The Minister of Finance Dr. Saad Ali Shire said that the industrial zone is the solution to the problem facing the industrialization of our country.

Minister Dr. Saad, speaking at an event held last week to establish the industrial zone of the capital, said that industry and development are partners, and as the basis economy of every country, it is an important part.

He said that Somaliland is one of the least industrialized countries, and the income from our industry is 3% of our total economy.

Dr. Saad said that the biggest obstacle to the establishment of industries in our country is the acquisition of land, as it costs a lot of money for businessmen to buy it.

The industrial zone is a solution to the land challenges for businessmen, he noted.

Dr. Saad said that investment is another obstacle to the industrialization of our country, and whoever has the idea to get investment is important.

He called on businessmen and citizens who were planning to set up industries to make it easy for them to build and benefit from it.

He also asked the relevant agencies to complete the necessary services such as water, electricity, and communication services.