SFG Minister of Internal Affairs Signing the Agreement in Istanbul

First of all, on behalf of the healthy, enthusiastic, and liberal minded  citizens of Axmed Dhagax Community; I must condemn and alienate that savage crime that was orchestrated by Abshir, the liar; and fulfilled by his brother called, the Rotten Tomatoes.  Backed up by some parasites called chiefs, who represent nobody except their wallet and stomach.

That obscure, unexpected attack that occurred sometime in October, 2013 against the well – respected, and reliable Hubal –  Newspaper main office.  Intended to create clashes of violence in between two innocent communities who has no a clue of what is going on.  It was totally a crying shame and a curse against the freedom of Press, and a cultural insult to the whole nation of Somaliland.  I convey whole heartedly my sincere apology to the Hubal Newspaper Family members.  This ill – activity proves that this present regime is hitting the age of falling apart, and our castle is threatened from the interior.  We are our own enemy.  This heartless regime approaches to the public is more rootless, but less painful than the old vampire Siyad Bare.  Due to a more sophisticated anesthetic devices of the Mother – In law – from hell ( Tribalism ).  They are trying all means to mute and suppress the voices of freedom and democracy who supported them during their struggle to come to the power.  Finally, democracy became a dirty word to Mr.Silanyo’s political – platform.  That is why he is standing and walking on our neck.  Mr.Silanyo, individualism is the highest stage of dictatorship.  Personality – Cults is a bizarre in rank and file of this present regime.  This regime must fully understand that Somalilanders are no more in the idolatry – age to worship idols made of pastry – cream.  They are old enough to say otherwise.  Mr.Nelson Mandela said, “ I am prepared to die for my beliefs.  If I was born to be drowned, I won’t be hanged.  A man who won’t die for his cause is not fit to live.”

A war leaves a country with three armies.  An Army of cripples, An Army of mourners, and An Army of thieves.   Art has no enemy but ignorance.  Every morning is another rude awakening for all of us.  We wake up hungry and go to bed disappointed.  Mr.Silanyo and his top – Aides like the minister of foreign affairs is lying to the people of Somaliland more than the Tobacco Industry has lied to the whole World.  Announcing a hair – raising story under the guidelines of a wide International Network of conspiracy against Somaliland as an Independent, free state.  If I am not wrong, very soon all opposition political parties will be outlawed as Islamic terrorists.  Freedom of speech will be banned.  Newspapers will be censored regardless to reason.  Mosques and enshrined institutions will be put under police – control.  The affair is a surprise to no one.   The wild west want to blackmail the whole Somalis under the domination of some neighbouring countries if we say no to their greedy economic interest.  Or to push us by force to that bogey false union with the cannibals in Mogadishu.  That Italian fascist cultured  that steals the gold teeth from the dead body. But they are ignoring the basic physics of life. The basic rules of human nature teaches us.  If you have nothing to live for, that makes some one eager to die; and that some one eager to die, is eager to kill.  My wife always says to me whenever we argue over a spilled water that she would prefer to be a young man’s slave rather than to be an old man’s darling.  We say no to either way, in a voice that can’t be ignored.  Somalilanders would rather prefer to join Al – Shabaab rather than to be associated with either way.  Occupation or domination under neighbouring countries.  We have born free and we would rather die free. I am a liberal minded  Somalilander who doesn’t anchor atrocity or hate to both neighbouring countries.  History teaches us that there is no ever – lasting atrocity or friendship.  Your enemy today may be your friend tomorrow, and vice versa. I welcome both the Kenyans and the Ethiopians to my country as friends that we pay mutual respect to each other and to live in peace.  But not as masters or as invaders to my own country.  Serious Somalilanders object both options, the domination and a compulsory  union with Somalia.

The most frequent puzzling questions that always strikes my mind are as follows: 1- What is the hidden agenda of the western leaders related to Somalia as a whole?  Do Somaliland political leaders secret – talks with Somalia and the western leaders congenial or conforms with what they tell us in public? These are my intimate questions that are crying for an answer.  Mr.Silanyo and his top – Aides makes mystery of everything.  He is my favourite tipster that always give me a lead on a new odd story.

Last week there was a Bible – prophecy – Seminar of three days prepared by an Agency in Addis called, Dynamic Conflict International.  A spokes person for the Foreign Ministery of Somaliland Mr.Suudi has announced through the National TV that Mr.Silanyo had been touched by an Anjel at night.  Mr.Sudi confessed openly that Somaliland after twenty four years of Self – Declaring – Independence , yet has no agenda or appropriate measures to develop a peaceful dialogue for negotiations with the Mogadishu Vampire.  That is why through the Bible-Prohecy Revelation of Mr.Silanyo; Mr.Mohamed  Bihi was convinced to believe that the Vampire in Mogadishu is the crank that turns the wheels of progress, freedom, stability, peace, development, economic growth, and civilization.  Mr.Silanyo will be crowned as the King of Great Somalia as a reward  to his contribution to the effort he had spent in the cause of the Somali Unity.   Due to this Bible – Prophecy Revelations, Mr.Bihi has no choice but to sign that Treaty of Defeat and Surrender, the spokes person, Mr.Sudi ended with his speech.

Dear reader, that Treaty of Defeat and Surrender bears nine ambiguous bonds, and interprets as giving a blank cheque to Mogadishu under a zip – code of peace dialogue.  Somalilanders are nothing but blunt knives in a drawer , coming as slaves with their head down under water.  The first eight bonds means the same thing.  A sequences of codes that meaning the same thing but with different word framing – definitions.  The Ninth last bond illustrates that an atrocity was inflicted upon  all Somalis by the military regime, and the Somalilanders were not exceptional.   

Declaration of Principles:  Both parties agreed to the following principles:

1 – The parties will pursue dialogue towards agreed outcomes and approved contents of previous agreements which are in the interests of both parties.

2 – The parties enter into the dialogue firmly committed to resolving issues and finding mutually acceptable outcomes.

3 – The parties agreed to act in accordance with the code of conduct and other agreements.

4 – The parties will fully facilitate and jointly define areas of cooperation which can meet practical needs of both parties.

5 – The parties make a firm commitment to the resolution of differences through exclusively peaceful means and dialogue.

6 – The parties agreed with Turkish Government to provide regular briefing to the International communities.

7 – Referring to the communiqué of the two parties Dialogue in Istanbul, Turkey on 7-9/July 2013. The parties agreed to nominate Air Traffic Control Board to establish within 45 days.

9 – We share the pain inflicted upon the Somali people by the military regime in Somalia in the 1991.  We condemn all atrocities committed by that regime  through all Somali people particularly the people in Somaliland.

Mr.Silanyo, Robert  Louis Stevenson said, we must get some lessons from the Mosquitoes.  It never waits for an opening.  It makes it’s own one.  Quiet minds can’t be perplexed or frightened.  But go in fortune or misfortune at their own private pace, like a Clock during a thunderstorm.  It is funny to see you holding the  statue of unity with your both hands, while Mr.Bihi is raising the torch of separation with his right arm.  Both of you acting according to your Bible – Prophecy – Revelations.  Having all the commitment of a Japanese – Kamikaze – pilot on his tenth mission to test of a reality – Check up.

That is why our radiance, and serenity depends on your reflections and swinging moods.  We must cry when you are in sorrow; and must laugh when you are in fantasy.  To keep your heart unwrinkled and to triumph your old aging. Mujahid Musa Bihi must let you  stay in power for good.  Not simply because you are smart and honest, but simply because you stay with problems of confrontation longer.  Mr.Silanyo, when you go to dance, take heed whom you take by the hand.  Life is just one damned thing after another.  It is wonderful how you pick up the person that knows where your eyes is?  A person that can talk like a stranger but at the same time can express our feelings, while we are dumb and can’t speak.  Not only to awaken our spirits and hearts; but also can show our patience to the civilized World.

Our Scholar and graduate from Havard University, Mr.Bihi, put the shoe on the right foot.  You are old enough to know the difference between Atrocity and Genocide.  Secondly, the Genocide inflicted upon the Somalilanders started in 1977 and ended in 1991.  Bear in mind that in 1991 the military regime was not existing.  Our own John Kerry, thank you for your polite, equivocal, and ambiguous soft words.  But the ultimate measure of a man’s intelligence is not where he stands in times of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge. Mr.Bihi, a peacock who sits on it’s tail is just another Turkey.  You know that the liberal minds of Somaliland were closed for repairs.  That is why the cannibals in Mogadishu are still looking for another Statuary – Rape.  Somalilanders abhor and dislike the courtship of romance with a gold – digger girl from Mogadishu.  We have put our fingers in our ears, and our eyes are blind folded.  Staunch Somalilanders smells blood in your swimming pool.  Talk like a leader and walk like a leader. I apologize, a narrow minded like me always comes with a broad tongue.

Mr.Herse.H.Hassan, providence requires a stout heart, a strong arm, and a stiff upper lip.  You hit the nail on the right head.  Thank you for being accurate and sharp in your stand and prediction.

Mr. Silanyo, we know that you have lost the grip to read the minds of your nation, but you are still holding the legacy of your Godfather and teacher, Mr.Siyad Bare.  We still remember that the wall has ears, but bear in mind that the masses have eyes to see your merry – dance.

Dear reader, as a Somalilander if you feel frustrated, and depressed under the political – hiccups of Mr.Silanyo and wish to yell at someone as a relief; just come and yell at me.  As I always being victimised as a escape – goat for some one else.  But if you don’t like the road that our political leaders are leading; just say no and pave another one. Because the difference between a good hair – cut and a bad hair – cut is about a week.  Cherish your vision and your dreams. As they are children of your soul.  The blue – prints of your ultimate achievements. Remember that bashfulness is an ornament to youth, but a reproach to old age. 

Mr. Silanyo, The Three Piece Suit is Yours, and the shame is ours.

Yusuf Deyr, Hargeisa 


    • somaliland will come back to their senses and join Somalia. If they don't they will starve and all the so called economic development will be for nothing. Mogadishu will rise again.

      Long live Somalia(Which includes somaliland)

      • Somalia will never rise again with out Somaliland and Somaliland will not going back with out fight. Somaliland has been economically independent for the last 23 three years and it is doing well with out rest of Somalia, now Somalia is under occupation for army belong to foreign countries and Somalia has no power to stop them, Mr Ali you can speak to me when you free not now sorry mate.

  1. Dear Author,

    You are just attacking silanyo for his personality, and when you deviate from the course of criticising him as the leader of somaliland to attack his person, then you just showed your true colour. You wrote allot, but you just put too much energy in the wrong place. Next time, please stop criticising individuals, and rather, leaders and nations

    • Mr. Ilyas
      He is from Somaliland and he has right to express his opinion. Siilaanyo is the president of the country, his not the prophet. if he is not doing his job properly, we will criticize him.

      • We're indeed living in a free world and Siilaanyo is not a good. The guy is not even trying to get the people into the right places.
        We Somalilanders deserve a better deal, and not serving very view whose allegiance is not known to us, that why you never see them arguing for Somali-land in public forums and nobody questions them.

  2. I wonder why most of the Northern writers are so so so so so emotional. Somaliland enjoyed peace more than two decades, the civil is over long time ago in the north and finally the south so, people need to grow up. Siilaanyo had just realized the importance of unity his last quarter of his life. If he’s working on bringing his people together, He’s fulfilling his religious obligations so people should leave that old man along. Otherwise we don’t mind hosting him in Puntland as an exile.

  3. This man is not the only Northerner who is so frustrated but there are many who wish they would never have been any talks but has no other solution. Silaanyo understands that options are so limited and after 20 plus years and no recognition on the horizon, talks are the good option, no talks means no progress, war is not an option. The comparison he made with Nelson Mandela and calling Mogadishu Vampire only shows that the separatists are losing their mind.

    • Wadni __
      Do you think this man needs to go back the school and learn how to write English? by the way, I may forget to tell you something, either you will under the Somaliland authority or you will under the Somalia. you can never be Khatumo or what you call Awadal State. Do you have any other option other than that?

      • Khatumo State and Awdal State both can be recognized as free member state under the new Somalia federal loosely based system. There could also be a possible city state. They are now stuck under Somaliland central unworkable authority as a mere province dictated from Hargeisa for everything.

        • If Khatumo and Awdal state is recognised by Somalia federal than what will happen? do you think that the Somali federal have any authority over The Republic of Somaliland Please think before you comment gibberish as you seems to be short-sighted in the World of Politics. what l am telling you now is nothing will succeed other than the demand of the majority , The Republic of Somaliland is One and its People are Somalilanders We do not have room for tribal Diseases.

          • What is there of not tribal of Somaliland? All of majority clan take all based top down with the minorities biting the dirt, not wonder it isn't a country.

          • Mohamed Somali,
            Somaliland's democratic principles are crystal clear. If doubt, please check our constitution, nowhere it says about which tribal members shall be entitled of certain government positions. The final results of the popular votes ultimately determine who should be at the helm, and that what is enshrined in the constitution of the land.. .

      • Ok Brother Shirdoon, we will just have to wait and see, either you are dead wrong or I am hallucinating

    • Agree Waddani. The talks should never have happened at all. But if we said no to Turkey they would have punished us badly by arming Somalila to the teeth and used their grwoing influence to further isolate us in Europe and the Muslim world.

      We have no choice but to talk without making any serious concessions. In other words we need to play for time till hopefully, Turkey loses interest in Somalila, Obama is replaced by a more friendlier president and Britain and the EU get tired of propping up a dead non-govt in Mogadishu.

      I believe that is what Bihi was trying to achieve.

  4. It makes me happy that you feel that way.
    Atrocity and genocide are two different words. Pogrom means genocide, and what really happened in Somaliland during the war against Faqash was Genocide – pogrom, not atrocity. This shows that English comprehension of Somaliland negotiating team is questionable.

  5. I am really embarrassed to read the author of this article is from Axmed Dagax.Hubal news paper attacked every one who happened to be associated with this district of Hargeisa. They lied by publishing an article in their news paper that state a man from Axmed Dagax murdered a Somaliland police officer and they stated the reason this police man was killed because, according to this paper, the neighbourhood is invested by Alshabab sympathiser and they knew very well it was a total lie and they know it very well.. Therefore,it is the responsibility of Somaliland government to stop this kind lies before it causes security harm to Somaliland.
    Second, whether you like or not this administration came through the ballot box and if you don't like the way they are running the country, why for next election and try to elect someone else, until then, please give Somaliland a peace.

    • No self-respecting should make such unfounded accusations. I'm a Silanyo fun and all the Silanyo government supporters find this cheap and offensive in nature. Shame on you for stereotyping a whole community, you are no better than Yusuf Deyr and the others, who are only good to attack and bite people, because they belong to a different clan and to their clan. Cheap people belong to no clan, but belong to one another, the clan of the ignorant and these are spread in all regions in Somaliland and even around the world.

      If you haven't got evidence, then better keep your ignorance to yourself.

  6. I'm sorry, but what is he talking about? Isn't he the person, who called for armed struggle in Hargiesa after Xaqsoor lost the election? I hope he grows up and becomes a man.

    In the mean time, Yusuf Dyer needs to ask his psychiatrist to up his anti-psychotic medicine and take a good rest.

  7. This guy is the one who created the unprecedented problems of all Somalilanders who hold the Saudi Citizenship back in 1980s. He is the one who went to the Saudi authorities and told them Somalis who hold Saudi citizenship are all false, and those who claim that their Sons and Daughters qualify for the citizenship are not true and forge. He is crazy in a big way, therefore no sound person will listen to him.

    Such man cannot speak for Somaliland and should be banned to write anything about this country.

  8. Good lord. I was saying how hopeful I was in SLP being on the up in its quality control. And then it publishes this dire stuff.

    Is there any editorial quality control at SLP at all? I cannot imagine how any editor worth his/her salt could give this kind of stuff and airing

  9. The author should keep his personal vendetta towards President Silanyo to himself. Engaging a debate to of which the main purpose behind it is to distort facts is a shortsighted vision.

  10. Theres an old saying that that if you make a personal attack in a debate you were not only losing the debate but have lost it entirely.

    Kulmiye is the best thing that hit Somaliland so far as administrations go, are they perfect? Not by a long shot, but they are a heck of a lot better than what came before and some of the crazies screaming now.

    Instead of attacking kulmiye on some bogus stuff why not provide solutions, if you see a problem somewhere then protest peacefully bring it to public attention, give proof. But constantly screaming about problems while giving no solution or evidence of wrong doing only accusations makes you look crazy, power hungry. That weakens Somaliland and if you go down that road then you might as well join the fa qa sh bc you are no different to us.

  11. Guys, the author of this piece is a spoiler by nature and I know him in person. In late 1970's to early 1980's he lived in Saudi Arabia where he was a sleeping spy within the somali community who used to report to Saudi authorities about the individual backgrounds of each Somali, and as a result of that, many of them were convicted for a long term imprisonments while many others lost their residence permits and citizenships, and finally he fleed from Saudi Arabia for his life. And now he wants to play his dirty deeds once again so as to spoil the solidarity of Aomaliland, so don't give any attention to his poisonous article.

  12. in the event that you see an issue some place then dissent gently carry it to open consideration. Therefore,it is the obligation of Somali-land government to stop this kind lies before it causes security mischief to Somali-land.