What lessons as Somaliland, wannabe country, moved in political turmoil?

“Don’t be afraid of being scared. To be afraid is a sign of common sense. Only complete idiots are not afraid of anything.” 
Carlos Ruiz Zafón

You may feel little offended when you read the title, but it’s rightly fit for the ongoing recipe of disaster—it is crisis if you care about it—indeed, few idiots not just manipulated their bootlicker MPs but politically raped them openly, it is the case if ones are narrow-minded and greedy, they  compromise values including religion because the latter is not just paint like beard or similar of which they  paint their faces like football fans, but it is a set of values people exercises in the critical time. however; Unlike Somalia’s bogus parliament whose country has burnt down to ashes flying over neighboring countries ,  reduced  to breeding ground of terrorism; epicenter of major unprecedented famine, and turned to pockets of hostile small counties fighting to death, Somalilanders built what seemed a Westminster model Parliament which holds televised, lively debate with free press thus became an envy of  all Somali speaking masses across the world but Hirsi’s degrading remarks against women while in Liverpool’s fund raising party“ couple of wives gave milk….,”  which he meant and vowed to return the two puppet deputies at the his behest or dismantle the entire Parliament of Somaliland with millions of Government money marked the end of epoch of good days of genuine of democratic Parliament.

For the last few days the ugly scenes of MPs who were said to get 70,000 USD each to remove their Hon. Speaker has been frequently appeared in the TV screens all over the world. So is Somaliland MPs becoming replica of Somalia’s All-You-get-Supermarket Parliament which guys, good or bad or terrorist whatever, can buy whatsoever they want? Or are they even worse? The parliament is  last institution to be corrupted and financially raped with funds more needed to built maternity centers in Garadag and Oodweyne where women deliver babies in the open air and die of bleeding  or rush to hundreds kilometer distant Adna Maternity Hospital in Hargaysa to add burden if they afford.

Somaliland is notorious for buying criminals off, not uprooting them, and appeasing militants and sometimes rewarding them high governmental posts until they get Jihad job or Saudi business. Ahmed Godane has been state guest in Somaliland until the budget of the establishment of dark caliphate has arrived from Arabia and Islamists’ cartels in Somaliland.

While many people blame Hirsi alone the carpetbagger in Hargaysa, the so called immoral MPs of underfed underpaid, whom lavishly fed in the VP’s House yesterday with mind-boggling promises of becoming ministers next election before the Reunification Talks end are the sole problem.

The MPs are poorly trained and poorly paid rendering them unable to buy Khat, “Somaliland’s brewery”.

Hirsi, however, has installed mortar guns on civilian cars to wage Jihad war against Riyale’s government to hijack the country and do what he is doing now. He was so desperate to rule as Mullah Omar of killing fields of Kabul, few days before the election. He was most wanted man in Somaliland next to Godane. The former had run to Buroa to avoid imprisonment.


The Late Samuel Doe of Liberia  the naive leader

 Saddam’s happy beginning and fatal ending from history book is this of which has parallel to us:  

In 1976, Saddam rose to the position of general in the Iraqi armed forces, and rapidly became   the strongman of the government. As the ailing, elderly al-Bakr became unable to execute his duties, Saddam took on an increasingly prominent role as the face of the government both internally and externally. He soon became the architect of Iraq’s foreign policy and represented the nation in all diplomatic situations. He was the de facto leader of Iraq some years before he formally came to power in 1979. He slowly began to consolidate his power over Iraq’s government and the Ba’ath party. Relationships with fellow party members were carefully cultivated, and Saddam soon accumulated a powerful circle of support within the party.

Putting your differences aside, what this does quotation picture? People in Eastern Buroa say “imagine Somaliland without Hirsi” he automatically became King Abdalle of Jordan.

President Silanyo is not just ailing but contracted a “simple stroke” or brain tumor, according to credible foreign newspaper which has access to his medical files. Dementia, age-related, symptom as well is seen. Such illness you can walk but one can be brain dead unable to run his life properly.

Hirsi’s bribery of the ignorant MPs is the first step towards consolidating power. Will donors ever accept to help elections of no rules? The situation went from bad to worst since Cohen’s reign.  

Immediately after his entrance into the presidential complex with great fatigue and yet putting smart on his face and showing tolerance to the press, President Silanyo gathered millions of dollars from clannish sources to bribe MPs to unjustly sack the General Persecutor, Jurist Omane who only met him during oath-taking ceremony. God bless him. He left the judiciary system functioning.  Sooner the little Hirsi took the lead whom many thought would be a friendly nurse to the president unlike the wrong impression begun to fire the Head of Police and the President of Intelligence whereby altered the formal structure of the modern government by including Sheikh ministers, ex-Madrasa, Hawalas assistants, and janitors to make it look more like Mullah Omar-led Taliban theocracy rather than being more West-style democracy of modern features of government. To justify his disorder, he stated his tribe— probably he meant for his cult or coterie— was out of the system.

More recently, the self-declared president Mr. Hirsi was in the UK in disguise of fundraising parties  but actually taking cooperate kickbacks and millions of dollars of advances from “dubious” oil companies to use it as campaign funds in the next election while his people including underfed MPs dwells in squalor . he overhead that Hon. Speaker Erro has removed the mines besides him slightly with little noise, namely the two deputies, and demoted to mere MPs which they accepted until the Little the self-declared president uttered his nonsense remarks to put some spicy into….. And then he flew back like his mother has passed away leaving his Adoptive father Silanyo uncared though his primary assignment is friendly nurse’s “ job” who must accompany him even to graveyard! Locals refer to him as “The Shadow of Silanyo”. Because whenever the president appears in TV, the Little Hirse boys bet on him  “wherever he goes, Hirse is always there!” see? Bold one devoid of moral values performs any mean task.

This guy who took huge space of my writing behind all the political upheavals Somaliland has experienced and continues to experience in the immediate future.  This tiny wannabe country under besiege of all enemies is unpredictable in the months to come.  Media was already muted out of fear or of hand-lubricating, Parliament is the last intact institution to alert nationals in case of ill-omen but its hope has dashed yesterday. How do we foresee if some things go wrong? If Somaliland begins to collapse, God forbid that! It would fall apart unnoticed because malnourished people are singing “ dhulkeena nimcaa fadhidda…..” .