The Liyu police (special police force) of the Ethiopian Somali regional administration on Feb 6, 2013 killed a civilian named Mohamed Qowdhen Abdi in the vicinity of Farah Liban within Harshin Zone. This is the same area where Liyu police murdered a number of civilians earlier (September 2012).

According to the news coming from the area, the victim Mohamed Qowdhen Abdi was driving a truck coming from Harta Sheikh town and going to Harshin town. He was stopped at Farah Liban area by the Liyu police led by two officers and they were driving a donated district ambulance vehicle. Since the Liyu police highest officers are directly are related to the president of Ethiopian Somali region Mr. Abdi Mohamoud Omar , these two officers were not the exception. They opened fire and shot the driver at close range without any question and the driver passed away. They realized who the person was they open fire on him and killed.
Although the government did not speak about the incident the news we are getting from the area added that the two officers left the place after they killed the victim and later the body was transported to Harshin where he was buried.

It was on September 11, 2012 ,when Liyu police killed 12 civilians, one female and eleven males, in the vicinity of Elmi Hirsi within Harshin Zone and they massacred more than 23 people in Gashamo district in March 16 and 17. 2012. All killings in these in two districts happened simply because the people belong to Isaq clan. Moreover, the regional government sponsored liyu police openly side with Ogaden clan whenever there is a clan conflict. Historically, Somali clans inhabiting Ethiopian Somali regional state are pastoralists. Due to scarcity of water and grazing, there had been clan sporadic conflict in this regional state. However, this clan conflict has now taken a new dimension. tHe liyu police trained and funded by the local and federal government has openly taken side with the conflict and participated in the clan conflict. it has been reported a not long time ago that the liyu police kidnapped and arrest 57 Isaq Somali pastoralists from small village known as Lanqeerta and took them to jijiga after a conflict occurred between two Somali clans . These 57 innocent pastoralists and their family were taken to court accused of foreigners, anti peace elements and whatever they thought would secure their conviction and charged them in Somali regional court. These 57 people were convicted and sentenced to imprisonments that range from 5 years to 20 years. They were not given any opportunity to defend themselves in court of law. The regional and federal state constitutions, guarantee the provision of defence lawyer for anyone accused of rigorous imprisonment. However, in contrary to the rule, these people were convicted within one week. it would be impossible to convict more than 50 people within a week unless it is a kangaroo court. where no due process of law exist.

The Isaq community in Ethiopia has always lived with all Ethiopia in peace and friendship. this community is well known throughout Ethiopia for their respect for the other people and the peace and tranquillity they have succeeded to maintain in the area they inhabit. Currently, they Somali regional government has unpacked a strategic plan to evict the Isaq Ethiopian Somali from their ancestral land. According to information coming from the grassroots, there are many projected funded by the European, American and world bank and other international institutions which are being used by the regional government to evict the Isaq people from their ancestral land. We have no objection in the development of the regional state and settlement of the former pastoralist community to lead a sedentary lifestyle. However, it would not be acceptable if this noble program is used for the purpose of land expansion and conquering from the Isaq land.

It is open secret that the liyu police is harassing not only Isaq community in Ethiopia but also all Ethiopian regardless of their ethnic background. In the past Jijiga has been a multicultural town. But today it is being turned into one ethnic town. if you are from ogaden clan , you would be given full opportunity. People, who born and brought up in this town, are abandoning it in drove, scared by what is going in it. It is impossible to go around in the town without being stopped by the liyu police and militia. Nobody would be asked if you are murdered arrested and tortured. In the pretext of war against terrorism and security alliance, the western governments that in the past solicited the federal government for the respect of human rights and human dignity have recently shown some inclination to train even the notorious liyu police which are accused of murder, rape, torture, illegal detention, and many criminal activities. It should be noted here that the western interest would be much more jeopardised if they blindly support a special police force that have been involved in causing all heinous crime against brother, sister, father, mother, uncle and many more it is not possible to enumerate in this short article. The world has reached where a human right violation in remote part of the world would affect another part of the world.

The incident forced a Diaspora group that hail from the area to go to Ethiopia to do fact finding mission and to bring to justice the culprits of these crime. The Diaspora group arrived in Addis Ababa on December 6, 2012 and headed to the region where killing incidents happened to do fact finding mission. This diaspora group travelled throughout the whole Isaq inhabited area and compiled a ten pages report so that the regional state would look at the problems this community encounter and find solutions. This report has attempted to comprise many issues the community has raised. However, the report was condensed into four main topics and many issues were not included. Issues presented in this report have not yet been met. The question one asks is until when the Isaq community sit back and simply beg the regional government for his mercy. To the opinion of the writer of this article it is high time we seek our rights. The only way we could achieve this is by uniting ourselves and joining other Somali people marginalised by the current Somali regional state government misguided policies. Many Somali community in Ethiopia are being excluded from taking part in the development in the regional state. For example, the regional government has 18 bureau heads; however, only 4 are non-ogaden. The regional state’s president is from ogaden. The vice president is also from the same clan. The third person who head the regional security and behind all these human rights violation is from a closely related clan.

On the other hand, the president of the Ethiopian Somali Regional administration Abdi Mohamoud Omar called to meet with elders and leaders from the region the day after 12 and 23 people were killed in Harshin and Gashamo districts respectively  and at both meetings he promised that he would take solve the problem. Never the less, the problems the Isaq community were asking in the past to stop and they are asking at the moment is continue an unabated.  The last incident that happened in the regional state is occurring on daily basis all over the Isaq inhabited area. There is no hope that it would stop in the near future. Then the logical question what should isaq community do to avert these problems. Unity is the only means we could overcome the trickery the regional government is using to divide us and exterminate us individually. Dictators and fascist governments have this feature in the past. For example, if you take the Nazi Hitler regime, it attempted to extinct the Jewish community from the German occupied land simply because of the blood of the Israelite people. They had not committed any other crime against. The holocaust happened in the watch of the world. The current extermination in the Somali regional state is a mini holocaust. People should not be give impunity for the crime they committed against humanity wherever it happened. Otherwise the people would have patience and they would come out in their drove to demand their rights. Silence is not acceptance and patience has a limit.

By Haud land


  1. Their intentions are very clear. They are targeting and masacring our civilians. Our government must take military action against them. Our tribe is suffering in that region. Daarood are still killing our people and Ethiopian government is just sitting back and watching. And also, let us reclaim our terratory under Ethiopian colony too.

  2. This happens when you dispatch incompetent people from the UK to deal with the Federal Ethiopian government. I was told the Isaaq-Ethiopian delegation was headed by a guy who did not have capacity of knowing anything or listening to others. He spoiled all the hard work put into that mission. The guy must be condemned and relieved from his position and all Dirs from Djibouti, Dirirdhowe, Somaliland and in the Kenyan/Ethiopian border must unite against this evil Darood aggression.

    • You simiply cry foul and accusing your brothers who have left the UK to voice their concern. They have taken good initiative and it is like of you who simiply sit on their ass and blame your brothers who spent their valuable time, money on this cause. Why are you blaming them? we know who you are and it is clear that you talk on behalf of those who pay you to talk. please talk to your brother and join them to bring change in somali regional state. You will regret if you do not do so now.

  3. Kilil 5 belongs to everyone….
    Not to Daarood…. Not to Isaaq/Dir….
    You guys be careful……Don't start a tribal war….
    We don't need that anymore…..
    We are all Soomaali….Remember that….

    • So why are daroods killing issaq and dir people in their land.

      If a tribal war happens then we all know those darood brothers will be annihilated.

      • 70% somalis in reserve area ARE Darood Jabert ismail that is for sure. the best way is all somalis live in reserve area be UNITED start real progress schools, roads etc.

        Thanks to ONLF the long straigle they endure for more than 30 years. today we are witnessing progress been made in jigjiga, because of them. now ethiopain goverment lisens well somalis in reserve area.

        By the way i am not born in reserve area, but born mogadishu i mean X mogadishu not the current Moryaan one.

  4. the so-called liyu police are killing evryone and more than 90% of their victims are from the Ogaadeen clan, so you guys can you pls be realistic and stop this kind clan war instagation. Ogaadens are the direct victims of this Janjuwiit-like Malitia and evrybody know that including Dameer Abdi ileey.
    waxaan Maqli jray maah-maah: “Nin ku dilay hadh kuuma jiido” sxbayaal ethiopia xageeda Somali waa u soomaali nama kala jecla laakiin inaga ayay ina jitaa habka aan u wajahayno.

  5. Liyu police are non other than former Ogaden terror group who requested for amnesty from the Ethiopian federal government. They were not only granted amnesty, the were also were provided jobs of milia in order for them to save guard the people of kilil five from the remaining terror group. Instead of fighting this remaining thugs, they are hunting for and turning the guns against an innocent Isak nomads, whom they perceived to be friend of Ethiopian government. The bad news is that the Federal government of Ethiopia has no clue to this crime, its up to all peace-loving people of Ethiopia to inform the government about this injustice. If this is not stopped , the same nomad who were paying the price good citizen will themselves take armies and defend themselves by any means necessary.

  6. R you serious by posting this article? you cannot even spell correctly or write proper english. It would have been better if you wrote it in Somali, having said that i would like to add few important' but missed points. The Liyu Police is the enemy of all the Somalis not one perticular clan, they are Merceneries or calooshood u shaqeystayaal, they declared thier alegiance to the devil, so stop blaming one clan for the crimes of Janjaweed.

    • whose english is wrong me or your ? for verification I just posted your reply. it reads: are you serious by posting this article? you cannot even spell correctly or write proper english. It would have been better if you wrote it in Somali, having said that i would like to add few important' but missed points. The Liyu Police is the enemy of all the Somalis not one perticular clan, they are Merceneries or calooshood u shaqeystayaal, they declared thier alegiance to the devil, so stop blaming one clan for the crimes of Janjaweed

  7. Ethiopians were helping our darood enemies “ogaden” for years, they were killing our people arming our opponents “ssc and the other new rebels”. This was their plan to under mind our progress and freedom. We have to stand up and deport all Somalis and ethiopians from our land. We have to denied their access to our ports, air and aiports. We have to show them our muscle. And also, we have stop chewing their khaat.

  8. To all the pro Habashi Isaaqs this is no secret this has been happening over and over again in the Hawd to your clansmen for years if not decades.

    So the question now no longer is not what are you gonna do about but when ? remember no person respect a coward reason why they're always the Bully's number 1 target.

  9. Daar = Territory
    Ood = Fence

    Show me one single Clan who is neighbors with Darood who have peace?

    Sanaag – MJ wish to claim as part of their admin.
    Sool – Mj claims
    Kilil – Ogadeen wishes to push north against Isaaq, Dir and Ciise
    Kilil – Og pushing south agains Sheikhal, Degodia and Ajuuran
    NFD – Og pushing north into Juba valley and Gedo.
    Galmudug – Mj claim Hobyo, Garadag and south Galkaciyo.
    Juba – Darood clan claims ownership when 100% of them were either moved there by Kacaan or the Italians.
    Gedo – MR claim it when the Italians relocated them there.

    I will show you people who are neighbors with Darood who have PEACE… Meru, Borano and Turkana because these people are protected by the Kenya government and therefore they will never dare touch their land.

    Their strategy is to never allow any peace anywhere that they wish to claim… If they could they would like to claim 100% of all properties in Muuqdishu as a gift from the Kacaan.

    There is only one thing that needs to be done… Shhhh

    AUN Caydiid he knew how to tame them and AUN Magool the queen that sang songs of wisdom.

    There is only one solution!

    • You resume all only Reer Djibouti could enyoy peace becoz no sucker blood Darood is living there bur only DIR clan ( Issaq /Issa/ Gadabursi).Where Darood live, hate and war are never far even they get all power like KIL 5 or during Barre regime…

    • buxia.

      Walee inaad xayaw@n tahay, your IQ is less than five year old child. Dar@@d Jaberti Ismail they are not sh*ty tribe like you, we are taking about six million strong live three different countries.

    • You're way out of line boy, how can you as an isaaq blame Darood for claiming other people's land when you people have claimed and occupied Warsangeli and Dhulbahante lands for years. You have brutally occupied their lands agaist their will and have killed, raped, and displaced tens of thousands of people from their homes and you dare accuse others of stealing land.

  10. The only language darod people understand is the language of force. I keep telling my fellow Isaaqs and other victims of darod tyranny that we cannot talk or negotiate with these people because they do not know what that even means. I encourage Isaaqs in Ethiopia to stand up and arm themselves against these thugs and give them a good spanking. They obviously want an encore from the 80's and 90's.

    • Adam:

      It's the narrow mindness of people like you that continue to stoke the flames of clan warfare. This friction needs more thoughtful and hands on solutions than trying to demean one Somali society against the other. After all these people lived together for centuries and inter-married as is the case in major other areas. However people like you who only tend to see every thing through a prism or a window of clan and very dangerous and are agents that drive wedge between the people. Somalis need less of people of ilk and more educated and intellectuals that see the long term benefits than a short term gain as you do.

      • Typical darod talking point. It isn't clan warfare when darods kill non darods but when we defend ourselves its clan warfare. Wallahi you people are absolutely unbelievable wallahi. See, I was a US marine for 15 years and when I get out, I plan on going back to Somaliland and help train Somaliland soldiers in the way of modern warfare so that when the day comes when we have to fight again for our freedom and independence we can do so successfully and inflict super heavy losses on you darod scum.

        • where are previous my posts????? looks like Somaliland press is unfair, unbalanced and NOT up to standard of international media.

    • I could not agree more with Adam. Time to tame the Ogadeens is now. Reminds me of Malcolm X's speech.

      Malcolm X said: "If you come to a strange land that speaks a strange language what do you do?" He answered himself that, "you learn that strange language". "Well", he added, "The white man", he said, "understands only one language, no matter how many times you communicate with him in English."

      "The one and only language a white man understands is violence it is the only language he understands. Therefore answering violence with violence is justified". Said Malcolm X.

      In this case violence against the Ogadeens is justified as this the only language they understand.

  11. Why secessionist urging war against Daroods, is because you realise there is no recognition coming. Because these sentiments have become the most spoken as of late, which makes me wonder why?

    Listen you cowards ONLF have been fighting and still are. Unlike you secessionist who's dream is to see the destruction of all Somalis, especially the Darood, who since siade Barre have become your Boogyman, which blame when things are't going your way.

    Do you know why the ONLF and Ethiopian negations came to end, because ONLF said they would hold a referendum asking the Somali people if they want to stay or secede. The Liyu police force have on Boss and you know who it is, so cut the BS. You should thank Daroods you cowards,who only know how to hate other Somalis.

  12. we are homogenous people yet that has not helped as. The embedded, infinite tribalism has prevented the Somali galbeed gaining their freedom from habesha invaders.

    Buuxiye I hope you die of monkey aid.

  13. Maah:maah: “Yurtaan hayaa, Ammtuu hayaa” waxan waxaa cabbiray fikirkayga ku aadan arrinta oo aan ku sheegay inay tahay dhib guud oo dadku wada qabaan Reerka uu gaar ku yahayna hadduu jiri -lahaa waa Ogaadeen. Laakiin haddiib aan idii raaco habka aad u badantihiin ee wax u cabbiraysaan maxaad samyn Kartaan oo awooddee isbidaysaan? Eyada Liyu police ethiopia ayaa dirsatay iyada ayay u shaqeeyaan, Hubka iyo sahayda kale iyada ayaa siisa xog-ogaalna way ka tahay shaqadooda idinna waxaad rabtaan inaad ku beer-laxoowsataan “Ogaadeen Baa na dilaya”

  14. This is not tribalism or anything to do with anti-daroodism. The Ethio-Isaq community understand perfectly the dilemma they have been encountering with the rise of most selfish and irresponsible leadership in somali regional state. We have nothing agaist darood and most of them the victim of the current government's policy arrest, torture, killing and mass eviction. Together we could get ride of this corrupt and brutal government for once and for ever. The Ethiopian would understand it is not time for this mad man to rule this region any more.

  15. Now ONLF is defeated and it is a time to bring people who can lead the regional state into prosperity and development. Jijiga now look a war zone and people are arrested, tortured, subjected to any gruesome attack without due process of law. There are many darood, Dir and other somali who are now ready to take the mantle of the power in the regional state. The ethiopian military has to understand it is a time to get ride of this mad man and replace with educated person who has a leadership quality.

  16. The regional president is squendering the regional resource in whatever way he want. A friend of mine who is an MP in the Federal Government was surprised by the michievous way the regional government is attempting to influece the political direction of the regional state. As one insider told me, the regional state current president is always scared whenever the federal government wants to talk to the rebel group known as ONLF. The regional president hastily call a meeting and his hench-men to devise a way to tackle any peace coming to the regional state. As a result, this inside claims the war in the regional state is now a business.

  17. No one want his business closed down. That is why we are having political deadlock in the regional state. Is it sustainable for the federal government to keep in power the current regional government president who is the main problem in bringing peace in the regional state. It is believed if he is replaced by someone who is educated and most likely to use the soft power would help in bringing deep rooted peace and tranquility in the regional state.

  18. Folks…First and foremost the style of the article is weird and baby cry like. It has the smell of Kayse
    the poo poo in the woods black crowing waq-waq waq-waq waq-waq. However, the problems of the
    liyu Police and the bad governance of the Somali Western 5th provincial State have been unsettlingly
    deteriorating and overwhelmingly alarming and raises real causes for concerns without real solutions by the central Govt command HQs of Addis Ababa. The other striking problem is that, the Somaliland annexed Haud reserved territory to Ethiopia in 1954, which remains a free zone from the Somali Western State(AKA Ogadenia previously) bcos the habitats of the annexed territory have dual citizenships whether from Somaliland or Djibouti or Somalia, unlike the old Ogadenia territory which are part and parcel of Ethiopian powers only. Therefore, while there are lack of proper leadership is clearly the main problems for the Haud pastorial habitats, there is also lack of concerted failures on the Govts of Hargeisa,Djibouti,Somalia,Addis Ababa to find acceptable resolves to the problems of the annexed territories. Otherwise these atrocities would remain in full force.

  19. Hundred years ago, when the European colonists sat down to carve up the Somali peninsula, the Ethiopian emperors who were worldly and civilized saw an opportunity to be part of the land grab and were rewarded a landmass bigger than Somalia including Harar and Dire Dawa. The nam of downtown of Harar is "Faras Magaala". I do not think that nomads can understand or care about the significance of that name. All they can understand is to fight on tribal camel well. All they care about is to have a little corner that they can call their own and claim for their tribe.

    Today, after more than half a century after colonialism, we are squabbling amongst ourselves as tribes and clans. Some want to get away from other Somalis even if that means they become another Kilil of Ethiopia. Others who do not understand the meaning of federalism are trying to grab other peoples' lands so that they can have exclusive territories. Keep killing each other and keep pointing a finger at each other. It seems that Somalia is doomed forever.

    • Hanad:

      Well said, all these festering ills you have aptly mentioned are the chronic diseases that has bed-ridden the Somali people patient for the last quarter century, hampering its inability to progress and join the international community in terms of higher standard of living, such as world-class education and healthcare system etc. whats disheartening is that Somalis are just addicted to tribal Pickering and continuous self-generated animosity and continuous internal feuds and war. I would love to see when we are judged based on skills and education rather than our clan affiliation.

  20. This post is a direct reply to irit samaale. I do not know what he is doing here. He should be visiting Cakaranews and commenting their. We do not want to sow tribal hatred here. However, everybody knows who is pro Habashi. Go and simply visit the history of the region. It was Ogaden clan that sided with Habashi and campaigned to be included in Ethiopian administration. You are the one who destroyed the hope of somalia by acting selfishly and ignorantly and massacring many Somalilanders in the atrocity committed in Buroe and Hargeissa. We do not forget the history and we will not let you destroy once again the Ethiopian Somali Regional State. We know how capable is your liyu police. Many were killed in Gashamo and Harshin by those brave Isaq son and daughters who stood up against your aggression. We will teach you another lesson this time around. You are sending your ignorant sons to other area of somali under the pretext of Diib U curasho and plundering the somali regional state just as you were doing in the Somaliland Republic in the 70s and 80s. We one you master in Harar and Addis Ababa would send you to prison when we close the border and stop even getting any revenue from the massive

  21. qat export coming from Oromia if we find another way of importing directly this product from Oromia. You will starve to death if we stop trading with you. As it happened in Buroe recently when you kill an isaq born civilian, a revenge action will be taken against your bloody clansman anywhere in the region and other countries. We are not condoning such action, however, the logical consquence would be just like that if you do not stop your madness.

  22. Can you blame us darood we are about 8,000,000 people we need to find land for these people so it’s only right we expand according to our population.

    Since they are isaaq a and there kinship ate somalilanders they should move up north.

    Bottom line they don’t belong in that region because they failed to integrate into our society.

  23. LOL… Stupid !!door, u mess with fire you will get burnt, this is OG territory xaargeisa is that way >>>>>
    if the sky is falling you will find a way to blame Og@aden and D@@rood. useless people is what you are, always wining about something, always acting so victimized, u people are pathetic,

  24. This is by far the most racist, unrealistic, and tribalistic article I have ever seen, you people need a reality check, the Liyuu Police although Majority of them maybe Ogaden, a good portion of the Isaaq clan are part of the leadership of the Liyuu police, this is a militia, established, funded, and supported directly by the Ethiopian military and the regime. 90% of the people who have fallen victim to the Liyuu police and the Ethiopian regime are from the Ogaden Clan, not once did u guys even mention this, you are idiotically misrepresenting and misconstruing reality and the facts on the ground. Not once in this article do you even mention the role in which the Ethiopian regime plays in the political and humanitarian crisis taking place in this region.

    Millions of people are suffering in this region; an economic and humanitarian blockade has been imposed on the entire region since 2004, the human suffering taking place in this region is probably the worst in Africa, and you have the audacity to further this crisis by inciting inner clan violence between Somali clans that have lived amongst each other for centuries and have build an intimate relationship that is unique to all other Somali clan relationships throughout the horn of Africa. Please Islayaab, this is munafiqnimo, you are fully aware of what the colonial regime of Ethiopia is doing to the Somali people of this region, and you are fully aware of the situation the civilian population are facing. This is nothing more than the historical colonial policy of divide and rule, and Somalis need wake up from this inferior and backward nomadic way of thinking.

    This conflict is not between Isaaq and Ogaden, which you aim to illustrate, but the core cause of this crisis in this region is based on the Ethiopian colonialism of this land. This is a colonial conflict between the Ethiopian regime, and the Somalis who have never been given the right to self-determination. This is irresponsible journalism and outright dangerous. SomalilandPress, I sincerely urge you to take down this article immediately, it is only spreading violence, hate and ignorance.

    • !!doors they don't see what the Ethiopians are doing, they totally are blinded by the hate and animosity they have for their fellow Somalis (D@@rood clan.) the D@@rood has become the boogeyman for them, their lifelong mission, and obsession has become to spread hate against the D@@rood. !!DOOR and D@@rood aren't going anywhere, we are stuck together for eternity, hate it or love it, this is the reality. you people need to wake up from this ultra-universe that you have created, where you are all mighty and powerful, !!door is insignificant to the politics of ethiopia and the world, u go to europe u are seen as another poor African Somali, you go to America they see u exactly the same, this notion of tribalism is so backward and barbaric and this is the reason why Somalis are considered to be the poorest people on the globe, and yes somaliland is no exception.

      • My friend Isaq clan does hate anybody. It is known throughout the region for their peaceful co-existence. You should see the tree from the forest. You are telling us we are inciting ethnic hatred . The matter of the fact is that your clansmen are doing what you are accusing us of. Do you know the regional president two vice president and 14 regional head bureau's are from darood clan only. This left only 4 regional head bureau. This is without taking into account other important positions in the regional state taken only by the Ogaden clan. In fact, you are right when you said that there are many other clans who are suffering from the brutality of the regional govt led liyu police, in particular ogaden clan members. However, they speak for themselves and they have many voices that defend their right, including the regional govt. Here we are talking about Isaq clan who has never been represented by anyone in somali regional state. You might say the late Dr. Abdulmajid Hussein, peace upon be him, who was more somali nationalist who struggled all his life to defend the whole somali rights in Ethiopia. Unfortunately, it was the same people who shot him in broad day light in addis ababa.

  25. I hail from that area, because 90% of my people live in Haw and Reserve area, wrongly given to Ethiopia by the British. The only way is uprising and highlight the plight of the people of that area who hail from Ishaqiyuun. This is our country, and if it's not coming back to Somaliland, we must share the cake with whoever else that reside this area. We must do something that the Ethiopian government has to notice it and take the appropriate action politically, otherwise we keep fight those Ogadeens who do not respect the neighbourhood.

    • LOL,you do know the only way you can join your brothers in hargeisa is by supporting Unionists. Not isaaqs.

  26. Then the noble cause of somali nationalism was dead when you committed mass murder in Hargeissa and Buroa using merceneries from south africa. where is justice and somalism you talking about. please shut up and go where you belong where you simply think and how to subotage other people instead of thinking how to bring all somali together. A friend of mine told me Ogadeni is the only somali clan that always deliberate how to cause havoc and no one inside them dare stand up speak against. That is why you always are losers.

    • what is this regional government u talk about, is this the mafia in jigjiga established by the ethiopian government and military. they are far from being a government my friend, for u to define those moriyaans as Ogaden is very worng. They in no way, form or shape do they represent Ogaden. blame the ethiopian government if u wanna blame someone, instead of blaiming innocent people, who have done no wrong to you.

  27. Commonsense,
    I see you're in quandary trying to appeal to Isaaq's sense of Somalinimo. That my friend is a lost cause. Isaaq Somalinimo ma ogola.
    Isaaq only undestands one language and Liyuu is well versed with it. Af dhogor is deservedly getting some serious whipping and I don't lose sleep over that.

  28. my mohamed raage hareet why? always isaaq . they say ' ogaden "they .pushing uss.