it is not long time when their deeds turned to be different from their words. It was not even political drama, where whips of the ruling and opposition parties were showcasing their controversial positions over the newly-introduced changes on the road taxation. But, it was manipulative pretentions designed to squeeze the government in to narrow corner, forcing it to extend its hand under the table. As Somalis say, you cannot do massaging with dry palms, so the government was too smart to read the signs without words. Sorting things out with the defying members, it had succeeded to get this tax-increasing bill go through parliament.

To see the shifting positions of the MPs, or hardline critics thumping up later to the government, is not a surprise to public, though it could be a political suicide to Wadani Party when its Mps found themselves melted in the lines of Kulmiye party. When there is no fundamental ideological division, and sense of conscience, political chameleons are common. That is why the spectrum colours of the representatives is bound to match the dominant paint of the background.

Following that approval, the credibility of the representatives turned out nothing more than a fading perception. When their hot debate and critics on the increasing rate of road tax, proved to be a hollow drama.

It is the dhameel time; when the Yes-of parliamentary members has a dollar value. It is what the noise and quarrel raging in the representative house is all about. I do not know whether Abdirahman Irro got jealous of the men who used to share the stage with him, or whether, putting the deputies in the audience floor is intended to be first maneuvers of his political experiment. If that is that, he made a big mistake, because only fools start the action at their homes.

If the whole thing depends on changing the rules of the house, others can do it too. It is too early for Irro to celebrate. While Bashe and his friend want to tell the boss that game is not over yet, as defeated members are struggling to get in to their feet again. Nothing will satisfy them, till the badge is being stripped off from the chairman. In this regard, Kulmiye party should help their colleagues step up to the podium of the house.

If you look the other side, Wadani Party has voiced their apprehension on the prospects of the game. Their big fish is struggling for his political life as the water level is getting down, when out-letting taps of the pool are switched to the hands of government-backed members. Responding to that threat, Mr. Buba, who thinks himself as one of the most active figures in the orange shirts, is now pleading to Silanyo. With soft tone, Mr Buba has chosen the right words to persuade Kulmiye’s Khomeini in to stopping the backfire of his party.His message was direct,as he singled out Hirsi as the source of the trouble.

I am not sure whether Guurti got fed up with the noisy neighbourhood,or afraid of being the victims of this epidemic. They did not show up, when Irro was doing what he did to his chairmates. So they better stay away from this pointless hassle, and let the other side finish what Irro had started. They should let the rules decide the results, instead of attempting to make compromises outside the formal system.

We, the people have nothing to fear. Because we have nothing to do with the ongoing squabbles. No one is fighting for us or speaking about the problems we share as a society. With one voice, we should tell them to keep their troubles from the streets.

By:Garyaqan Mohamed Ahmed Abdi Ba’alul




  1. It is already evident that Siilaanyo remaining days as Somaliland leader will not be easy. The Kulmiye party has crumbled and collapsed. The name is there, but the party is already dead.
    Freedom of speech, good governance, transparency, accountability with immediate effect, a clean and efficient government. These were the oft repeated slogans of Siilaanyo, for two decades before his election as a leader for Somaliland, but he failed to deliver them. Siilaanyo repeated the old useless traditions, such as tribalism, corruption, nepotism, favoritism. The only that we can give credit to Kulymiye for these things are ugly in their own sense.

    The other thing is that no force on earth can touch the position of Somaliland spearker. Hon Irro will remain Somaliland parliament speaker till the next presidential election. No institution can boot him out of this position even by vote. Everybody must understand this. Do not waste your time in ranting and raving after him.

  2. Garyaqaan: Well thought out but just like Nero said Eroh will remain the Chairman always. Siilaanyo's mistake is that he thinks he can replace Eroth with a man of Eroh's clan and that will never happen. For Siilaanyo it will represent humiliation of a clan he loathes and hates and I can assure you we will never let him To us this will represent nothing of a unilateral declaration of civil war.

  3. People who live in a glass house should't throw stone,for those of you who are trying to revive the dead maryo-alool and bring fitna in Somaliland you will loose badly.there is nothing better then piece always remember that, and Qumiye pary is history dead.

  4. Emotions and outbursts based on tribal intrigues will get you nowhere. Error will retain his position as Somaliand parliament speaker till the next presidential election. Do not try to make nonse allegations that Erro and Buba are overestimating themselves out of your bleak mind. There is a power behind them, a power that is serious these days- From Eerigaabo, to Elafweyne, to Burco, to Berbera, to Oodweyne, to Hargeisa to Kililka Shanaad . Wow.

    • Saeed,

      Quit this nonsense, you are no Irro supporter. We all know that you are UCID guy. Please stick with your Jamal and leave us do our business. We are grown-ups and we know what you aiming at.

  5. Cry babies, cry! there is nothing else Wadani the single tribe can do, but cry and cry and empty tribal slogans. Cry baby cry KKKKKKKIKIK

  6. I'm neutral in this whole issue, but I can tell when someone is losing the debate. That is when he/she resorts to cheap insults and cries Tolaayeeeey!!! Once you reach that point you lose the respect of the readers and go into the dustbin of history.

    I ask both sides to keep the debate clean and nice. No insults and Tolaaaay. OK

  7. Hirse's remarks about women was indeed an offensive. He was being belligerent and insensitive. A quick refresher course on sensitivity would be more appropriate for the gentleman. That's been said however his shooting from the hip jokes that was intended for his political rivalries must not perceived as the sky is going to fall on Somaliland and wash away everything we have been working for decades down the drain.
    Sahra, the author is exaggerating the matter a bit too much.

  8. We never had anything better than Kulmiye for the past 22 years and when Election day comes majority of Somalilanders will be voting Kulmiye NO DOUBT because there is no other credible party out there end off.

        • Most Somaliladers can speak for themselves, and yes it's a crime if you accused good leaders of Somaliland i.e Fiasal & Cirro are taking bribe with out any evidence . no kitiri kuteen he say she say,
          you need hard evidence before you open your mouth.

          • Layla,
            He who listens to what is based on he-she says, is always lost and at the wrong side. Lies are crimes in their own sense, and it is better for you to concentrate more on the dole that you get from GB than alleging honorable Somaliland politicians

    • @Layla
      Cynical unsophisticated and throwing volatile and reckless accusations, waxa la yidhi "IS NOT A SOURCE OF FACKS!

  9. The people of Somaliland have eyes and ears and know who to vote for come election day. Stop wasting your time.

      • I don't think so why? Cirro (leader of Wadani) is very indecisive man and not good looking either lol Very few of his Clansmen would vote for him lot alone anyone else. This is a fact whether you like it or not.

        • See how cynical this guy who calls himself Mustafe is. "I am neutral"….. " Cirro is indecisive" ….. contradiction….KKK. He who fears to express his opinion right from the start is a fool.

          • BTW this man who commented in this thread is Mustafe and not Mustafa. I still remain neutral and have nothing to do with these comments. Stop jumping the gun and debate in civility.

        • Not good looking?lots of leaders are not good looking but it's not about looks that matters, it's about leadership, vision , wisdom,

  10. Mustafe: You are right. People will vote for the party that gives them "a stand of mind" and Wadani is the party that will lead us to the utopia we have been waiting for. Vote for a state of mind. Vote for Wadani the party that will lead us to justice, peace, security and prosperity.