America Government extended invitation to President Silanyo

Somaliland President H.E Ahmed Mohamed Mahmoud (Silanyo) has met with Representatives of the United States of America government in Kenya, most notable the American Ambassador to Kenya Hon Robert F Codec, the Deputy special representative for Somalia Mr. Brian Philips and USAID Deputy Director Ms. Hodan Hassan.

The two sides discussed issues covering such wide-ranging issues as security, commerce, politics, development, the enhancement of democracy in the horn of Africa and ways to strengthened existing diplomatic ties with America.

President Silanyo gave a brief history of the recent Somaliland past the times under the blood Said Barre regime to the most recent history which touches on the success and hard earned achievements of Somalilanders in the rebuilding of the country after the war and various ways the Institutions of the Government are working to address the challenges that face both Somaliland people and nation as whole.

β€œAgain I want to take this opportunity to reaffirm our commitment safeguarding peace and security in the horn of Africa, both government and people of Somaliland stand shoulder in shoulder in countering any domestic threat or foreign, this can be seen in our impeccable record in fighting both piracy and terrorism”, said President Silanyo.

President Silanyo also reiterates his government position in engaging in the upcoming talks which are to be held in London between Somaliland and Somalia and which will determine the future status of both countries without compromising upon the sovereignty and integrity of Somaliland Republic he added we are commit to ensuring peace, stability and democracy throughout the Horn of Africa.

The American ambassador to Kenya revealed that the recent recognition by his government of the new Somali government after about two decades without formal relations, by the outgoing Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton does not affect earlier engagements with Somaliland government in anyway whatsoever, in fact this a opportunity to renew and enhance future cooperation in the fields of development and the betterment of democratization process in Somaliland and in the horn of Africa.

The Ambassador during the meeting extended an invitation to Somaliland president to visit the USA in the near future so as to meet with the leaders of his country by which the Somaliland accepted.

President Silanyo was flanked by the minister of foreign Affairs and international cooperation Dr. Mohamed Abdullah Omar,minister of national Planning Dr. Sacad Ali Shire and Somaliland ambassador to Kenya Dr. Mahmoud Abdullah Sitar.

The American envoy regurgitated the desires of his government of not only maintain prevalent existing bilateral relations but to strengthen them in the process.

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  1. kkkkkkkkk Horjooge Siilaanyo, oo haysta Baasaboorka Ingiriiska ayaa qaatay amarkii dawladiisa oo ka cararay Hargaysa, sidoo kalena wasiiradii SNM oo haystay Baasaboorka Ingiriiska iyo Maraykanka iyaguna waaxay sugayaan diyaradii qaadi lahayd si aan loogu malayn, in ay taageeraan argagixida qabsatay Hagaysa.

  2. Jawaab ku yiri .
    Silaanyo miyu tuugsi tagay?
    Jawaab. Silaanyo waa madaxweyne, haddii aad jeceshihiin iyo haddii kale Daroodow.
    Jawaab labaad.
    Kan yir: waa maxay madaxweyne u qaabilay Safiir?
    Idinka yaa idin qaabila. Ninka madow ee Safiir ku sheeg Mahiga ayaa madaxweyn Koofur ka ah !!!

    • lol look the name he's using and who he names koofur madaxweynahaada at this present time. hahaha.

      • LOL Kaboon

        Faroole private army has the Piratestate on lock down. These are people very much used to slavery. LOL Faroole begging a UNION is the funniest thing i have ever heard.

        Pirates are sidelined, their Federation invention is slowly getting trashed yet they are concerned with a Sovereign state that made it's decision 18-May-1991.

        It is a simple FACT that HAWIYE will never let anyone else sit in Vila-Muuqdishu as a President ever again. πŸ™‚

        By 2020 When Hassan is done with his 2-terms in office Muuqdishu will have enough reserve $Dollars to buy the loyalty of each sub sub sub sub -clan of Majeerteen till they have no united political objective left.

        • @PuntlandGeezer(PIS)

          I see you are getting bitter by the day. Well, here is poem by a "White-Trash" Adrian Wait as you call it:

          –> Bitterness, bitterness

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        • buuxiye there's no two terms 4.5 thing is gone. he will not have the same opportunity again and if he want to win other term he will have to go to the people and campaign like any other election. if that doesn't take place in four years than all of us will be going our separate way . the rest of your comment we know where it belongs OK.

        • Gosh, Buuxiye, I see you are still crying. Get over it, you will never get one clan rule nation of yours.

  3. @ tellmetruth

    Issaq are Identical they all look alike they can't be trusted at all. They are traitors who has taken the white trash culture even I can't trust my wife. we should shun these people from the Somali community its as simple as that. Sometimes we create false hope that somewhere deep down there's Issaq unionist but unfortunately there isn't I wouldn't lie but I haven't met any Issaq unionists most of them I met are separatists including the foreign minister fauzia yusuf adam. Somaliland is dry desert area there is no life there is not a single bird or a tree. The vast fertile areas is in South Somalia and most of the oil is either in Puntland or khaatumo.
    Somalia got nothing to lose if somaliland were to separate so let them have those abandoned villages around hargeisa, burco and berbera but if they try to expand into unionists territories on the pursuit of some white trash colonial village then Prepare for war! In order to teach the Ethiopian stooge (SNM) a lesson Somalia has to be ready for war. We cannot let down our guard, we must be strong to fight for khaatumo, Adwal & Maakhir.

    • PIS and Kayse are the worst enemies of Somaliland but not to worry..I tell you..Mother nature powers
      are on your side..these two would sooner than later find themselves ditched in some corner by the
      strong winds of mother nature mohahahaha

  4. Haters are gonna hate but Somaliland and Somalia will move on in peace and as two separate countries deal with it. Only people crying about a chance at real peace are the same ones that got us into this 21 year old civil war and have stoked clan hatred. The current president of Somalia has extended the hand of friendship towards Somaliland and Somaliland has extended friendship as well.

    View how no pac untalandia reps are even being considered, speaks volumes about who is who.

    • somalia will only talk to those abandoned Issaq villages nothing else. If you think you can have SSC then you must be daydreaming my friend that will never happen.

    • the man said there's no Somaliland and if that's consider extending hand than it means you don't have a problem been part of Somalia. so what's the problem?

  5. All You separatists should should ask each other a question How Long, How Long How Long?

    While you're wondering I am gonna round up all your emotionally and vulnerable young beautiful girls and marry them off. At least I am entitled to marry four woman.

    In the Long run my little sprinters will be roaming the streets of Hargeisa.

  6. To Puntland Geezer(PIS)

    You have shown your hatred to Somaliland and its citizen. Somaliland was the first country that got independence on 26 June 1960. Somaliland was never colonized but was a protected country by British. This was an agreement reached on the sea between the elders and the British Government. Unlike South where the Italians mistreated the people there. If they cross the rivers they will be carried by the Somalis. Italians are fasciot and they really mistreated the Somalis and had iligitimate children by Somali women. And most of those were called Misiyoni and were cared by the Roman Church in Mogadishu. Your past history is not good. Do not insult people on this opinion box. And the Majeerteen are the ones who sold Italian Somali to the Italians. You were Daba dilif for the Italians and your ancestors were yes man to the Italians. Majeertein took Italians to every corner of Somalia. And they were rewarded with Senior Government posts when the Italians left and occupied the villas Italians used to live. You were rewarded by given Kismayu as a Darod entity and the indiginious people pushed out of the town. Darod history isn Somalia is one of bloodshed and blood suckers. If you live in a glass do not throw stones.

    • majeerteen are more unionists than all the other clans that inhabits the entirely somalia. They are the backbone of greater Somalia. The only clan that looked out for Somalia when in descent into chaos and that dare to stop the ongoing Issaq expansion into SSC.

      Issaq only history is stabbing somalis at the back and somalia is better without these deluded and pathetic Issaq clans who worship white trash colonial borders and drags our country through the gutter.

      Issaq can have independence through within their tribal borders. the sooner you leave somalia the better

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        Issaqs are the upper class of somali society and daroods are the lower classes along with half breads. All the daroods and their subs have done for the last 50 years is to suck the blood out of the somali identity. Issaqs where doing business all over the world while daroods where dying of headaches and still eating raw meat. Don't ever bite the hand that fed you and your dirty kinsmen. You people are the Jews of the horn.

  7. to puntland glazer

    if you live in a glass house do not throw stones. Be sensible man and respect other people's wish. You can not force Somaliland to join Somalia. In the history of Somalia people from Somaliland were the engine pulling the other somalis. when the truck cut of the bogie you were stranded for over 21 years. You were not even born. You dont know much about somaliland I will advise you to keep for yourself.

    • and you cannot force Awdal and khatumo to join you.So "Somalilanders" aka isaaqs were the engineers of Somalia?that means they were also the engineers of the destruction of Somalia ie the bombing of hargeisa.

    • Lol, for you to say 'you can not force somaliland to join Somalia, shows the level of hypocrisy you separatists. If you don't want to be forced, then stop forcing Awdal and Khaatumo, and we are happy for you to take your little land between Hargeysa and Berbera and go. Don't think you can play the hypocrisy card and get away wih it. Never will you take those lands, mark my word.

  8. I am shame of you all of Somalia, pland and sland who are making such comments!
    1st no one can change the position of Sland- second, coz of you bad mouthing each other is not going to change history or repeat history but what you can all do is be positive thinking, and do contribute to your states positively, where ever you come form and do prayer as this land belongs to Allah – Allah knows best but remember Allah does not support these abuse people and true honest state! just think!

  9. Somaliland press
    Can Someone from this website (Somalialnd press) tell me why are my comments being blocked. Is it that you don't want anyone to defend Somaliland from this hyena eaters are having a fest here daily with your websites full consent.
    Why are you carrying somaliland name if you are blocking the real somalilanders and giving a free reign to this hyenas eating zoomalians? Is it that you guys lack the ethics of proper journalism. Answer needed if you are manly and professional enough. Viva somaliland.

        • It is those men for the darood sub clans, they come here because they are bored due to their women running off with Nigerian men.

          • Kaboon, for goodness sake stop talking about the Somali women..Talk instead about the men
            that you share political differences. Say whatever to the men but not the Women.
            This kind of commenting in public is outrageously self-low esteem and ridiculously unfair
            to the Somali Women in general terms.

        • I don’t reply to vagrants. Keep cursing as that’s the best thing you know and were taught to do best.

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          • God
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          • Lady , you should be the last person talking about someone else writing and at least I'm using words that's in the English language not make up word that's not even in language, but who would know that .someone who has a brain and commonsense. which you have neither.LOL

  10. I say the hell with this bickering, ..and resolve this once and for all; in the fields of a dramatic battle.

  11. Issaqs are the upper class of somali society and daroods are the lower classes along with half breads. All the daroods and their subs have done for the last 50 years is to suck the blood out of the somali identity. Issaqs where doing business all over the world while daroods where dying of headaches and still eating raw meat. Don't ever bite the hand that fed you and your dirty kinsmen. You people are the Jews of the horn.

    • you clan worships white trash folks man. I hate white people and for the records I teared up my british passport.

  12. Kaboon I am enjoying the Somali dream eating a lobster in berbera while you sit on your ass in london and chew khat all nite and early in the morning head to your local jobcentre for your weekly welfare check lol.

  13. “… ways to strengthened existing diplomatic ties with America…”!!? What two sides and commerce are we talking about here?

    The only existing ties between Somaliland and U.S. are those that exist between America and Somali Republic. Separatists sound ridiculous when they use the name Somaliland and simply hope that the world would see that there is a country or a region in Somalia with specific distinctive characteristics that separates it from rest of Somalia. Northern Somalia does not have homogenous people to collectively decide on separation from rest of Somalia. Many regions in northern Somalia want to be part of Somalia. Let us stop misleading people.

    By the way, why is Silanyo shying away from looking at the man who is talking to him? Doesn’t he know that it is considered to be rude or disingenuous not to look the people in the eye? At least, he is not nodding off this time.

  14. "The American envoy regurgitated the desires of his government of not only maintain prevalent existing bilateral relations but to strengthen them in the process."

    Can SLP provide a link or a video to prove what written above is correct hence forth all but the truth because there is no such statement ever being altered by the US ambassador or the embassy chef.

  15. It seems you are referring to yourself, because people have seen you standing in line waiting for your welfare check and you have an audacity to call other of your own self. Shame on you.