Djibouti, January 16, 2014

Press release


Today, Thursday, January 16, 2014, corresponded to the first anniversary of the birth of the Union for national salvation (USN), a coalition of opposition parties Djibouti. A good law, USN commemorate this historic event inside its new headquarters (HQ) located in Ward 4, former sector of the Djiboutian capital. Why inside? Because the regime prohibits the USN, under false pretenses, to organize any public meeting, as evidenced bans rallies USN 6 December 2013 and 01 January 2014.

At 10:30, while the president of the USN, Ahmed Youssouf Houmed, delivered his memorial speech, a police detachment of a hundred armed with clubs, tear gas and even firearms officers, raided the headquarters and put an abrupt end to the celebration. Not without physically assaulting several militants.

In the aftermath, the police arrested all the leaders present USN Ahmed Youssouf Houmed, president of the USN, Omar Elmi Khaireh, vice-president of the USN, Ismail Gedi Hared, president of the National Assembly Self (ANL), Farah (DAF), a spokesman for the USN, Abdurahman Mohamed Guelleh, general secretary of the USN, Mohamed Daoud Chehem, Deputy Finance USN doctor Ebbo Adou Abbate, Vice President the model, but also the leaders Adan Mohamed Abdou, 1st Vice-President of the NLA, Ali Mohamed Dato, legitimate president of the municipality of Balbala Aden Dalieh Dirieh legitimate president of the municipality of Boulaos and Master Djama Amareh Meidal, Legal Adviser of the High Council USN. They also arrested a large number of members ANL, executives and activists USN both sexes, came to celebrate this event in a calm, order and joy. All or sixty people were loaded onto police cars and taken to the detention center administrative Nagad known for its unhealthy cells where mosquitoes swarm and other unwanted insects. First crammed into a single cell and deprived of their cell phones, officers and members of the USN were then separated to be split between two cells, with physical violence and degrading treatment against some. Then the spokesman USN, Daher Ahmed Farah, and Master Djama Amareh Meidal were isolated, each the Bastille in a dilapidated room that holds more toilets without evacuation that cell retention.

This sixty people were not released in the evening to 18 hours.

In addition to these arrests, police confiscated five personal cars parked near the headquarters including those Adan Mohamed Abdou Mohamed Daoud Chehem, Ishmael and Dr. Ahmed Waberi ABBATTE Ebbo Adou vehicles were however not in breach road.

Last act of this senseless repression, the new headquarters of the USN was vandalized in the early afternoon he suffered a burglary and destruction of furniture and toilets. And for the second time since December 4, 2013, when the first rampage. The perpetrators obviously in the pay plan, and have won camcorders, cameras and a backpack.

We strongly condemn these actions that speak volumes about the excitement and the fragility of the regime against the strength and determination of the USN. We require including end to repression and provocation, the arrest of the perpetrators of theft and looting, and the return of the equipment carried, the vehicle removed and all objects previously confiscated from members and supporters of the USN.

The struggle continues. Free all political prisoners. The people win.



The President of the USN

Ahmed Youssouf Houmed



Ward 4 House 10 Avenue 16 – Tel: (00253) 21 35 84 73

Djibouti Republic of Djibouti






  1. Now a days no one buys Mucaarad and trumpet for anarchy in already fragile horn of Africa. Our Mucaarad brothers in Djibouti need to be wise enough and be faraway from any acts intended to annoy the existing bee colony in Djibouti, You may provoke the bees to come out and act so that other see while biting people, but you may gain little or no. Let the bee produce the honey for themselves and the people of Djibouti who can only survive if their is peace and their country.
    Ilaahay ha dhowro Reer Jabuuti!!