she will get the vote. President Silaanyo will face the electorate in 2015, and if the people feel he has done a good job, they will re-elect him, if not they will not. Just a reminder, former President Dahir Rayale was not from the majority community, and served for almost a decade as President, and before that as Vice-President. He succeeded the late Mohamed Ibrahim Egal, was re-elected and when he was defeated in 2010 elections, transferred power in a mature, statesman like manner. Just a short history lesson for those who are not Somalilanders. We have seen it all in Somaliland and will, Inshallah, see more.

  4. Good news for the Republic of Somaliland and its peace loving quraysh population. Bad news indeed for The Republic of Wanlaweyn and its war mongering bantu.