By Goth Mohamed Goth

The independent mediation committee met with visiting delegation from the international community, who support Somaliland in democracy and elections.

The delegation from the international community also said that they supported the proposals of the independent conciliation committee over the disputes between the national parties.

A delegation from the international community thanked the committee for its successful completion of the long-running dispute between the various country’s political parties.

The committee also thanked the government and leaders of the opposition parties for accepting the decisions they made.

Mr.Mohamed Ahmed Farah, the chairperson of the independent meditation committee briefed the media on the meeting with the visiting delegation said, “They meet us and also with the government and the two opposition parties. We met today, and we discussed our work in mediating to solve the current stalemate. We are also grateful they accepted our proposals; the interest of the country is above all, the interest of the country is what brought them here.