A video we thought would be worth sharing with your visitors, we are as clueless as you properly be after watching this. The video is said to be originated from “National Defense University” and its part of its annual “war games”.

Can this be a possible scenario? Are they already practicing to see what it would look like if Somaliland is recognized?

This is no way it’s going to be recognized by June or this year but it seems even Washington institutions such as the National Defense University are now looking at the possible future scenario in this region.

Whether it’s just a video or greater plan by Washington, one thing is certain it will not ease the minds of Pro-Somali union camp. I’m sure they will start making calls now to the National Defense University, but as usual they will tell us “oh its nothing” but they will be busy with the phone without our presence.

For Somalilanders, its just clear to us the world is taking more notice of Somaliland and exploring their possible possibilities even in war games.

You decide it for yourself.

Update: The first video has been blocked from youtube by the owners, it seems like they do not want anyone to see such video, too late!

[stream base=x:/somalilandpress.com/wp-content/uploads/video/ndu/ flv=somalia.flv img=war_game.jpg embed=true share=true width=480 height=351 dock=true controlbar=over skin=imeo.swf bandwidth=med autostart=false /]

Personally from Yonis Ali
Melbourne, Australia.


    very funny!

    But it has been thought of so seriously, which questions who made this and why?!

    Btw, Is the lady the daughter of the newsman? they look very alike 😛

    But i disagree with the flow of logic here…

    eastern regions are already with somaliland or lets say 80% are, while somaliland is poor and weak.

    If somaliland is recognized and got US support, let eastern region, puntland will also wanna to be part of somaliland.

    “somaliland invaded puntland” i luuved that line 😛

    Thanks for sharing

  2. Hahahaha very funny but we can not just ignore every thing and any thing and just brush it to the side as a joke or amateur, we have to know and be alert.

    It's possible that lobbyist in Washington are gearing up for Somaliland and that part of the world.

    They said every thing that could happen in that video. This is why Somalis are worried about Somaliland because Somaliland will have strong Western ties, this also worries the Arabs.

    The game has began…Somalia better get use to it.

  3. I am completely lost! Can anybody explain what this man is talking about? Is he talking about Somalia or Somaliland?

    • Why you lost sxb? It's simple English. He is talking about Somaliland and US chasing Puntland terrorists and pirates. 🙂

      • I am not talking about the English part, Mr. English Professor! What I mean is that what he is talking about doesn't make any sense to me. He is saying Somaliland was recognized ( as in past tense) in June which is not true. The activities he is talking about between Somaliland and US do not exist. He is probably confused between Somalia and Somaliland or he is just playing game. That is what I mean. And who the hell is FFE?

        • God help you sxb it's just war game, predictions, what could happen in that part of the world, its like saying if Somaliland gets recognised Eastern regions will create a rebel group called X, and X gets fund from Y.

          They don't use real names or events, you take a real scenario and predict what could be the out come down the track, its prediction.

  4. we don’t want puntland nor wish them bad lets live in peace or else……………………..

  5. It seems even the Americans are gearing up for Somaliland, the fact that they know so much about Somaliland and it's eastern regions shows Americans atleast the smart ones are studying their things in that part of the world.

    Now everyone knows there are two countries with similar names, Somaliland (the democratic one) and Somalia (the Islamic extremist + warlord + pirate nation).

    Now all we need is the Africans, as this guy already said, the US will be ready to recognize Somaliland right away once the African Union approves it. No question asked, Somaliland is strategic nation and democratic one too.

    Somalia must be wondering who made this and where are they? They wont sleep tonight.

  6. All neighboring countries including the Gulf countries Saudi Arabia in the top do not want Somaliland gets international recognition.

    Recognition does not mean anything to me in the current situation but security and stability and the completion of the chosen new President of the Republic is what we need to focus at now.

    Long life …Somaliland

  7. Hey guyS, I am really excited to watch this, but the clip is pretty much a fake one. After suspecting the authenticity i tried to google GNN and National Defence University, and there is no relationship at all even GNN and the name Gordon Frey didn’t come up with any search results. It seems some one setup this clip and is playing on us. Don’t be fooled so easily
    Beside the author qalinle must show the source of the clip. An author must always cite the source of his information even it if it Quran.

    • Too hard to explain to you if you didnt get it, I can not believe you googled GNN hahahahahaha, joker!

      http://www.ndu.edu/ – Nation Defense University.

      I am confused to be honest i dont want to make fool of my self ok sxb this is beyond my knowledge, I could say its just a video then i be a fool, theres people who plan this kind of things ahead, I could say its something in the making and make fool of myself again.

      I dont know the unknown. I am happy to admit that.

  8. it's funny, but some of you didn't understand, the fact that we are the game, and our reaction is being collected for data research. in Pychoolagy this is called "Artifacts and ethics in behavioral research" often they take situation or criss on people and study or find out more about its behavior. One method to do this is to subject the one group to some special conditions to see what would happen. These are called experiments. From the resulting behavior, you can draw conclusions and make some behavioral rules.
    and the best way is Descriptive and constructive comments that will help others learn more about the product, and the prodect is "Somali"///LAND: oohh ALLAH help us. Walaahi they plan, but also Allah has greater plan. please brother and sister let us look things in broader perspective, instead in nutshield.
    the issue is not should Somaliland be free? that is not the case……… look into deeper,

    • Bismillah…

      'As Salamu 'Alaikum,

      It is not only Somaliland or Puntland that is an "expriment". The entire Somali nation that occupies the Somali peninsula is being viewed in that light . One recurring problem in Somalis' discussions of these kinds of issues is the apprent confusion regarding the difference between the Somali nation and a given Somali state (wether or not it has secessionist aspirations).

      The question of secession and other governance issues has to be dealt within a Somali context. The cardinal sin here is Somalis' propensity to give up their soverneity en mass to foreign interlopers of all sorts in effort to get at or get away from other Somalis. This is the tragic part. Because they do not seem to realize that the freedom you forfeit today at your own volition will not come back to you. So relying on self-interested others as though they were your "guardian angels", condemns you and your progeny to slavery or something akin to it, in perpetuity. Think about how Iblis sweet-talked our father and mother (Adam and Hawa) out of heaven! into the challenging environment in which humanity currently exists in the most precarious existence!
      All the best.

  9. Mohamed Haji you made an important point, whatever it is or whoever made it, its now clear Somaliland has became a new experiment ground to experiment with their ideas and predicting the result of that experiment.

    Its as simple as this, if Somaliland is recognized the US forces will move into the region, there will be war in the Eastern side of Somaliland and eventually Somaliland will invade Puntland region of Somalia with the backing of US military and aid.

    The people of Sanag and Sool as usual would label foreigners as "gaalo" or infidels but the foreign white people will tell the world and media that "they are just aid agencies".

    At the end they feel Somaliland is closer to them than Somalia.

  10. I forwarded this video to some friends from southern Somalia including Puntland, but few hours later they all been treated with a shock, and anxiety. and when i visited one of them, he told he is in hospital because he has been diagonised with kidney stone. I can believe what is happening.

    May when the truth comes out they all dead, and i will be friendless.


    • Dear Abdi-aziz, Somaliland is nothing more a dessert enclave comparing south Somalia. I wish it were recognized in June then Hargeisa Junta would schratch each over the nomimal or so-called mininsters without porfolio and the few hotels in Hargeisa. What about reer Burco, sure they will invade Hargeisa. Oh I forget the biggest Mujahid Mr Siilaanyo; he will clean his old social insurance cards from the dust and apply CAYRTA at Camden in LOndon. Good lucky with the recognition

  11. Abdi- aziz, your are mocking, ……… but that is not where the situation is really standing right now. Someone need to be helt accountable. In politics this is called "grey Propaganda" Grey propaganda is propaganda without any identifiable source or author. A major application of grey propaganda is making enemies believe falsehoods using straw arguments: in another word creating chios.
    this video is valiuable, and we need to do something, i'm talking about acadamically, not violance…. we need to keep this i'm actually have made copy for the future generation.
    In late 2005 media and other source reported that Ethiopia will invade Somali, this was to see the reaction of the Somali people. while other western continued say "Somali is safe haven for terrorist (usatoday.com/news/world/2005-05-13-somalia_x.htm)
    While this was happening the Islamic Court formed. again in politics this is called "self-fulfilling prophecy"

  12. Here we go again! In the previous century our country experienced the worst kind of clonialism. Albeit the Sayid and his forces resisted the clonial whim, part of us chose to carry the torch for the foreign occupiers. For example, the Camel Corps was mainly a force created by the British to opress their own people. The aftermath of the clonists' divisionism and tribal manipulations lasted very short time. Not long, the people of Somlia became united to counter the 'evil' empires of Italy, France, and Great Britain.
    Once again we are witnessing another form of clonialism trying to take advantage over divided somalis. For one thing, the secessionist agenda will never succeed and if i counter predict what is to happen, Somaliland recongnition will only exist in your wildest dreams. Thank you


    • The Sayid lost the war and died – along with two of my Grandfathers -, Somaliland is what is now, Somalia is history, colonial or not you can't deny the difference between both communities, Somaliland will be recognized wetheir you like it or not.

  13. Mohamed Haji knows his things I respect that abti, way to go!

    They are cooking up something and I think its going to be a win-win situation for Somaliland but only time will tell however even we are recognized we must promote peace and dialogue with our brothers in Somalia.

    And Somalia's Somalis must not see it as a defeat but chance to reorganise your selves and maybe one day we could unit again when both of our people are educated and know their place and rights.

    No force.

  14. Another great Example is the piracy situation in Puntland. during 2003 companies trained Somali men, and encouraged them to protect their sea from the toxic waste and fish being stealing. However, their objective was to turn this men to violence and making a profit (

    title in Youtube: “Western firms profit from Somalia’s piracy problem”

    My point is see things in broader perspective, more importantly understand the concept…Abdi Aziz I also think that your confused with that one movie called “The Ring”.

    Thanks Mohamed Haji

  15. Subxaan Allah!!! What are these Americans talking about??? We don't want war with our fellow Somali brothers and sisters. We just want peace, reconciliation, and corporation. Period.

  16. Actually Somaliland should not beg for recognition or even bother with it. Recognitiion confines Somaliland into a predifined boarder which will be difficult to expand Pst-recognition.

    Somaliland should seek to expand it's boarders. Since it is not recognised international community will have no say in the matter. Puntland region is relatively weak and should be invaded with brute force. Cleans the region and force the population southwards.

    Invade the Socotra islands as yemen is busy with internal termoil.

    Await Ogaden region to break away from ethiopia in a war that will occur over the next 5 years and make terrirorial gains south and westwards too.

    I say no To recognition of Somaliland as such a move will limit and confine it prior to potention territorial gains.

  17. Well said Mr Somaliland, I had the same idea in my head exept the Puntland part of it. We don't want to dislodge out Somali brothers and sisters from their land, but with the right leaders, we could industrialise, expand our economy, and build up our military strength without recognition. Then we could have the power to lay claim and occupy large sections of the Ogaden region and the Socotra islands which are so close to Somaliland (and which I love).

  18. Somali land has right to get recognition immediately because it deserves it.
    this arab countries its not good to talk about wich group somaliland is joining bcos somalilnad is belong to somalilanders not arabs.
    arab countries specially egypt and Sudan are only thinking about their special interest , they doesn't care about unity of somalia honestly..

  19. @somalilande and jacfar i"ll agree with you two guyz mr Mohamed Haji has loadz of info we can use and a blessed and a sound brain brother why dont you help the goverment and the counrty and sure people would love to hear what you have to say and add to the community

  20. After all people of Somaliland will never be called again " XABADI-KEENTAY".
    After all people of Somaliland will never repeat the mistake they committed in 1960.

  21. S/A All,

    @ abdi rahman awill, true alot of somalilanders have loads of info and experience yet out of the country and keep commenting on the websites why not all of us? let us get home and help our community sharing our knowledge and experience with them……

  22. somaliland is NOT a part of somalia. live us alone. somali people from somalia are just jealous because we love our country. you guys are just killing each other.
    we have deomcracy and peace!!!! thats what somalia need.

    and we are not the same people. dont you understand. we are isaaq.

  23. i dont know which one is more laughable the one who doesnt want recognition because he wants to invade other peoples land so he can oppress them {not that he can} but just because he has evil desires..subxanna allah,……. or the one that believes that the people of somaliland {including awdal, sool and sanaag} are not part of somalia because simply according to him, they are ISAAQ therefore they deserve recognition ……. …… and funny thing is..i read on this website on a regularly comments by isaaq diaspora kids that are outrageous …but funny thing is..i dont find one isaaq individual condemning or disagreeing with those outrageous people….. according to my understanding if you dont condemn or confront those against your views, then it simply means you share the same ideology …..so are all isaaq in favor of annexing a land that doesnt belong to them or do they believe somaliland {including awdal sool sanaag} are isaaq lands…..please answer??

    • Xaaji, you are probably talking qabiilka madax idinka galay. We are not qabiil, we are a nation and whether you like it or not, Sool, sanaag, and Awdal are in our jurisdiction and will stay that way.

      We don't only believe but that is the reality. Don't even mention Awdal and try to influence people of Awdal. You are talking about Sool and Sanaag in particular in which you are a minority in comparison to the people who live in the region. In Sool, we know that one tribe in particular is concentrated in that Sool in which the majority of the people don't have a problem being part of Somaliland, but very handful of remenants of Siyaad barre's regime, afraid of repraisal are campaigning for a redrawal of the nation's borders that was there for hundreds of years which is a far-fetched possiblity.

  24. what do you mean "invade other peoples land"
    wich country are somalilanders stailing? our country? lol.
    you are ridiculous!

  25. No, there are some Isaaqs who have brains and believe in unity and brotherhood. Sadly the imprudent youth in here are the ones who are defeating the purpose of Somaliland and will be obstacle to its recognition because their comments will do nothing but alienate and push away sections of Somalilanders who are not necessarily Isaaq. Walahi so far I have never come across a darood Somaliland or qadabursi or any ethnic minority S/lander who wants S/land to be recognised. As long as wax garad Isaaqs are silent and not condemning their youth from saying such things and educating them about their consequence then the dream of recognised S/land will be far from achieving.

  26. I have downloaded this clip on my computer quite some time ago. Believe or not, i have used it as an evidence(to promote) that Somaliland is getting recognition and it worked effectively. There are large percentage of the Somalis from Somalia, that speak or understand english poorly.

    I have also used this video clip as evidence that Somaliland is an Oil nation, and exportation is in the process. It was a great propaganda success.
    I would encourage to all Somalilanders to take advantage of whatever comes on our way and use it for our own benefit.
    The Successfulness of our national survival could be contributed by turning planned or unplanned events (news, alliance, archaeology, books) into our victories. This video clip is a classic example.
    You find, fairy tale stories, and legendry saga in every culture and country. In Norway, they believe, or at least they tell the younger generation that there was a Norwegian king, called Harald Haarfarge, who united all the small kings (regions) into this big nation (Norway).Why and what was his motive? Because he loved a very beautiful girl and she would not Mary him until he united all the small kings. We learned this story in the Norwegian classes, that we were enrolled as new arrivals in 1989. They really believe it. But to me it sounded as if this story was created by some in order to promote patriotism among children and young people.

  27. Alhumdollilah, it's seems asthough somalilanders i havent even met have the same ideas as me.
    Walahi not too long ago i was thinking the exact same thing as Somaliland and Abraham, that we should .when our military gets stronger, inshallah invade puntland and take bossaso away from them, and then take them islands that yemen claims.

    I like yemenis and have many in my family but them islands are way closer to the somali coast then they are the yemeni one.
    So we need to get them isalnds by any means neccesary.
    And walahi i've always wished our country had islands and it does but yemen has go it.

    But we somalilanders will get them islands one day inshallah.
    But we can't claim them islands if we don't take puntland first because them islands are close to puntland.
    We somalilanders have big plans for the future. We will also take the northern part of western somalia where our clan lives in large numbers away from ethiopia when the time is right.

    We the younger somalilander generation have big plans and inshallah it will come true.

  28. hi all. to tell you the truth somaliland doesn’t need recongition if the think that somaliland is dying for recognitions they must know that we are trusting in Allah