WASHINGTON (Somalilandpress) — The leader of Somaliland’s main opposition Kulmiye Party, Mr Ahmed Mohamed Mohamud ‘Silanyo’ affirmed that Somaliland would be committed to contribute to the peace, stability and democratisation of its own region if elected, Somalilandpress reports.

He made the remark at a meeting held at the office of National Endowment for Democracy (NED) in Washington, DC, with Mr Princeton N. Lyman, the former Council on Foreign Relations, who is also a member of American Academy of Diplomacy and the Aspen Institute.
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Panel members and other attendees at the meeting included Amb. David H. Shinn, the former US Ambassador to Ethiopia, Mark Billera, USAID Regional Coordinator for Africa, Dave Peterson, Senior Director of NED in Africa, members of US State department including Mathew Walsh, intellectuals and aid agencies.

Mr Silanyo gave a brief overview of the country’s history, current politics and challenges it faces. He also assured them if his Party wins the April-election they were committed to education and training, diplomacy and stability, economic development, democracy and good governance.

Mr Silanyo was accompanied by his foreign Secretary, Dr Mohamed Abdullahi Omar, who stated in a speech to the NED that Kulmiye’ foreign policy will actively seek to raise to a higher level existing ties with countries around the globe – neighbours and abroad. He added Somaliland under Kulmiye would constructively engage in its own region and at the same time would contribute significantly to global issues and concerns.

After completing their speeches, the two leaders faced a number of questions from US officials on democracy, relationship with neighbouring countries, the Party’s policies, education and the economy.

The visit to the headquarter of National Endowment for Democracy came as a surprise to many Somalilanders at a time when government sources were suggesting Mr Silanyo was deported from the United States.

On Thursday [14th Jan.] Mr Silanyo and Dr Mohamed met with US Congressman Donald Payne and number of other officials from the US State Department. The government led by President Rayale insist that Donald Payne is strongly opposed to Somaliland independence, however to Kulmiye party and many Somalilanders, it’s rather a reflection of Somaliland’s failed foreign policy under president Rayale.

Somaliland, which restored its statehood in 1991 is not internationally recognized but has formed a hybrid system of governance under the Constitution of Somaliland, combining traditional and western institutions. It maintains its own government, institutions, police, military and three political parties as well as a parliament.

The Presidential elections are expected to be held in April and over one million of the republic’s three million are eligible to vote for UDUB , UCID or Kulmiye party.

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The pictures below are from Kulmiye’s conference in London on Saturday [18th January], photos courtesy of QaranNews. The conference was organised by Kulmiye London branch led by Kayse Hidig as well as Kulmiye Cardiff branch chairman Mr Abdi Ba’aw. The delegation welcome Kulmiye chairman Mr Ibrahim Hussein.

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Source: Somalilandpress, 17 January 2010


  1. This is what I call Statesmanship. Just imagine if Riyaale was there in this visit? People of Somaliland should wake up to support the Party that will change the equation to the best for Somaliland at large.

    We don't want a President who doest not even know how to engage the world. We don't want a President who sees Charity organization and says I brought a rig to dig a well, that never materialized.

    It is time for Somalilanders to choose what is best for their country.

    Kulmiye for the next Presidency.


  2. Riyale picks up the phone and BAM the highest US officials (Frendizer) comes down to Hargeisa to see him while silanyo knocks the doors in DC and all he meets is an NGO and a former Ambassador to Ethiopia!

    If Riyale was in DC, he would have met with Obama or Biden, no doubt…

    Yes we want change, but better change not worse! Kumliye had messed up in 1991-92 and we wont forget what they did

    Somaliland should choice between UCID or UDUB


    • You have no clue about Somaliland politics nor that of the United States. Somaliland didnt even have political parties in 1991-1992 but I can see where you trying to go with this. God help you.

      Rayale is finished like Jedai Frazer, they are both useless.

      Those former US ambassadors are more active and engaged with US foreign policies than Ms Frazer. She carried out what Washington told her but these guys tell Washington what to do.

      The fact that you think Kulmiye existed in 1991 killed it for me.

      Rayale went to Washington few years back and no one even met with him not even Donald Payne. He took few pictures with some statues and returned. Now days he doesnt even go out for fresh air. No friends.

  3. Riyaale picking up the phone!!!! what would are you living in brother, this man is could get his own family in Boorame to come down and see him let alone ppl from DC

  4. Boqoljire I agree, the problem with Kulmiye was their party policy, most people have an old image of Silanyo as a violent rebel fighter but we have came to learn over the years how humble and intelligent the man actually is.

    Over and over again he showed restrain, this is not a power grip for him but an opportunity to lead us and our nation into a new horizon. Somalilanders complain and complain but they don't know how to make the right decision for themselves.

    Yesterday they followed Egal and his camp blindly to Mogadishu and rejected Michael Mariano. Today they chosed Rayale, a man who knows no body out side that villa, no charisma, no education, no foreign connection over Silanyo who has education (economics from Uni. of Manchester), who has a lot of foreign friends.

    Rayale knows his time is up, he is no longer confident with his people because he knows while in power he abused everyone and every system while we put him in power with out any drama. See how he repaid us?

    Time to put Silanyo in power! 2010 Silanyo and Saylaci.

  5. Yes, there was no parties in the 90s….. EXCEPT the SNM!!!! and everyone knows that SNM = KUMLIYE…no need to elaborate more on that!

    and if your BELIEF is that some people are like PROPHETS and they should never be questioned, then do not continue reading as this will shake this belief of yours.

    Just Imagine your son asked you: Who was behind the civil war?

    Of course, you will say the civil wars was between somaliland tribes & we are all to be blamed! But your kid sooner or later would know that you lied to him! coz initially, the conflict was between SNM officials themselves and they used the tribal card to get power and what did that turned in the end? two civil wars! Well done ya Mujahidiin!

    I respect those who fought Siyad bare, May allah bless them in AKHIRA. But in ADUUNYO there is nothing in life that makes you a PROPHET! any smart person should be able to re-evaluate people as they CHANGE (specially politicians) and our mujahidin have changed into thugs after 1991! we should accept that fact! Its all in the literature! you can lie, but you can not change history.

    And how can you lie! Are you saying Silanyo was not against Abdirhman tur in Burco war? I have it on BBC interview accusing marxuumka of “qabyalism” and siding with the rebels…and also Muse Bixi, the second man in KULMIYE was involved in Barbera war against the SNM government!!!

    It hurts me that my hero, destroyed the country they’ve already saved, doesn’t that make you angry? Well, You got there in history: TUUR & Siilayo & Biihi & all SNM were wrong and it was alllll their mistake! Hallow!!!! Don’t be angry at me that I said it now, be angry at those who DID it!!!

  6. Riyale is not the best too, i am not fan of him in fact, but PEACE comes first! an average guy with peace policy is better than bunch of actors with guns! more than 10 years and till now UDUB never had single clash within itself! not even with any party !

    and yes, we are ready to forgive and forget the SNM mistakes! why not, that is somaliland! but, what if they are still doing the SAME mistakes again and again as we speak? Not even before taking power?

    I heard it from Silayo himself at tribal gathering in east of Burco he said “Any qabil Should gather to talk about life & politics is part of our life”! Walaahi thats his own words without any changes & i heard it with my ears!! That day was the end for my excitement about KULMIYE…forget after they win elections, they already using the qabil card! May Allah bless Egal soul, if he was alive, he would not allowed any political tribal gathering!

    and seriously, I don’t care if a certain qabil takes over everything! somaliland is still a poor African state nothing to fight on! but what I am sure of is if Kulmiye wins, Somaliland will 100% fight itself again…

    yea Michael Mariano was right in the 60s…but he was Christian!! which is worst than anything EVER! Silayo might be a good guy to improve somaliland, but being nin qabyaalada ku dhaqma, that makes him worse than anything EVER!

    Eqal was wrong in the 60s, but in the 90s, he was the MAN who took the guns from these Qabyale thugs (Kulmiye) and united Somaliland! He is the man who stood and said NO MORE QABIIL!

    Why would I return the gun back to the same thugs? why to the person who said QABIL is life! WHY?? am I blind?

    • It seems you need to get your head out off the gutter, your the only one talking about tribe and saying Kulmiye is SNM, it shows your level of hate and perhapes it's personal experience but thats almost 20 years ago you need to have new fresh life and new views. No one in here is talking about tribe other than you and it will stay that way.

      Kulmiye is no SNM.

      Rayale was in power since 2002 and nothing has changed things only got worse, time for him to depart and find a new job.

      Also you saying Michael Mariano was Christian, well this has nothing to do with his faith, that is for God to judge – how many so called Muslims killed fellow Muslims? Has Mr Mariano ever harmed any Muslims? When English men was calling him to go with them to England he chose to remain in his land and with his people, he was one of the few who lobbied England to restore the independence of Somaliland people and he adviced Somalilanders not to go away their country and join Somalia, he was right because how many got killed both in Somaliland and Somalia as a result of that failed union? Millions.

  7. We need to stop unhealthy comments and see what is good for our country. This government does not see beyond their pockets. We all know that and it is about time that we put aside the tribal affiliatin madness and see how we desperately need to run our country like any other people. This administration is history if election is held tomorrow, and those who argue now know at back of their head that we deserve change.

    Change is coming soon to Somaliland and the heavy weight of the two opposition parties is well equiped to run this country. Please come to your sense and vote for Kulmiye this time. Everyone has the right to be given a chance and if they did not do the job the way we want, we shall change even before the 5 years term. Siilaanyo will not be like Riyaale and his cronies.


  8. Shankaroon you are ungrateful lying piece of work, blaming SNM for the tribal clashes, lying about Silanyo's involvement in, calling Kulmiye thugs if they were thugs why didn't start violence after 2003 election, why didn't they start violence after the many extensions of the Guurti, WHY DIDN'T THEY START VIOLENCE AFTER RIYALE REFUSED TO SIGN THE AGREEMENT (2009).

    Udub -of today- is guilty of Qabiil politics more than any other party, by calling SNM heroes thugs, you are not a Somalilander you are Faqash lover, secretly grieving Somalia and the revolution.

  9. I know no one will agree with me here, after all, most people in diaspora are with KULMIYE because we are far away from the truth on the ground…but time will tell…I know some people in KUMLIYE who will fight even if they lost the elections ( not siilanyo but in the party) …so it seems its civil war whether we vote for kulmiye or not…

    I hope we keep postponing the elections until one of them dies or some miracle happens!

  10. Kayse,

    I am not the only one who votes for UDUB, most of the country does. in all the THREE elections, UDUB won over KULMIYE! THREEEE times man! 1 2 3…GAME OVER!

    I said Michel was right about the Union! Thats true, no one can deny! But also being Christian, no one voted for him. You can imagine the people at that time what they would act against a Christian man! just put yourself in the time & place. Your opinion and mine does not matter now at all! I am not here expressing whether i like or dislike Michel, I am not voting for/against a dead man who is most probably in hell now! I am just telling what happened in history.

    KUMIYE is not SNM??

    COME ON!
    COME ON!

    who is lying here? me or you?


    Saying I am not a somalilander or I am faqash lover is to me just like saying I am not muslim! so i wont even take that line seriously!

    If not KULMIYE AKA SNM, Who are you blaming the civil dirty war on? I talked all day in here, tell me you HONEST GRATEFUL piece of work!

    You’re asking me why Kumliye is not making violence today! These people are very ****** smart! so evil and so smart! I don’t know how in hell you trust politicians!

    The reason is the same reason why they were not making inner-violence while fighting against the faqash. After WE through faqash away ( we the people of somaliland & the true mujahidin in the field who died for our freedom) our x-leaders (the SNM thugs) fought with each other. Same story will happen again, coz kulmiye of yesterday is same KULMIYE today, same tomorrow! (doofaar waligi madaahiro) their title is: QABIL is life!

    UDUB is shit too! even if they hire the best lawyer, UDUB wont get any buyer!

    BUT….BUT…. because we have such evil people around, this shit udub makes sense, it is just about math:

    UDUB = 10+ years = no civil war
    KULMIYE = 2 years = TWO civil war

    So who would you give more?

    any average person can solve these simple equations…

    UCID is untalented but very healthy people….the only leader who dismisses QABIL is ina waraabe….but if u say kulmiye or UDUB, its UDUB!

    By the way, faysal wareebe shares with me & many somalilander the TRUTH idea about SNM thugs (check Google)

    Differntiate between SNM heros and SNM thugs. most SNM heroes are dead. and ALL SNM thugs are in KUMLIYE.


    Yea…but we need GOOd chnage..change from poor to rich…not change from poor to poor & civil wars.

  11. Congratulations! We were so pleased to hear for the success of your political campaign trip. Look KULMIYE and his supporters, they are telling the world how they are more influential than the declining government led by UDUB party. This shows how people of both opposition parts are more effectiveness than trifling members of ruling party. UCID is also doing the same job in Europe, but were UDUB. We hardly need real change.

    Farhan (Oday)
    Hargeisa, Somaliland

    • Mr Farhan you are one of the wisest guys in Hargeisa, I like how you see things and I totally agree with you, Kulmiye is doing it's successful trip in North America, its hosting conferences all over EU, they are also travelling with UCID party to Belgium, there they met with Belgian MPs as well as EU law-makers.

      They travelling together because they both want one thing, our country to have foreign connections, development and recognition.

      Out side Somaliland no one knows UDUB or whatever, only few people in the diaspora support them because of clan affiliations etc. These supporters themselves are not doing so well in the diaspora compared to the others the evidence is there for your self, it is the reason Kulmiye and UCID are able to hold successful conferences and meet with high level delegations because they have educated people in the diaspora unlike UDUB.

      Sad party is UDUB, all they do is lie to the people back home and use scare tactics like KULMIYE is pro-Somalia.

  12. Dear Somalilanders,

    May i start to remind all, that we just need each other. We have moral responsiblity to engage in constructive democracy. The elections, party programs, the campains they are all about our future and ambition.

    We have many common enemies to fight. To name same disease, poverty, Al-shabab, ONLF, Gudhuu and the old fashist from the south, stil alife and pretending like "badly weakened" but yet frightingly awaiting a chance to strike us back.
    There a lot more that unite us, compared to the abstract divisions that we are creating by ourselves.
    Lets copy model nations, and practice discusions around issues. We can do it. We achieved the imposible allready. Why do we have to present each other as negative. It would have been a win-win case if we all, focused "what we can do for our beloved Somaliland".
    I do support a political party in Somaliland, indeed. But i dare not bring out in such public place our weak sides. I rather will present the strong sies of our young democracy.
    Brothers, and sisters, this something we can all do. Lets try to comment the events concerning the election in a way that can contribute to development of our people.

    Thanks in Advance

  13. Kulmiye is out doing the dead UDUB party that never seem to leave their marfish. What Somaliland needs right now is strong foreign policy and people with international friends who are open to criticism and accept people with different opinion as themselves.

    UDUB only knows old politics, the politics of Siad Bare, division and tribes, its dead camp.

    Vote Kulmiye and let's develop Somaliland. Udub has held us back so many years, what can they do for you that they couldnt do in the past 18 years they were in power?