Somaliland has come from a long way to since declaring its independent from the rest of Somalia on 1991. The businesses were booming and were mostly run by women. Its estimated that 70% of the population are women. Despite being the 70% of the population, women in general have struggled to have their input in relation politics and other means of advancing the country. These obstacles have always been there traditionally.

Their number enemies are tribal and religious leaders whom do not want these women not advance or compete with their fellow countrymen. These people claim to be that women should be at home taking are of domestics issues rather than country issues with no justification from the religious point of view.

Since Somaliland has declared its own state for nearly 22 years, 5 democratic elections were held, and an estimated of 85% of the electoral are women and youth, and many intellectual citizens noticed that women should be on the front seat to lead the elections or compete the candidacy with fellow men with lots of support from the population as a whole.

Its unforgettable that the role that women played on the latest municipality elections held in the country with huge support form the public. Regrettably, none of the women had made to grab seats for these local elections. Its arguable that all these women were singled out not to represent at the municipality, and every effort were made to ensure that none of them proceeds to next face.  All those honorable women believe that they were rigged and could have challenged with the electoral commission but left for the sake of not creating chaos within the population, as the situation could have been deteriorated should they have go ahead with challenging those looters.

Women will not be put off by these barbaric actions, but will fight to reclaim their justice, as they are citizens themselves, and would carry on the fight to ensure that there is justice for all.

By Ilham Hassan




  1. I think the reason why many women did not win positions for local elections was that there was no much support among women themselves and that each women rallied behind her clan as everybody else did.. The local elections were based on tribalism

  2. Hanad I couldn't have said it better. I totally agree that was one of the reasons for their lack of representation.

  3. Hanad, the whole ''Somaliland'' concept is based on one clan. The voters, candidates, parties, all hail from one clan. Is like an Is@@q wedding bash. And it is for that reason why no one and I mean no one acknowledges this hoax you seem to desperately feed the world with. Keep going with this hoax for the next 20 years, while the South is entering a reconstruction era. The constructing of two major highways connecting to Kenya and Ethiopia were announced by IGAD. The reconstruction witnessed in Mogadishu last year alone has stunned the IC. What Mogadishu has achieved last year in terms of reconstruction alone, has never been achieved in Hargeysa for 20+ years. What does that tell you? It tells, that the separatists were busy chewing khat and chanting ''Somaliland'' for 20+ years, instead of putting their energy to good use, by reconstructing their so called town that looks like a village. No wonder why the IC prefers Mogadishu over Hargeysa. You guys will definitely go in history as the losers.

    • Road-Map Government is better?

      -Provisional governments for 22years

      Vila Amisom with 20,000 AU troops….

      PLEASEEEEEEEE Somalia-Italia-federation is far worse off. Besides small skirmishes in SOOL Somaliland-Republic is on the right path. Your people can choose to be part of the solution or continue to be land-locked in under-development.