By Goth Mohamed Goth

HE Vice President Abdurrahman Abdullah Ismail (Saylic)has today officially opened the 6th Somaliland Business Fair which is being held at the Hotel Guleid entertainment park.

More than 100 companies local and international were present today at the 6th Somaliland Business Fair among them DAHABSHIL,TELESOM,SOMCABLE,SOMTEL,AL NUUR to name a few

Mr. Ibrahim Ali Yusuf representing the SOMCABLE high speed internet provider said, “We have launched an ambitious project aimed at connecting a million people in Somaliland with high-speed Internet access.

“SOMCABLE aims to deliver reilable internet capacity to the mass market by deploying kiosks which will be fitted with an omnidirectional Wi-Fi antenna and strategically positioned within each city to deliver a replacement service for current under-performing Internet cafés. The kiosks will enable customers to purchase prepaid vouchers with a wide range of different services to suit the various markets”, Stated Mr. Ibrahim Ali Yusuf.

 The Somaliland chamber of commerce, industry and agriculture offers the opportunity for members of the business fraternity both local and international to display their wares at the  sixth Somaliland Business Fair which will be held from the 1st to 7th of November 2013 at Hotel Guleed Park, Hargeisa.

Somaliland business fair enables both public and private sectors of the country to display their services and get the opportunity to percent and promote their products, services and contributions to the development of the country.

The events is a perfect gateway for businesses to expand their market potential and build new local and internationally  network  which will feature a broad range of Somaliland’s success within the business circle. It offers an excellent way to promote your business and opportunity to connect with other local businesspeople and exchange ideas.

Somaliland business fair was launched in June, 2010 by a group of youth entrepreneurs who came up with the idea to contribute the development of their country in order to achieve in seeing a society with knowledge and civilization, fighting against poverty, free from drugs and crimes.

The business was launched with the aim of attracting potential investors and identifying potential businesses in various emerging markets, with special emphasis on both East Africa and international markets.


  1. Who owns Somcable? Who financed it? Have any shares been offered to the public?Where has the cable been dragged from? DjaboutI?

  2. A Somalilander from Djibouti is the owner of the Somcable Mr. Kuluc and he is the sole financer of the project. I do not know yet if the shares been offered to the public. Its been dragged from the consortium cable that passes through the read sea. Somaliland government cannot drag it because of the known hurdle that IC has put on our way, and you know it.

  3. Why do you think they need to offer shares to the public? Is there a law saying so? I am not against Somaliland companies giving public offerings to civilians, however, some of you act as if you are entitled to a share.

    • Nancy Lander,

      every able Somaliland citizen is entitled to have a share in every enterprising national project. Monopoly is illegal according to Somaliland constitution.

  4. God bless Somaliland. We are on the way to prosperous future. I don't think wanlawayn would welcome these developments, but let's work relentlessly to strangle their crocodile tears

  5. shares are important for business propose, however, the big support of tyranny Silanyo Mr. Dhiigshiil has been monopolies everything. I don't think so Somaliland would never have possibly business shares system.

  6. Only those who were against Somaliland and its success, will say a negative things about this successful event. It is something that all those who cares and loving Somaliland people encourage every Somalilander to involve in it, so that the development of our nation will go forward.