By: Robleh M. Lafcanbe

Hussein Abdi Dualeh is without a doubt one of the most competent and respected ministers of the Republic of Somaliland. Within 3 and half years the Hussein Abdi Dualeh revamped his ministry and turned it into one of the most successful and well respected ministries.

Minister Dualeh, an American-trained petroleum engineer held many portfolios during his career, most recently a senior position with the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority. Living a comfortable and successful life in America, Mr. Dualeh left it all behind to serve his home country and use his engineering expertise.


As soon as he took office in August 2010, Minister Dualeh made it his first priority to address the lack of water wells in Somaliland. He built several wells across the country and made getting water in Somaliland accessible.

From the very beginning, the Minister proved his honest character. Any grant or donation that was sent from abroad, was always publicly announced and transferred straight to the ministry. One notable event was early 2012 when the EU sent the Ministry a $27.5 million grant for clean and safe drinking water.


On the global stage, he’s well respected – receiving invites for international conferences relating to his portfolio. Minister Dualeh gave keynote addresses to his international counterparts at conferences in Dubai and Austraila and represented Somaliland like no Minister has before.

Minister Dualeh has tirelessly fought and campaigned for companies to invest and explore the potential oil blocks in the country.  As of 2014, There are currently 6 petrol companies that are licenced to drill oil, some beginning this year and some the year after. This is a milestone that his predecessors have failed to reach and a milestone that the Riyale government was incapable of during their 8 years in power.


The critics who are constantly falsely accusing Minister Dualeh should ask themselves these questions:

§  Why target the individual who is constantly working for the better of his people and bringing significant change?

§  Who even remembers the Mining, Water & Energy ministers before Hussein Dualeh? Majority don’t because they haven’t done anything significant during their terms.

The issue of oil companies in Somaliland wouldn’t have even been relevant if Minister Dualeh didn’t work so hard to bring them to the country in the first place.


The current potential oil rush in Somaliland is something all Somalilanders – even his own critics – take pride in and it is only right and just to give credit where it is due.


The people of Somaliland, international organizations and fellow countries clearly see the work and progress Hussein Abdi Dualeh has brought to his position and the country. Does anybody see the proof of any of the bizarre accusations against the Minister?


The false accusations against the Minister are plain defamation and character assassination. There is no substance to any of these claims and it is a shame that opportunistic and greedy journalists and others would stoop so low to tarnish a public figure who represents the current success of our nation.


A respected British Author by the name of Piers Anthony once said – “When one person makes an accusation, check to be sure he himself is not the guilty one. Sometimes it is those whose case is weak who make the most clamour”


Fellow Somalilanders, it is clearly evident that those mounting an attack on Minister Dualeh are the ones the public should be careful of. It is time we respect those who are sincerely doing well for Somaliland and protect the reputation of our country from the selfish and greedy who are discrediting our success as a nation.

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  1. to what the author has presented I would add:

    "The minster is just doing his job for his country. We have no time reading a nin-jeclaysi and guulwadayn comments. Give us something worthwhile to read"

  2. When tribalism transforms into cynical delusional force, the people become retarded citizens with no vision.
    When the political leaders of the nation empower the through visionary policies, the prosperity of the nation is certain. The beautiful ones who can deliver this vision are not yet born

  3. I concur with the author, because those who continuously criticize and at times insult the Minister are not patriots, and do not exactly care of this country. Another reason of these individuals is merely tribal haltered reason that is behind their motive. The minister has done a lot since he took the charge of this ministry and I congratulate him for that.

    Its clear that a segment of our citizen who are wailers within] specially those in diaspora do not know the reality on the ground here in Somaliland and the progress that is achieved during the short 3 years that this government was at the seat of power.

    The caravan continue to seek the final destination, and will Insha Allaah reach safely.

  4. Houssein Abdi Duale is doing a great job for our beloved country and we are proud of him (full stop). No guulwade comments are needed here. Guulwadayn had cost Afweyne his big mouth and that of all his followers. Beware!

    • Let us see what kind of agreement he has made with the oil exploring companies when he appears at the parliament in the coming days Indications are that scandals are many with regard to corruption and money laundering

  5. I am a somalilander who hails from a clan different from that of minister Duale. I don't know him personally but I am sure he is doing his best to improve the lot of his people. For those who value the person according to what clan he is from, I believe that if all the people running the country are from the same tribe but are patriotic enough to advance it, that is what is needed. Who is not from a tribe in Somaliland? We need people who are ready to rescue us from the poverty we have been in for the centuries.

  6. To M. Khalid:

    Thanks for you view. I too do not belong the tribe that the minister hails from, but I view people of their merit and what they can do for themselves and for the Best Kept Secret in African. There are those who up to the born marrow, believe tribalism, and think everyone who supports this government are from HT.

    I am sorry to see some of us think this way.

  7. Ninkan waa in sharciga la hor keeno. Uuna usoo gudbiyo heshiisyadii uu lagalay sharikadaha batroolka.


    • Go and get a life. What a looser. If you want to criticize someone, come up with an argument that makes sense.

      What where he was born got to do with anything? I don't support all his policies but I give him credit for trying his best to help his country and people. What you have done for your country?

  9. Minister Husein Dualeh has gone beyond the call duty. He surpassed all expectations from day one as he wore the hat of the minister of energy and resources. His contributions to Somaliland's quest will not be unnoticed. I congratulate him and wish him all the best in the future.

      • I don't think people like you should be trying to determine who's smart and who isn't on the this forum. You always sound like a freshman in college who is trying so hard to explain a certain laws of physics to a physics prof. in a parking lot.

  10. Omer Dualeh/Khalid,
    No need to identify yourselves whether or not you hailed from the same tribe as the Minister of energy and resources did. Tribal allegiance isn't only a primitive survival skills but in fact a way of life to a few individuals on this forum. Most of us however don't really care about who's from where because we don't see a benefit in it.
    As, I can sense in your comments you are trying your utmost best not to offend anyone in your notes but it gets a bit counter-productive if all your audience are not at the same wavelength as you are. Individuals like Kuluc and alike do indeed need a few lengthy sessions of social skills.

  11. it is obvious that the silent majority of Somalilanders are absulutely happy with how minister Hussein Dualeh is serving his country. For those who have nothing better to do other than make accusationsr , please go and drink the sea water.

  12. There is no transparency at the ministry, in terms of accounting, and the agreements signed with various oil companies are shrouded in mystery. Since 2010, this minister has shied away from parliament and has tried to keep the ministries work under cover. Recent riots over water shortages highlight the minister's failure to focus on the priorities. Oil discoveries are well and good, but the first thing the people of Somaliland need is water, more prospecting, more drilling and more solutions to this basic need. Several ministers in this govt are doing their own thing, without accountability or the desired results. For example, what is going with the Egal International redevelopment? Where did the first hefty donation by Kuwait go?

    • "Recent riots over water" ?? He isn't even the water minister anymore dude so stop being a tribal hater and do everyone a favour and keep quiet

  13. I had enough of individuals that think Everything the government does is the best ever and people shouldn't even discuss any policies the government puts forward. Any form of accountability is a form of treason to these individuals.. The citizens of developed nations always discuss how to improve their public services and their politicians explain their policies and take part in a healthy discussion through radio and TV. To state that the Somaliland society as we know it today is perfect and our politicians are the best in the world is simply insane.

  14. I have a question here. The are people who always brand anyone who criticizes Siilanyo and his current administration as a tribalist. Don't they realize and understand that democracy is a battle of ideas, and that those who always suggest the beast ideas are appreciated. Why some people like Osman Qaal,Magan, Gulaid, Dhugtame and many others, feel inferior or become irritated when someone bashes a public figure for failures and other forms of irregularities? What is their ideas of social responsibility?

  15. Blame the author of this article for his unsolicited guulwadayn and for attracting unsolicited critical comments. Leave the honourable minster do his job for his country and find something else to write about, you ubixii kacaanka.

  16. I don't know which tribe the Minister is from, but I know that he left a decent paying job in USA, for a thankless job in his Fatherland, but there are, and he is defenseless in outside forces, which is that he doesn't have the guts to turn his back and rise above clans lines to be true and educated Somalilander, so to claim he is true in his heart is absurd.