By Goth Mohamed Goth

The Vice President and the acting President of Somaliland HE Abdurrahman Abdullah Ismael (Saylici) today received visiting American doctors led by Dr. David C. Henderson who is an Associate Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and an Associate Psychiatrist at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) at the Presidential Palace.


VP Saylici said, “I am honored to welcome you here today on behalf of the people of Somaliland while addressing the visiting doctors from the prestigious Harvard University he went on to thank the American Doctors for their work in Somaliland,
The Minister of Interior Hon Mohamed Ali Waran Cade elaborating on the visit during a brief press conference said, “The visiting American Doctors have come to the country in order to conduct studies, evaluation and assessments plans and to provide training to Doctors and medical workers on researching and collecting data regarding the illness.


Hon Waran Cade went on to say , “Many people are suffering from the disease with cases of post-stress traumatic syndrome been increased in Somaliland mainly because there has been a breakdown healthcare system and since the fall of the Siad Barre government in 1991, coupled with the daily uncertainty, he said.
Dr. David speaking to the Press moments after the meeting with VP said, “We have met with many people suffering from the Disease and also have during their stay visited many institutions dealing with the disease and that we had reached a conclusion which is mental health should be priority and that he hoped to organize visits where by fellow Harvard doctors would be coming to train local doctors and offer the expertise in the future.

The Team consisted of  Essa Kayd who is the founder and co-owner of Hargeisa Neurological center Dr. David C. Henderson, Dr. Claire Green MPH and Dr. Esther Gabrielle Rosengarten.

Essa Kayd is the Chief Neurodiagnostic Specialist at Brigham and Women Hospital a teaching affiliate of Harvard Medical School has been awarded the 16th annual Partners in Excellence Award for his outstanding community contributions. Mr. Kayd has traveled to several East Africa countries to help train other technologist and physicians on performing Neuro-diagnostic studies for their patients. Essa Kayd won the award after his colleagues nominated him for his exemplary performance and for contributions “above and beyond the call of duty”.


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