Last night I watched a highly publicized Somalia live televised talk show. The talk show celebrity host was none but Mr. Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud, the selected President of Somalia.  Answering to a question from one of the audience and wearing his usual swindling wide smile, Mr. Mohamoud let drop one of his secrets – hatred towards the Republic of Somaliland.  

Mr. Mohamoud’s timing for the live televised talk show was inappropriate both in its content and in its unreasonableness of timing. On the content of his talk, the man was confrontational and demeaning in his speech towards the Republic of Somaliland, he disregarded the historic and new facts on the ground in the Republic of Somaliland. On the timing side, the man disregarded in bad faith the Somaliland and Somalia talks that were concluded just a day earlier in Istanbul, Turkey – where for the first time, Somalia officially acknowledged the atrocities committed against the innocent civilians in Somaliland.

Mr. Mohamoud went on to say that he supports and is working on the breaking up of the Republic of Somaliland into something akin to the mini administrations in Somalia by recognising and bringing back to life a small turncoat group that is now disbanded and does not exist, but once illegally claimed a small area in the territory of the Republic of Somaliland and called itself a member state of Somalia. Mr. Mohamoud fell to the propaganda machine of that small group, which advocated, but failed to break warring hostilities between Somaliland and Somalia.

Not only that, but Mr. Mohamoud went a step further and kept using without any sign of embarrassment the word “Somalia” instead of the former Somali Republic  and in reference to the 1960 failed union, which was made up of Somaliland and Somalia.

I would have expected this superficial talk from a Mogadishu street corner teashop entertainer, but not from a self-respecting President of a country that has enormous problems and challenges to surmount.  Therefore, I would advise Mr. Mohamoud to desist from his impertinent speeches towards the people and the government of the Republic of Somaliland.

Mr. Mohamoud ignored the fact that he was being watch all over the world and his speeches and actions are monitored both in the region and in the wider world. Such reckless actions by Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud will endanger future talks with the Republic of Somaliland and will put his sincerity in having a bona fide dialogue with Somaliland into question.

If Mr. Mohamoud continues to be behave this way, not only the talks with Somaliland will be endangered, but this will also irreversibly damage Somalia regime’s already dented political and moral image and will lead to Somalia losing the remaing bits of International credibility and support.

Mr. Mohamoud must end insolence against the intelligence of his people and that of the International Community. H e must learn to listen to those who want to pragmatically deal with the dangerous and complex issues facing his country and the wider Horn of Africa region.

It was more than two years ago, when in a London conference for Somalis, the International Community made up of more than fifty countries and tens of International Organisations set the foundation for talks between Somaliland and Somalia on their future relations.

Somaliland joined Somalia in diplomatic dialogue on their future relations in Istanbul, Turkey. The fifth round of talks just ended last Saturday and a day before Mr. Mohamoud’s infamous talk show.

Somaliland participated in that dialogue with Somalia in good faith and in the spirit of creating two neighbouring, independent and cooperating states out of the failed Somaliland and Somalia union – the now annulled Somali Republic.

The Horn of Africa is now tired and sick of hostilities and of territorial expansionism.  People expect their governments to work towards economic development, better education and sanitation that will bring tangible improvements to their lives and not what Mr. Mohamoud is advocating.

 Yusuf Dirir Ali,MD



  1. Hassan Mahamoud seems to be in disagreement with his negotiation team!

    🙂 Is it possible Hassan Mahamoud is not even directing his negotiation team as a consequence he is angered by their agreements? So who is actually the President who agreed the team that went to Turkey to represent Somalia-Italia?

    Kenyata? Musevini? Guelleh?

    • @ Buuxiye Those countries are our neighbors and the only reason why they are in Somalia is bc we have a common enemy which is Shabaab. Hassan Mohamoud spoke the truth that Somalia is one. I don't understand how the Northerners just decide to succeed from Somalia without giving a hard look the fact that Somalia went to war to bring back other Somalis into the Union and thousands of nationalist lost their lives, 1977 war in Ogaden, Shifta war in NFD. We nationalists know that Jbouti is our real brothers, they supported Somalia in both wars and they support us now with their blood. Long live Somalia and Jbouti, of course long live our brothers in the North, we have no problems with the Northerners they just need to understand that Somalia will not give up a territory of its own.

      • Somalia can keep its territory and we will love it as long as it does not claim an inch of Somaliland territory, UNDERSTOOD?

      • Museveni is you neighbour? You are more confused then Hassan Mohamoud. Get real!

        If you have an ounce of blood in your veins protect your Somalia from Kenyatta et all. Somaliland is in peace with itself, with its neighbours, and it is gone. For ever!

  2. I was shocked to watch the current Somali Chairman Mr Culusow who was not even listening to what was coming out of his rotten mouth. As usual, he was behaving in the same manner that he was behaving towards Jubaland and Puntland where he was not only angering these communities but he was acting as if he was a layman. This man is the most stupid chairman has ever been chosen by Southerners for running their 20 kilometre free zone as the rest is managed by Alshabab which has a close tie with him.

  3. Now, that's what I'm talking about nothing will divide us cause we're unbreakable. The Republic of Somalia is our beloved country our mother we know we did her wrong we destroyed her because we were blind and stupid and Ethiopian took advantage of our tribal vulnerability but make no mistake the circumstances has changed tribalism is out of the window Somalis are united as ever from Hawiye to Dir to Rahanweyn to Darood and to other minorities clans we are one united SOMALI REPUBLIC.

    The SNM the greatest enemy and their ally the Ethiopia infidels who are primarily seeking the dismemberment of the Somali Republic by reviving an expired British colonial borders in effort to weaken the Somali Republic.

    The Republic of Somalia will never ever be divided and if anyone wants to harm the Republic of Somalia shall be destroyed.

    The SNM are our brothers they have been misled to think they were different from other Somalis by Ethiopian. Ethiopian coerced the SNM into declaring independence from Somalia in 2001.

    I am appealing to you (SNM) if you have any grievance against your fellow Somalis brothers then let us talk without the interference of Ethiopia or mumbling about a weird British white trash colonial-era laws.

    Somalia wants Unity at all costs Somalia have already established rebellions networks in Puntland, Khaatumo state, Awdal state, Maakhir state and parts of Burco.

    Shedding the blood of a innocent Somali men is a major sins in Islam the Issaq elders must play their part they must persuade the stubborn SNM to cut all ties with Ethiopian and accept Somali unity as this is the only option left the other option will be to dislodge THE SNM from HARGEYSA by force.

    Somali Republic hanoolaato.

    • everyone has a dream but a dream is not a realty when you say The Republic of Somalia is unbreakable that is true and that does not include The republic Of Somaliland bear in mind that Somaliland does not demand independence from The Republic Of Somalia, You should know that The Republic of Somaliland got its independence from The British Colonials, I think you People from The Republic of Somalia need some lessons in African History because you have forgotten that The Republic of Somaliland was there and is here presently please do not close your eyes open it and see the reality my brother get out from illiteracy.

  4. We'll, mr. Dirir you should tell that to your peers, too, as they are incessantly engaged in unproductive wars to expand their imperialistic ego to acquire territories from neighboring clans regions.