is it a preemptive or prerequisite for Somaliland’s question for recognition?

As events unfold for the Somali people in the Somali region things cannot get better as it stands now over the past two decades for both Somalia and Somaliland.

The recognition that is, comes in two folds.

  • At the international arena
  • At the Somali arena.
  •  At the international arena,

What has changed in the international arena is a Somali government has been recognized for a sovereign nation that was a member in the United Nations, even though still its very existence is enforced by the international community. In the last twenty two years no government had qualified to earn the legitimacy of a representative Somali government.  The main reasons are after Siyad Barre’s downfall there was no official transfer of power. When the vacuum emerged then the war between Ali Mahdi and Aideed Farah over the seat had began and continued for a number of years throughout the nineties. It was then the first international intervention when everything went dark until when the era of the exile governments began to emerge.

For example,

  • The exile government of Abdul qassim Salad Hassan formed in Arta, Djibouti of. 2000-2004
  • The  exile government of  Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed formed in Kenya. 2004-2008
  • The second exile government of Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed formed in Djiboute. 2009-2012


The exile nature  of those governments was a major deficiency in their legitimacy. However as part of its transitional charter of the TFG government– the mandate was to move to a legitimate government. The least of it was to be formed inside the country, the creation of a constitution, a parliament chosen from all the regions including Somaliland.

Anything less could never have made a legitimate government that the international community can endorse for its sovereignty.  Somaliland was a crucial part in the legitimization process for the official Somali government and in order to complete the mission to the finish line, the transitional government had to reach to the Somaliland side when Sheikh Sheriff and President of Somaliland met in the UAE.  It was the due process to build a legal Somali government.

 At the Somali arena.

While the grievances of the Somalis are still smoldering inside, now the ball is in their court the legitimacy and sovereignty are the basic rights of its people but the fairness is not accepted in the Somali arena. Somaliland refutes its entirety. But the fact it refutes doesn’t mean it did not participate in its formation. For instance, the notorious 4.5 assembly inherited from the late TFG, is ridiculous and unrepresentative of the union between the North and the South. But, one will say then why Somaliland participated in the finish line of the TFG. Let’s briefly look at the rich Somali wisdom.  “it was said once  a lady  harnessed a camel but in the end could not  get the camel lift off the ground, and in the process called Sheikh Abdulqadir to power his camel to lift off the ground, Sheikh Abdulqadir was a pious  muslim scholar some people believe by calling him can help ease their suffering. However, when fortunately the camel lifted off the ground, she was asked who was  Sheikh Abdulqadir by her peers who were unaware the person he was. She replied I don’t know but all that I needed was to lift my camel off the ground”. The 4.5 was typically not something Somaliland knew, nor cared about but all that maters to Somaliland people was the Camel lifting off the ground.  Now the sovereignty of Somalia is in the hands of its people. it is at this stage where it can never be better for Somaliland to pursue and get separation from the rest of Somalia.   Yes, the recognition that is, makes a prerequisite for it’ s separation but this is not a preemptive for it’s question for separation. It is rather the voice is now more louder without much noise in the background of what government should we deal with for this matter – if we see back in the history, this has been the case in The Ethiopia/Eriteria Model, Southern Sudan and Northern Sudan Model.  Each case had one official legitimate party releasing the second party.  Likewise, the arbitration of Somalia/Somaliland separation follows the same model and needs to be enforced and supervised by the international community. If the international community does not have the official on the other side the Somaliland case will remain in legal limbo. Let us not forget, the makeup of the Somali government can never be possible without the international community enforcing its very existence, the funding, policing and defense included.  The fact that Somaliland will sit with Somalia again in the near future it is time the international communities play the arbitration on the one hand while on the other hand refraining to leave the initiative to begin from within between the two Somalis.  It is paramount to the legitimacy of the Somali government to get to respond the demand of Somaliland for the union they entered together.

The conclusion is the recognition of Somali government is not a preemptive move for Somaliland’s question for recognition but it’s a closer step and a prerequisite for its recognition.  I complement the world community and especially the United States of America to bring to an end to the anarchy in Somalia.


Ahmed A.




  1. Make my house ready for me in Hargeisa. The blue flag is coming back. And all secessionists will be sent back to Addis ababa. Somalia for Somalis.

    • Nobody wants Somalia in Somaliland. That is why we had already a referendum about this issue, i bet you don't even know what referendum meanz in Somalia I guess. I really hope that Somalia puy its acts together and bring back their starving people in Ethiopia and Kenya, they didn't deserve all this trouble

      Put this in Your mind. Somaliland will stay Somaliland and will never ever become Somalia. Never again. Our elders made a mistake and we the youth will correct their mistake with the help of Allah.

      • specify what you mean by leaders, who are your leaders.
        Oh wait I already I know Isaaq.

        So from your statement Isaaqs constitute Somaliland. which means none of the other peoples opinions means a dam thing, yet from your attidude they can expect to be treated like secound class citizenz. Yet you wonder why Duulbaahaantes and Warsangeli don't want anything to do with your S/Land. Leave these people alone and if you wish to go you may as long as you have the full support of the Isaaq clan.

      • F.A., as if you know what referendum means. A referendum where by only one clan took part of it, in a region where many clans live is not called referendum mate. If that referendum had any credibility then you would have gotten your recognition. And it is for that reason why the IC and the south don't accept your referendum hoax.

      • @F.A what you mean bring back your starving people?? I saw in my own eyes the refugees contains every tribe in somali people including those from north somalia! When somalians take risks on da high seas(oceans) there are more ISAKIS so bro we’re in da same boat! Check your facts!

  2. America recognised them? So who cares. Cause we Somalilanders shouldn’t care if the whole world recognize them.

    They should mind their own business and we Somalilanders ours. If not than talk to us when you can control your own country without foreigners help. But before that, really this is a joke to us talking to you.

    • Have the balls to say ''we Is@@q's''. Khaatumo is recognised by the Federal Republic of Somalia has a Federal State, next will be Awdal. And we both know what's next after that. Hahahahahahaha, bye bye Is@@qland.

  3. i do really pity the somalians who bang on about somaliland being part of somalia as if their lives depended on it lol. but while its obvious that somalilanders dont want unity, the other side think they can stop us – really? what the somalians are doing is the same as the ethiopians and the northern sudanese done before yet it failed and will fail again. only somalilanders will decide their future, no one else. we dont bow down to anyone or anything, we bow down to allah almighty only.

    • first of all stop this fabrication stories of somalia wanting somaliland thats BS. Somalia does not want traitors who licked the backside of white trash. We only want khaatumo and Maakhir not somaliland. I am begging please take that mud village you call the capital and stick it up your arse.

  4. Yes indeed. May Allah help ud from those people. We dont want war or hate them. Yet they are doing and saying everything they can to disrupt our sovereignty.

    May Allah help the peoole who are fair and want peoce.

    • Asking Allah to help you with oppressing other non Is@@q clans to get your Is@@qland, shows how really sick you guys are. And I believe it is for that reason why you didn't get Allah help and will never get to achieve your Is@@qland.

  5. As a Somali, I welcome the recognition of Italia Somalia by the only remaining superpower. At least Somalis everywhere can have its own voice rather than Ethiopia, Djibouti, Kenya or Uganda becoming their spoke person.

    As a Somalilander, recognition of Somalia is a good news for us, since we never had a true partner to negotiate our brotherly separation. For the last 21+ years , Somalia was in transition and for that Somaliland was itself was trapped and did not have anyone from Somalia to sit down and discuss the future of the two countries. Come now, we have a permanently , recognized government that is able to negotiate with Somaliland.

    • Firstly, thank you. Secondly this recognition includes you since it is Somalia that is recognised, and not Italian Somaliland. The name Somalia was adopted by the two regions after the colonial times, to restore the pre-colonial era. I suggest you embrace the reality instead of feeding yourself with this hoax land you seem to clutch on. Many Is@@q brothers and sisters had enough of this hoax, big evidence of that is, The ''Is@@q Arab'' who waved the blue flag in Hargeysa. And many other Is@@q members.

  6. Hasan Sheikh Mohamud will not negotiate with Isaaq separatists who are in engaged in violent confrontations with darood clans. Khaatumo State (Duulbaahaante) and Maakhir State (Warsangeli) have every right to join the Federal Somali Republic as their own states, and shouldn't be forced to submit to Isaaq separatists because the white trash (British) happened to colonize the region.
    If Isaaq wants to secede, fine but don't expect to drag Duulbaahaante and Warsangeli.

    • Hahaha what a disgrace you are really. Who is colognized British Somaliland or Italian Somaliland? Go and look in every history book concerning this subject.
      So please stop all your lies we are not little kids and this is not you fantasy. And talking about trach, we all know the trach of the Somali people and it is not the Hawiye, Dir, Isaak etc…. . Talking about trash, are you looking yourself in the mirror? Nacas. Really. You people have ruined the Somali name and still you are pointing the fingers. Don’t point it too long cuz when Somalia and Somaliland talk and make there decision you will be thr loser and that pointing finger will be sorted out. Just watch and see ……………

  7. Since Somaliland is on the way of recognition i think it is no more appropriate to use word ''Somali'' president or gvt to specify Koonfur authorities but rather use ''SomaliA'' as Guelleh and Silanyo are President of Djibouti and Somaliland both Somali. Somalia don t represent all Somali beside they are people not full somali living in his territory. Indeed Somaliland is among 5 somali regions, real full somali people.

    • Hornid Looooooool, gosh you separatists are becoming more pathetic by the day. If anything, the south is more Somali then all the other region. Go to Djbouti and see what kind of reaction you get when you say that hahhahhaha. I've never ever seen, the people of Djibouti identifying them self with ''Somaliland'', they always identify them self with Somalia. And they call Mogadishu the capital of all Somalis.

  8. Ahmed,

    First of all it is laughable that you can claim with straight face that Somaliland was instrumental in the recognition of government of Somalia. Somaliland did not participate in the restoration of the legitmacy of Somalia. If anything, Somaliland did not leave any stone unturned to undermine the Somali state and it is still engaged in the destruction of Somalia as we know it. At least Puntland can legitimately claim that it played an important role.

    Seconly, why are you all angry an in bickering mood when you learned that Somakia is recognized by USA if you were part of the solution?

    Thirdly, it is true that Eriterea and southern Sudan achieved independence because all the people in that region are different from their mother countries. Is the people of Somaliland different from rest of Somalia and do all the people in the region want to secede from Somalia; Do the people of Sool and eastern Sanag want as well as many others want independence from Somalia. The answer to all these questions is no. There is no need for naked propoganda!

  9. Have the balls to say ''we Is@@q's''. Khaatumo is recognised by the Federal Republic of Somalia has a Federal State, next will be Awdal. And we both know what's next after that. Hahahahahahaha, bye bye Is@@qland.

  10. As a women I do not welcome the support of the Somalia government. As a women I suffered for so long and continue to live in camps outside this government. Most Somali women hate the fact they suffer whilst a few men prosper? I am suppose to be a nationalist, pro my culture and fight for for future families whilst our men are corrupt, materialistic and against their own. I no longer feel loved or secure amongst our mostly Somali, Muslim, same culturally and ethically decline men!.. They see me as week. This kills me literally?

    • You seem to confused and unaware of the reality. Somalia Foreign minister and depute Prime minister is a lady. There you go.

    • Im sorry for what you have gone through, you sound hurt sister. I assure you, not all are like that.

  11. My own husband left me because he could. Whilst I was felt all alone to be with our children alone. I was left alone. This the same for so many of us! Single mothers are stronger then our men. They made? Don
    'T be made. Get up and reclaim?

  12. Our men are week??? God helps and may diadem ah Maxamed gives mercy we fell from the path of love of god and his creation?

  13. It's true that Somaliland always wanted Somalia to succeed for 2 obvious reasons among many:

    A) Somaliland's has had experienced an overwhelming flood of displaced somalis as Somalia's civil war worsened at times which put an stress on Somaliland's stability as well as it's meager resources.

    B) An stable and functioning government in Somalia would eventually enable for Somaliland a huge leverage to begin talks with Somalia then move on to the IC, if Somaliland is not justified with the end result of the talks.

    Essentially, Somalia can be used a stepping stone for Somaliland's international recognition. It may sound a bit odd, but Somaliland would be recognized instantly if Somalia was a better shape than it's right now.

    I'm going leave the other reasons for M. Cheers, Amal, Allemagan, Buuxiye and Comeagain to elaborate on.

    • Hassan achieved 190vote Majority in a SELECTION process with a Constitution designed and crafted by the ROAD-Map process. Road-Map process was a Somalia-Italia project with puntland,galmudug,aswj and tfg.

      I am happy for the first ever Recognition of Somalia-Italia since 1-Jul-1960. 🙂

      all that remains is 2-STATE dialogue process to divide the assets of the Somali-Republic.

      Let them Stick to their ROAD-MAP Recognition 🙂

      • What asset is their to divide? There is no asset whatsoever in North-west Somalia. And you have no asset in south Somalia. Gosh, how pathetic can these people get. First they want to high-jack the North-west Somalia and make it Is@@qland, and now they want to claim ownership in Somalia assets. Hahahahahahaha, they are getting funnier by the day honestly.

        • Somaliland-Republic —Vs—Somalia-Federation

          Since 18-May-1991 the Governments of the people of the former-United Somali-Republic have agreed to hold Talks.

          Now whether you represent One government or the other the dialogue is between the two Countries that Formed the 1960-Union. The Issue is neither about our individual opinions nor your emotional incontinence.

          If you are a member of one of the above mentioned Countries then i do understand you are only playing favoritism for your country which is no surprise however please refrain from childish rants and abusive language i am not here to baby sit you.

          🙂 2-STATE dialogue process between:

          Somaliland-Republic —Vs— "TFG or who ever replaces them"

          Agreed, Signed and witnessed by International community who believe the Road-Map government can be fair and just and behave in a democratic fashion 🙂

          • Ugly roadmap for Somalia is doomed to fail, that's for sure. Somaliland Democracy
            takes precedence over the Somalia under foreign powers occupation and struggling
            through deadly warring factions.

    • Osman Qaal is right in a way because no country was ready to split Somaliland-Somalia and recognize Somaliland while its counterpart was in ill situation and while there was no real government in Moqadishu before to deal with. But I think we Somaliland need to pay more attention and sort our own internal issues because Somaliland is not united as much as before but one thing is for sure there is NO force unless Somaliland people are woed or convinced back into union. Unity is not only based on mere physical union that some fight for but acceptance and unity of the hearts and minds whether it's based on shared interest or love. Anyways we should all be happy for government in Somalia because lack of governance in Mogadishu directly or indirectly affected all Somalis in one way or the other. I hope the current Somali situation is sorted very soon. God bless my HOME Somaliland and Somalia and all Somalis.

      • Amal. Somalilanders are not jealous of the progress of Somalia. The problem is the other way round.
        No matter how much good you treat the Southern Somalia..Darod Hawiye power hungry dormancy,
        they are always there to betray the Somaliland nation and country. The only way to teach them is
        play hardball equalizing dormancy dirty politics. Don't ever expect softening from the Southerners.
        They are their ways or the hwy.

  14. Hargeisa, Somalia's second city awaits for President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud and his government. Tribe can't be a state and that's why no one has paid attention to them for 2 decades, until now some can't get over it but they will accept the reality whether they like it or not. Suicide is always open option for them.

    I am already flying the blue flag over my houses in Hargeisa, can't wait until Somalia's real government starts helping us to fix this town…we urgently need water, sanitation, roads, infrastructure, town planning and many things.

    It is a new dawn for the Somali people from Ras Kabon to Zeila, Ras Hafuun to Moyaale. Allahu Akbar!!

    Two sub-clans can't hijack us nor can they become a government, they need to stop the madness.

  15. To Ahmed A.

    Whatever eases your pain brother but just know one thing dividing Somalia is not up for discussion not today not tomorrow not ever..

  16. Road-Map Signatories = puntland, galmudug, aswj and tfg.

    Road-Map constitution = Somalia-Italia-federation constitution.

    Road-Map parliament with Jawahiri as speaker only serves Somalia-Italia-Federation.

    Road-Map Presidential SELECTION process only served Somalia-Italia.federation.

    Road-Map Government and Sovereignty Recognition in essence only means Recognition of Somalia-Italia-federation.

    In a Legal sense there is no court on earth that will be able to argue otherwise 🙂

    All that remains is the 2-STATE dialogue to conclude with 2-Independent countries otherwise the case goes to international community to arbitrate a dissolution along the pre 1-jul-1960 borders.

    • Actually you are wrong on most of the points. Road map signatories includes Somaliland, just because some separatists are not part of it doesn't mean it doesn't includes representatives of North-west Somalia. On the Road map parliament, the north-west (Dir) have the largest parliamentary seats, with over 50 seats. You think they were given seats for nothing? You must be a retard to ignore the reality on the ground.

      • "You think they were given seats for nothing? You must be a retard to ignore the reality on the ground."

        "You think they were given seats for nothing? You must be a retard to ignore the reality on the ground."

        Given to who?

        -Cali Mahdi claimed to be President of Somali-Republic.
        – Caydiid Claimed to be President of Somali-Republic
        – Qasim Saladh made the same claim to be President of the Somali-Republic!
        – So did Abdullahi Yusuf.
        – So did Sharif ahmed.
        – So is Hassan Mahamoud???

        USA Recognized the Road-Map Government [puntland, galmudug, aswj &tfg]…

        Road-Map Represents only 50% of the former Somali-Republic which ceased to exist the moment Digtartor Siyad Bare was removed from office.

        We have Unfinished business: 2-STATE dialogue process.

        Somalia-Italia-territory — Vs– British-Somaliland-teritory
        Somalia-Federation——Vs– Somaliland-Republic

        Considering the facts on the ground USA Recognized Somalia and it's Road-Map government which must sit down with Somaliland-Republic's ELECTED government to clarify their future working relationship.

        What is NEW since we have 22-Years of history where men who do not posses the power to walk free in their own Capital have claimed our Sovereignty 🙂

        I hope you keep your Road-Map-Government stable long enough for Silaanyo to get what he needs for us. Amiin dheh 🙂

          • Trush1 why pretend to debate when you lack the common sense.

            Siyad Bare ruled for 21years.

            Somaliland-Republic has been Independent 22years.

            Dude Somaliland's peace stops us from expanding our territory and if a full war comes wallahi i ain't loosing any of my desert nor my barren mountains 🙂 I hear Sool has lush green grazing land.

            Any full out war between Somaliland & Somalia will happen between Nugaal & Sool 🙂 Personally i can live with that because it is far from my home land

  17. The Ethiopian stooge (SNM) are dead people walking it's just a matter of time before we put them back to their coffins and bury them for good.

    We respect no colonial borders especially a colonial border meant to divide Somali people into five different countries.

    Ogaden, NFD suffered severely because of this colonial injustice so did the tiny Djibouti which has been transformed into French & US bases. The entirety Somalis of Djibouti can't communicate in af somali at all.

    The Ethiopian stooge (SNM) excuse of separating from somalia is through a colonial border which we don't recognise at all. We can't have three independent Somali states and two under oppression that is totally unacceptable it will never happen in a million of years.

    The Ethiopian stooge (SNM) need plan B faster because plan A seems to be paralyzed.
    The Ethiopian stooge (SNM) plan B should be power sharing like prime minister's post, ministerial, deputy-ministerial posts, ambassadors, consular officers, military etc.

    Recognition is off the table definitely and if the Ethiopian stooge (SNM) continue this madness of holding Unionist clans (duulbaahaante, warsangeli, gadaabuursi, ciise) as hostage with their delusional ideas of hollering a white trash border than unfortunately they are banging the drums of war.

    I would like to appeal to President Ismail Omar Guelleh

    Sir its seems like Somaliland only listens to you and nobody else. My country (Somalia) has been without an effective central government since the overthrown of President mohamed siad barre by stooges from Ethiopian. Mogadishu is in peace after two decades of civil war and somalia today has a central government recognised by United States of America.

    Can You please talk to silanyo and put some sense into his head to stop this emerging civil war looming in Northern and Northern Eastern Somalia.

    Thank You Sir.

    • lol pirate boy u call for help Guelleh traitors of Somaliweyn to undermine just Somaliland recognition which believed in somalinimo but walanweyn and Faqash kill definitively union. Somali soldier from Djibouti are in ur zoomalia try to save u and u welcome traitors. Shame on u.No more BS somalinimo love.

      • MJ in order for you to fight Somaliland-Republic.

        Agree a Power sharing model with your Road-Map Government and it's 190vote President Hassan 🙂

        Your people are a Signatory of the Road-Map Government and Constitution which means:

        1. Hassan Mahamoud Speaks for the Road-Map territory.
        2. All future dialogue for the Road-map territory will flow through Muuqdishu.
        3. AQll Economic aid for the Road-Map territory will flow through Muuqdishu.
        4. All Road-Map signatories will need to beg the Muuqdishu Admin for their share of money.

        Now if Abgaal refuse to give back your Farms in Afgoye and Vilas in Hodon and Suuqa-Bakaraha what chance is there that when they get their $Billions in Aid that you will ever see your portion???

        😉 Now go Calaacal at your future Muuqdishu ATM… >>>

  18. @Osman Qaali, you said that "Somaliland would be recognized instantly if Somalia was a better shape than it's right now. "! THIS IS TOTAL NON-SENSE AND RUBBISH UNLESS YOU HAVE INSIDER INFORMATION FROM THE SUPER POWERS, WHICH IS UNLIKELY.