Formerly the British Somaliland Protectorate, shortly after gaining independence on June 26, 1960, British Somaliland merged with Italian Somaliland on July 1 of that year to form Somalia. The prime minister of British Somaliland, Muhammad Ibrahim Egal, became a minister in the new republic of Somalia. He became Prime Minister in 1967 but was deposed in a coup in 1969. The coup elevated General Muhammed Said Barre to power. Siad Barre instituted a Marxist regime, and became a close ally of the Soviet Union.


Although initially enthusiastic about forming a union with Italian Somaliland, the euphoria quickly changed to disenchantment as many in the north-west of Somalia felt increasingly marginalized in government and other sectors of society.  While the authoritarian government of Said Barre was becoming increasingly unpopular with Somalis, nowhere was the regime more resented than in the north-west.


Following an unsuccessful attempt by Somalia to capture the Ogaden region of eastern Ethiopia in 1977, Somalis from the north-west (primarily the Issaq clan) living in the United Kingdom formed the Somali National Movement in 1981. The SNM was one of a growing number of groups which aimed to topple Siad Barre. In 1988, the Siad Barre regime committed massacres against the people of Somaliland, which were among the events that led to the Somali Civil War. The war left the economic and military infrastructure severely damaged. After the collapse of the central government in 1991, the local government, led by the Somali National Movement (SNM), declared independence from the rest of Somalia on 18 May of the same year.


Since then, the territory has been governed by an administration of the  as the Republic of Somaliland which  maintains informal ties with me foreign governments, who have sent delegations toHargeisa so Ethiopia also maintains a trade office in the region, EU also have sent  representatives, African Union, However, Somaliland? Self-proclaimed independence is accepted by the vote of the people of Somaliland and they will never tolerated anybody who try to change their needs, whether the so called United Nations, or USA, etc, interferer or not. By the way the principle of the independent is come from the needs of the people and it will remain forever, no matter what others need or thinking, the change is up to the Somalilanders.




Abdirahman Ismail <buuni


  1. Rag baa Muqdishu u yaacayaa oo sugi la’ shirka London. Maxaad beenta noogu sheektaan? Miyay daan xishoon. Qoladii abeesada isudhiibtay miyaynu noqonay. Khayaaliga iyo beenta ummadda ha lga daayo. Raga argagisada ahna dalka halaga saaro. Waanaday du waa mid ku socota midnimmada iyo gobanimada somaliland.

      • Stop with lies
        Im from sool region and the dhulbahante people want to join somalia
        we will never recognize your crazy isaaq dictatorship
        We want Somalia



        • This how i' know you're not even a DHULBAHANTE because the subject i'm talking about is Maakhir a Warsangali state you failed miserably nice try tho lol ps i'm a Hawiye not Isaaq

  2. @ Salah
    Salahow nin hunguri kaa qaaday waa nin sseefi kaa qaaday. Markaa inta faro ku tiriska ah ee dhadhamada jecel ha eegin ee maatinta ay adagtay waa in la isku duubnaada. xamar inta joogtaa waa in aan meelna wax ku soo kordhi ee eegaysa danta gaarka ah.

    • So now you admit , that the security of Somaliland is stronger than its neighbour the Pirateland security. As it is stated here, it was the security of Somaliland who apprehend the two accused. One thing is very clear, Somaliland security is superior to Pirateland security and that is the reasons why they are desperate for Somaliland security.

      Pirateland has to admit their weakness when it comes to its people wellbeing and security and should also admit they need help from stronger Somaliland security in order for them to be secured.

      • With the help of foreign security forces. Who do think that is?

        Don't play dumb die hard. You know what you read but chose to put up redundant question, which you already have the answer too.

        • Do you not worry that crooks and terrorist are the most powerful in your region. Because the cracks are slowly starting to show.

  3. You can repeat the same phrase over and over again, but it will make no difference in the eyes of the unionists and ofcourse the seperatists will love to read your imaginery State. You all write history and twist it to your advantage' but the international community and most of all the African Union spoke very clearly no divission period so i guess for now it will stay the status que till solution is found.

  4. Mr. Buuni

    You may indignantly indignantly the poor desert beast with Gambella flag as many times!. You may re-write history and slant every fact and event to the advantage of your misguided secesion project! But the fact remains that Somalia is one country and its people is one.

    By the way, Somalia was defeated in the Ogaden war of 1977 with Ethiopia but only with the help of Russians, 30,000 Cubans, 15,000 Yemeni and with the help of many countries in the then Communist block. At least let us have a pride in our history.

    • IRIR 7 Business men have been assassinated in Kismanyo are Abgaal being exterminated again only this time using Kenyan bullets?

      I think Beesha D&M have a strong case when they say they have the right to the land and they should be the majority in any admin or there will be war.

      Ogadeen arrived in the Juba valley 1974.
      Harti arrived 1960.
      Marehaan arrived with Italian colonialism in 1925.

      Gedo, J.hoose, J.dh, Bay, Bakool, Sh.hoose are all D&M Degaans and their Guests want to take control. The main argument is 100% of all villages in these regions belongs to the original owners only a few key cities like kismanyo has the guests who are over staying their welcome.

      This issue will one day return your country back into totally war and failure unless:

      1. End all Federalism.
      2. Allow the government to make changes to the constitution where Guests of a region are not permitted to form a Federal-state. Kacaan stole a lot of land and it is unfair people from Jigjiga and Wajir are setting up federals while D&M are treated like foreigners in their own homes.

      If the Kacaan got their way

      BerBera would belong to Majareer.
      Burco to Dhulos
      Cerigaabo to Warsans
      Hargeysa to Ogadeen
      Gabiley to Bartire

      I am sure they intended to divide the Hawiye land after as well as the D&M Land and we all know it.

      • Buuxiye who are you are overly qualified in the Somali affairs and your English
        language is overly majestic???

      • Let me correct you lower Jubba was a Hawiye majority the middle was mixed upper Jubba aka Gedo was Rahanweyn.

        People know exactly were the indiginous OGs lived and were majority and that was Afmadow and Jilib

  5. Irir Samal, your agenda is clear, you do not care about anything but Hawiye, what a shame.

    BUUXIYE, D&M would never listen to incitement and BS. It's sad to see how fast you jump to advocating violence. I bet you've never even fought anybody, yet you advocate war.

    • Listen i was always a pro anti tribalist from day still am but this hate and envy against the Hawiye by leaders of your tribesmen is starting to change my mind which is f@@ked up.

      Why is it when the MJ elites don't get their ways they always throw the biggest tantrums i've realized that their Motto is either we rule Somalia or no one does do you know how supportive they were for the former TFG when it was lead by A/Yusuf and ever sins he left they been in their cocoon plotting against the Government.

      PS what clan also have you ever seen giving their lives for another clan member whose competing against its its own tribe we did with Farmaajo i can show you the pics if you don't believe it

      • Bro your name tell all the stories how qablist you are and let's not forget your little propaganda speech of jubaland owned by Jareer who were exported from mozambique by Arab traders.

  6. Which is the very reason why many peole here would like to smack hell out of you, make sure you guard identity.

  7. The SNM were exclusively from the Issaq clans which declared independent from somalia in 1991 but the million question is there were four other clans clans that inhabited the former british somaliland aka Duulbaahaante, Warsangeli, Maakhir; Gadaabuursi who are all unionist and seek unity among all people from Somalia. warsangeli has since joined majerteen, duulbaahante are headlock with Issaq and gadaabuursi said they would bring chaos if somaliland is recognised.

    • Why poking your nose on something does not concern you and you talk about clan you have no room in The Republic of Somaliland as Somalilanders are the only one belong to Somaliland and not clanism and your division is not working and it will not work for ever and ever again as Somalilanders have decided to be united and move to Development, Good Governess, Law and Order and to live in peace and good Harmony
      and we have decided our destiny on ourselves and no way back always forward and The almighty God is with Us Ameen.

      • Khatumo people decided to separate from somalilabd and we will never change our decision
        We want to join somalia and we will succed
        Somalia ha noolato

        The international comunity will soon punish you for crimes against humanity
        Somaliland created al shabab to kill and destroy somalia…actually the al shabab mist important terrorist Godane is isaaq

        Isaaq killed hundreds of people protesting for freedom in Khaatumo state and in awdall

        Isaaq apartheid against somalis is over

        Somalia ha noolato

        • Your Comment has no meaning at all .In fact l did not understand what you mean are you commenting about Isaag is a tribe and Somaliland is a Country please try to differentiate between the two. In my feeling l have sense that your are a Sick Person and your disease is incurable is same like AIDS the only relief for you is to die in peace. thank you