The second Somalia Investment Summit 2014 takes place in Dubai in April 6th to 7th

DUBAI, UAE, February 13, 2014/African Press Organization (APO)/ The growing confidence in Somalia’s economic recovery process has seen institutions like the Eastern and Southern African Trade and Development Bank, commonly known as the PTA Bank, lift sanctions against the country.

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PTA Bank is the key Sponsor for the Somalia Investment Summit ( joining other regional authorities like the Commonwealth Business Council and the Eastern Africa Economic Chambers of Commerce in supporting this high profile business forum

”This year’s summit opted for Dubai as a location to target the growing number of Gulf Investment in the Africa Region, the bilateral relations between Somalia and Dubai dates some hundred years, we are hopeful that the Somalia Investment Summit will reassure the Gulf Businesses of the untapped potential that is Somalia” Hassan Dudde MD of the Somali Economic Forum summit organisers stated.

The summit will be a platform for first-hand success stories of International private sector leaders who have already invested in Somalia and are now successfully operating in various regions. As the State of Somalia continues to attract international exposure and interest, this is the optimal time to invest in reforming the country’s economy to make private sector friendly. Rebuilding the State of Somalia will not only encourage economic growth but will certify vast profitable and effective markets.

 ”SiS will continue to highlight key economic trends that have emerged in Somalia, most notably the increased role of international investment in facilitating rapid economic growth and development within Somalia.” Hassan Dudde commenting

The Summit will initiate crucial dialogue on the current economic, developmental and financial trends and growth within the county and it will primarily focus on opportunities in the following 5 sectors; oil & gas, finance & banking, telecommunications, infrastructure, Agribusiness and finally the energy sector.

Somalia is certainly going to benefit from Africa’s growth and the ‘Africa Rising’ phenomenon will soon become the ‘Somalia Rising’ Story.

According to Economic Analysts, Somalia possesses the hallmarks to be a dynamic, regional economic power due to its strategic location and potential natural resource reserves. The best time to invest in Somalia is now and insiders would all agree that such an investment will pay dividends in the medium and long term.

The organisers are confident that the platform will act as a dynamic and enriching platform enabling investors to interact with industry captains and members of government to provide sustainable and mutually beneficial investments.

’2014 is indeed time for Somalia’

Distributed by APO (African Press Organization) on behalf of the Somali Economic Forum.

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  1. Where is the $2.4Billon Aid promised???

    Shall we ask Bashir Isse where the money has gone?

    or better shall we ask him if anything has changed since Yussur Abrar left office?

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