As Journalist or journalism field, the entrance of this role is to know the different between opinion and genuine news often to avoid causing further damage and destruction to the society you serve. It is doubtless that mostly unprofessional individuals are involved in this field who create daily arguments and political suspicion in the society, this happens lack of knowledge and unaware of exactly the serious impact of this problematic activities damaging the reputation, union and better living of Somaliland society generally which are irresponsibly reiterated by these mafia on papers and websites with out proper knowledge of the filed.

Of course, there are good, clean journalists in this field who are accustomed to deliver very reliable and important news to the society or their nation. But mainly the nature of Somaliland journalism is a way of tribalism, revenge, based on a personal opinion rather than accurate and precise duties of journalism role freely and neutrally that defends the integrity, sovereignty and dignity of the nation, as well as national politicians who always deserve to have certain level of respect whether you like or not.

The current behaviour of Somaliland websites, daily papers and all independent press activities are not in the proper position in terms of knowledge and ethics of the field as well. Why not improve the journalism techniques and best way of presentations instead of using their work as a bullet to destroy the livelihood of the society on daily basis. There is no different of piracy in the sea, warlords operate in the grounds by hindering the better continuation of the Somaliland society’s way of life.

People habitualize this kind of dirty business in the name of journalism, must see the wider picture and go to the colleges to study and understand fully, what it means to be a brilliant and professional journalist. At the moment, it looks a gun point on the head of the society, especially the very important people like business people, politicians and so on. People are somehow held in for ransom and threatened unfairly for the purpose of extortion

Abdilahi John




  1. Dadku berigii hore waxaa warka u soo tebin jiray qof meesha warka laga rabo ka soo safray. Warkaa qof ku keeno waa war gacmo badan soo maray. Kiibaa la sii qaadi jirey oo markale gacmo badan sii mari jiray.

    Waxaad moodaa tii oo qalab cusub loo helay in xaal ku yahay.

  2. This where the consumers is best to determine if the news paper or news reporter is reporting the news or making up as they go alone and not the government . Because the government only can censorship which more dangerous approach to take it and it only can lead to slippery slopes and unintended consequence.So it's the best to leave to the consumers to sort out and decided what they want to view or what they want to read.

  3. If the filthy readers love the filthy journalism. Then it will sadly continue. Journalist only become professional when the readers demand it. Or they get bad reputation. But in hargeisa, its the other way around.

    Sad motherf****

  4. I think Faroole has mastered the art of controlling Journalism IN & OUT.

    Read No evil!
    Hear No evil!
    Watch No evil

    Respect to Faroole, the rest can learn from his methods.

  5. hey few times i stood up against somalilandpress lies now they ban for good….
    but people like keyse and puntlazr are still around… i blieve this site is run from garowe
    i like i say before the majesten are capable of anything exept fighting…