By Staff

The Justice and Welfare party UCID has incorporated new members into its ranks today during a well-attended ceremony held at the Ambassador Hotel.

The ceremony which was presided by the Chairman Hon Feisal Ali Waraabe ,Party’s Presidential Aspirant Hon Jamal Ali Hussein , top party brass ,politicians and members of the public.

The Newest members to join the part we mainly former members of the ruling party KULMIYE, DALSAN and UMMADA who had recently defected from their respective parties.

While Addressing those attending the ceremony the chairman of UCID Hon Feisal Ali Waraabe said, “I am honored today to welcome you as the newest members of the Justice and Welfare Party UCID in which he went continued by giving a lengthy recent history of the party and the current government mission to discredit the party which has failed considering the track record which is clean compared to other parties in the country ;He went to say that the current government had since coming to power increased the levels of corruption and miss-management exist everywhere in the world, but, what is taking place in Somaliland at this precise moment, has never been seen before.


The party’s Presidential hopeful Hon Jamal Ali Hussein told the new members of the party to feel equal and that they should strive to usher Somaliland towards a road to stability and development; their brisk, novel an innovative ways of addressing imbalances in all sectors of society, reducing poverty, unemployment, as well as underemployment; inequalities, unfair treatment civil servants and differential economic development among the regions of the country.


The Former Deputy Chairman of KULMIYE Politician Hon Abdirahman Abdiqadir speaking at the function accused the Government of promoting rampant corruption, mismanagement, misappropriation of funds and gross violation of the rule of law at all levels of government.

Veteran Politician and Member of the House of Parliament Jama Mohamed Riyo who was among the speakers at the function said, “Urged fellow citizens not to re-elected the current government during the upcoming Presidential Elections which are due in 2015,

Also present at today’s function were many notable politicians such as the former finance minister Hon Mohamed Hashi, Hon Ibrahim Dhegoweyne , Jama Riyo and Former Deputy chairman of KULMIYE Hon Abdurrahman Abdiqadir just to name a few.




  1. Guys, how much do you think Jamal has paid out again just to fool people? Every mature person knows that UCID has no chances to win unless Faisal is removed from the leadership once and for all!

    • The presidential election candidate of UCID is JAMAL ALI HUSSIEN, Not Faysal Cali Waraabe. The presidential election will be contested among three SLand presidential candidates. I don't get your point. Faysal Ali Waraabe is not a candidate and has no role in the election. So why do need to say faysal's removal will bring votes. Can you explain that more. You must an idiot.

      • The candidancy of JAMAL ALI HUSSEIN doesn't make much sense to the voters so long he is under the shadow of FAISAL ALI WARABE! FAISAL is controversial figure with no accountability at all, therefore, if JAMAL is serious about his candidacy then he has to do something about the credibility of the party as early as possible or at least he should try to keep FAISAL away from the media if can, otherwise JAMAL will eat the dust. Anyway, this personal advice is based on the public opinion.

  2. A certain level of maturity is required when it comes to presidential and parliamentary elections, I hope that the people of Somaliland have learned enough lessons from the past elections and have become much more concerned and much more enlightened than they were before. One thing that the Somaliland people must remember and fully understand is that the beauty about presidential election is to pick up the right candidate, the one that is durable. Our national cause is what matters most to all.