Press Release


Guleid Dahir Samatar, ex-deputy governor of Togdheer region, east of Somaliland, was arrested by Somaliland Police who raided his house about 2:00 am local time on 3rd January 2014 at Buro’a town of Togdheer region. The procedure he was arrested violates article 25 of Somaliland Constitution which states that no person may be arrested, searched, or detained, except when caught in the act of committing the crime or on the issue of a reasoned arrest warrant by a competent judge.

The Police entered the dwelling house of Gulied by force in contrary to article 29 of Somaliland Constitution. He was immediately transferred to Berbera Prison where he was held in three days without court warrant.

Guleid was release on 6th January 2014. But on 9th January 2014 when he decided to go back to his hometown, Buroa, the Police apprehended him again without court warrant.

Guleid, member of Wadani opposition party, is not formally charged with any offence, but the Police accused him of organizing public protest held in Buroa on 23rd December. Guleid denies these accusations.

 According to article 32 of the Constitution every citizen has the freedom to organize or participate in demonstrations.

 Human Rights Center recommends Somaliland authorities to immediately release Guleid Dahir Samatar.


Ms. Mulaho Mohamed Ali

Spokesperson, Human Rights Center

Hargeysa Somaliland


  1. I believe anyone who instigates insecurity in any country on the Planet is liable to face the law of that country. If the former government is proven guilty beyond doubt, he must face the justice, otherwise he should be released immediately.

    Furthermore, we the people of Somaliland must stop using tribal outcry, whenever someone is arrested without us knowing the crime committed. This will not take us anywhere and should be stopped.

  2. Omar Hussein Dualeh please have a common sense. If this man has committed a crime, your competent government would have charged him in court of law or bring him to court to request for legal detention. The law is clear. No one can be arrested more than 48 hours without due process of law. We know for sure why Guleid is detained. He is detained because he is campaign against the Ignorant government of Somaliland's attempt to dislodge an Isaaq clan from Burao. Somaliland peace can only be maintained if the rule of law and due process of law equally apply to all citizens. As we have heard recently Kulmiye party is in disarray. The other two Somaliland political parties are caught up up with internal infighting that treating their existence. To save Somaliland from doom, it is important both opposition parties sort out their difference and come with United front to send the regime out of power. We cannot afford another around of Kulmiye party domination in Somaliland otherwise the real existence of Somaliland is in grave danger.

  3. I promise you if I were made minister of internal affairs in the next government of Wadani that I will harass, intimidate and abuse Siilaanyo's dignity publicly. I will send the RRU to his house every few days, confiscate his property until he willingly leaves the country for his own safety. This dude deserves nothing less.

  4. one person for public disorder should be arrested for inciting violence that caused for killing innocent indigenous and should charges for murders counts !!!!!! who is he ????????????? he diverse to be in Mandela prison than berbera custody

  5. Since Kulmiye party succeeded the administration of government they immediately to began to breach the law and misuse as a favoritism, from my point of view as you all mentioned no once can be arrested without warrant of court, inline with that breach of rights Guleid has the rights to get a legal remedy according to article 23 of UDHR and 27 of Somali-land Constitution and also am suggesting the Kulmiye Administration to stop all these shameful action.

  6. Ladies & Gentlemen and Boys & Girls,

    “Justice DELAYED is justice DENIED” Contrary to that is just a BANANA!

    Every citizen has the right to be heard in a court of Law. The rights if this man in Jail is awfully being abused and right in our faces (he could be mine and your uncle, brother and father), by an individual who is welding, in the very open and without shame, “POWER” that neither belongs to him nor bestowed upon him by his superiors. He is in a fast forward mode for his own demise. Attention, if you see this character, please stay away and do not attempt to have any contact with him. We have seen and witnessed the likes of this young man in the past. “Those who bounce faster than the revolution are to be chopped”! Mind you, this is not even an elected official. How dare, can such be allowed and entertained in a place we all know, how we painfully acquired from the Jaws of shark regime?

    Those of you chanting for this illegal action and trashing those speaking for the “RIGHTS” of a Somalilander, being irrefutably quashed and slaughtered by a few young bad men, should remain brave enough to withstand it, should this non sense, (GOD forbid) ever drops by your front yard or over your fences and through your windows, in that matter. This is a new Tsunami in the making and better watch for it. It is time to speak against this kind of illegal and Banana Republic style of Governing of our people.

    What is urgently suggested and highly required by the Silanyo Administration, is to immediately drop “The Xersi Factor” (no more added value in this guy) and take him completely out of the picture as there is absolutely no reason and need for him to be part of any international or domestic missions (he must remain in the State House enclave), unless, otherwise, as correctly mentioned by a Professor in one of his earlier writings as just being a mere watch-dog for the President which can eventually cost him dearly in reputation and legacy wise, if action is not swiftly taken on his uncontrollable and ever damaging behaviour that must come to a complete halt and YESTERDAY!

    If anyone in the Silanyo administration and the President’s immediate family are watching and are willing to pay any further attention to this ever ending episodes and menace, Xersi has unequivocally become a "The mother of liability “to the Silanyo Administration and got to be muzzled if Silanyo ever wants to be re-elected and see the light of a second term as President of Somaliland anytime soon, Period!

    How long more can President Silanyo carry this young endeavouring man on his aged back? Remains to be seen. To be continued.

    Chief K

  7. Gulaid, the former deputy Governor of Burco, finally got out of the jail today without bail or preconditions after Siilaanyo administration failed to prove that he commited a crime. In a press release shortly after he was released, Gulaid vowed that he will not leave alone those who were behind his arrest. Hopefully he would return to Burco as a hero.