No one doubts the importance of the role of mothers in educates their children, affection and attention from a good mother has a huge effect on the child’s personality. Attention and affection will cause a feeling of thanks in children and raise self confidence in their growth periods. So great was the role of a mother in educating her children, it cannot be denied that the mother is the first school. The process of education provided by a mother had carried out since the baby still in the womb. What mother listen to or read to the baby in the womb, then it will be heard also by the baby. Emotional and character of the mothers had to be transmitted through the behavior of a mother during pregnancy and parenting.

Education also can be provided with eye contact that occurs between mother and child. At any time, wherever and whenever this education process can be done. A mother has a big responsibility in creating a young generation of creative, innovative, educative and productive. It is a dream comes true if it was not painted by the gentle hands of a mother. And to make it happen, the knowledgeable, intelligent and devoted to who can do it. Damage to the ethics of women is a contiguous chain with juvenile delinquency, the fragility of families and damage communities. If mother can understand and willing to perform duties and responsibilities in educating and directing children well, with all the guidance and example to children.  Willing, will be born a generation that devout, superior and qualified, able to be responsible for themselves and their lives later.

But in reality in Somaliland many mothers cannot perform its duties and responsibilities in education to their children properly. Maybe there are some who are too busy with unarranged domestic home, taking the role of bread winner of the family or low level of literacy until sometimes as handed major responsibility for education to the school or the children who spend more time with caregivers (old children or Maidservants) who may be “less qualified”. Or maybe there is a feeling surrender and despair in educating children because of lack of knowledge so confused does not understand what to do.

If this condition continues in our country where public institutions are not properly working due to many reasons, educational and mental development of children who lack good parenting from a mother will be neglected so that the child’s personality is either not achieved. Usually this child become bad behavior in both the family and society (way layers those who kill and take the property of others) and if you have this completely wrongs of course not the child.

The number of parents who always chewing and away for the Home in our country, will send a wrong message to the children indicating that children feel out of control and uncomfortable in his family environment, this condition is certainly not a situation conducive to providing good education for children because their parents could not even be a role model good for them.

So the first thing that must be created by the family, especially by a mother is to create conditions conducive so that the constraint in educating children, directing them to the teachings of religion, creating a devout personality will be easier, because there is mutual trust and a strong bond of affection between Mother and child, from all the family.

Mothers have the potential to play the most important role of educator in a child’s early life and as children get older they are still at the heart of their children’s education. If you apply this principle to Fathers, and other constant role models in the child’s home environment, most frequently it is the Mother who plays the main role. The home is the nest where the child rests, eats, sleeps, plays and is constantly learning. Children learn in a variety of ways during their waking hours at home, in school and at play. Leaning styles have been categorized by psychologists and you can be sure that the children in your life, at home or at school, each have their own learning style or a combination of a few of these. However even before considering learning styles, we should firstly be mindful of the mode that a child’s brain is in.

Education includes learning how to react in life, how to evaluate situations, how to treat other people and how to love oneself and others. Not only are Mothers the heart of their children’s scholarly education, but they are often the main teacher when it comes to the tools their children will carry through life with them.

These are valuable life tools of self-esteem, humility, compassion, love, enthusiasm, charity, kindness and so many more. In this sense Mothers are the roots that help younger children connect with the earth and society that we live in; the roots from which these young saplings will thrive and grow into fine noble trees.


Mohamoud Dahir   Omar

Education Analyst

Tell: 0634423327