Somaliland Interior Minister Mohamed Kahin Ahmed, responding to remarks by a Waddani party Presidential candidate, said the upcoming Presidential election will take place on time and the opening of political parties is legal.

Hon Mohamed Kahin Ahmed speaking at the pass-out parade for 253 (two hundred and fifty-three) cadets drawn from the Police, Immigration and Coast Guard, who have completed their officer training.

He said that the ruling Kulmiye party and President Bihi, are committed to holding the upcoming Presidential elections in November as scheduled.

“The President of Somaliland has never been heard saying the upcoming Presidential election scheduled for November 13th has been postponed. Both the president and the Kulmiye party are ready for the election to take place on time,” said Minister Mohamed Kahin Ahmed.

He also noted that the opening of political parties’ law, was enacted when Cirro was the speaker of parliament.

“Political associations are defined and enacted by Law No. 14, which was passed during the tenure of Mr. Abdirahman Irro as the Speaker of Parliament when that law became illegal,” said Minister Kahin.

Opposition parties in Somaliland have stated disapproval with plans to hold political party’s elections before the Presidential election.