By Goth Mohamed Goth

The Head of Somaliland Custodial Corps Brigadier General Mohamed Hussein Farah(Hiraane)has embarked on a fact-finding mission on the conditions of correctional facilities in Sool, region and to meet the various heads of the armed services based in the region..

Immediately after arriving in Las Anod the head of the custodial corps embarked on an assessment tour of the Las Anod central prison which is the main correctional facility in Sool region which was followed by a visit of the main hospital and other governmental facilities in the region

The current government aims to introduce measures which will help in reducing conflict and producing a safer and more stable environment for both staff and offenders and which include providing of adequate provision of accommodation, hygienic conditions, clothing and bedding, food and exercise.

Just  last week the commanding officer in charge of Las Anod main Prison abandoned his post as the head of the facility which prompted the arrest and detention of the second in command due to unclear circumstances this reiterates the need for the government to introduce proper management of prisons i as a matter of priority through the provision of material and equipment, training and mentoring programmes etc.