‘’Raising a Flag without its credentials approved by the United Nations General Assembly’’’’

Abdi Rahman Hamud Alleel

Tuesday, 21 January 2014


Since we know the Ottoman Empire and their civilisation, but this act of raising a flag on the 16th of January 2014 in Istanbul without its credentials accepted is surely a new challenge against the existence of the United Nations and International community who both promotes the democracy and prosperity. 


‘We all know that States are admitted to membership in the United Nations by decision of the General Assembly upon the recommendation of the Security Council. The procedure is that the State submits an application to the Secretary-General and a letter formally stating that it accepts the obligations under the Charter. Then Security Council considers the application. Any recommendation for admission must receive the affirmative votes of 9 of the 15 members of the Council, provided that none of its five permanent members — have voted against the application. If the Council recommends admission, the recommendation is presented to the General Assembly for consideration. A two-thirds majority vote is necessary in the Assembly for admission of a new State. Finally, Membership becomes effective the date the resolution for admission is adopted. At each session, the General Assembly considers the credentials of all representatives of Member States participating in that session!!!

Therefore, AwDAL State of Somalia in partnership with the other Somali States, strongly condemn the act of raising Somaliland flag in Istanbul, during the Somali and Somaliland final communique. This act deliberately committed by the Turkish government without any consent from the United Nation Security Council nor a credentials accepted by the office of the Secretary General. All Somali States, particularly those within in the boundary of the British Somaliland territory, disapprove the credentials and existence of so-called Somaliland, because Somaliland is not a peace-loving and democratic state and it does not accept or respect the obligations contained in the United Nations charter, such as, diversity and equal distribution of seats among resident. Hence, Somaliland government have committed and still committing crimes against humanity such as bloodsheds in Khatumo region, murders in CeelBardale, corruption, revenge, arrests without trials, Alshabab controlling some government departments, killing of western humanitarian activists etc.


In conclusion, all Somali States condemns the outcome of the communique and the dialogue process itself, because all other Somali States consider these communiques between only two clans. Somali people will review the confidence given to the Turkish government within the talks towards the restoration of hope and stability in Somalia. Overall, the outcome of these dialogues is an insult to our intelligence, because we will not accept partial apology towards some while others still suffer the killings, such as mass-murder in Borama-City in 1991 and pains and the traumas caused by SNM to Gadabursi and Dhulbahante people.


Overall Somali States support a collective debates, dialogues and communiques between all the Somali States led by the Somali Federal State, his excellency Hassan Shekh Mohmoud and The Prime Minister Abdi Weli Sheikh, who will accountable to the transparency and to the general development of each state and backed up by the international community and the united nations with respect to its credentials and the credentials of each state submitted to the Somali Federal Government.




  1. Yea you might wanna talk to the Awdal elders and general population who support Somaliland…..nice try though

  2. Look and see who is talking. Unknown quantity like a dog barking at moving caravans, or a pig hissing.
    Faqash remnants of eternally defeated Siyad Barre mecenaeries of Dhulloos origin is here trying to disguise himself as Gudabersi tribe member. The great nation of Somaliland defeated its enemies and brought down the primitive Daarood Doofaar (DD) clan based regime of Siyaad Barre. Wea are proud of being the nation that inflicted that historical defeat once and for all on you and everything you ever shamefully ever can represent. The republic of Somaliland was independent before the faiuled state of Somalia which is now nor more than a colony occupied by even the poorest African states like Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Barundi, and even corrupt NIGERIA. On the contrary our great nation of Somaliland is stable, self-reliant democratic, flourishing demcratic state. No dogs like you on earth will ever be albe to stop us from restoring our independence, national sovereignity and deplomatic nation. We vow to continue the struggle for RE-RECOGNITION, GENERATION AFTER GENERATION EVEN IF THAT WOULD LAST A THOUSAND YEAR FROM NOW. LONG LIVE SNM. LONG LIVE THE FLAG OF OUR REPUBLIC. DEATH OF DOGS TO FAQASH REMNANTS LIKE YOU.

  3. MGoth

    Awdal-state has been dissolved, ssc is burried, Khaatumo joined Faroole and declared Bankruptcy.

    This dialogue process is a TWO-Sovereign-STATE dialogue process.

    🙂 This is a NEW age… promote peace not war.

  4. Keep dreaming, the majority in awdal are true Somalilanders and that's a fack because i am one of them.
    go to Borama and see for yourself.
    viva Somaliland and if you don't like move to Somalia.

  5. Ignorance and hate combined are lethal weapon to one's self. The flag raised in that building does not related the quotes you made from the UN Charters and credentials you are talking about. Its normal that all big Hotels in the world raise the flag of any delegation that dwells their Hotels, and that is the reason that the Best Kept Secret Flag and others are raised.

    But the issue at hand is your sickness and hate to our country and its people. You are not Awdalite, but impersonator and you are another failed from a failed country.

  6. Where is "Awdal State" located? in Canada? The great people of Awdal Region are the ones who made Somaliland a reality. Clan-based hatred will not get you anywhere.

    • Huuno. Is what they are rewarded for that worth? It is emphatically NO. So I wonder how u expect them to join hand? Yes they are part and parcel with their cousins but don't you know that fair play is the main driver to solidify any lineage. Think of that mr/barwaaqo. These respected community is in barwaaqo as yours. Let us hope your peers see through a healthy and clear lense to current situation in Somaliland and I hope for the best of our nation, Somaliland

  7. The writer got verbal and the other diarrhoea to see the Somaliland flag flying gracefully at a hotel post.
    Surely his heart will go turbo and then stop, the day he sees the great flag at the UN in NY.

    • Fancy dream and a delusion on your part! A flag dark at the center abound with infamy and impunity wouldn't dare to come near to khatumo, Awdal and Makhiir states' regions let alone near NY. Don't fool yourself British imperialist lackeys.

  8. We the people of somaliland are UNITED UNDER ONE FLAG strong and prosperous Blessed and marching towards recognising our selves .
    you can cry if you want but there is no turning back.

  9. This comment does not have any basic foundation other than malicious complain of any proper evidence I pity this gentlemen as he has some sort of his little knowledge of expressing his lies against The Republic of Somaliland and he should understand that in todays World no one can be cheated with that article you had presented that proved you are totally a cheater and a big liar and also a looser, let me tell this That the whole World knows that The Republic of Somaliland was a country and how it joined in that bogus unity and how it has claimed back its status and presently is a shinning Star in Democracy, law and order , peace and stability, and l assure you that it will have its position In the World Boardies.

  10. Awdal State is a legitimate State and soon Culusow will recognize it along with Khaatumo. Let that flag fly in hotels and homes its ok but it will not fly in New York.

  11. Guys, it is better to put our house in order before we request a divorce. The old fox and his lackeys have no mandate to represent our Somaliland people in the divorce procedure. People representing from all clans can only achieve the divorce from Somalia and to get them in unison behind that aspiration, we, Somaliland , should Change how we share our resources and power. Otherwise I see these dialogue with Somalia as in futile.
    Let call spade a spade and stop fooling ourself with delusion . If any referendum on our divorce is currently conducted among our people, it is sure that it won't see any light because of the fact that, except our central community, all other compatriot clans are deprived of their rightful share of the pie and thus cannot be persuaded to join hands. It is paramount to do some self introspection to change our stats quo as it is now and induce labour to a longed birth of our aspiration. Otherwise we should kiss it goodbye