Somaliland President Muse Bihi Abdi, once again, spoke of the possibility of a war with the Federal government of Somalia, saying that Somaliland would defend itself.

The President was attending the pass-out parade for 253 (two hundred and fifty-three) cadets drawn from the Police, Immigration and Coast Guard, who have completed their officer training.

The training ceremony, held at the Mandera Military Academy, was attended by cabinet ministers, parliamentarians, army commanders, trainers, and other dignitaries.

President Muse Bihi Abdi speaking at a pass-out ceremony for military officers, said Somaliland would defend itself against war with Somalia.

“We will not start a war with anyone, and those who are very much against us, if they refrain from the war path, we will teach them the same lesson that we taught their former leaders, God willing,” said President Bihi.

This is the second time that President Bihi has spoken about the war with Somalia in a week. The president’s statement came after Somalia’s ambassador to China said that Somaliland will face dire consequences because of its relations with Taiwan.

Serving Federal Government of Somalia officials, including a former Somali ambassador to the United States and former Said Barre government officials, have repeatedly called for the use of force against Somaliland.