The governments of Somaliland and the UK gave no details about the essence of the President?s visit. However, given the status queue, it is obvious that two main issues will be discussed: A) the negotiations with the South prior to the upcoming conference on 07May2013. B) The security in the Region and the role Somaliland should play in this regard. The first and most important issue is setting the agenda for the upcoming negotiation between Somaliland and Somalia. The UK government who is spearheading the talks is keen to reach some consensus and understanding between the two sides prior to the May conference which according to the UK officials will be in two phases. The first phase was originally centered on the ways and means of assisting the new Somalia Government of Hassan Sheikh Mahoud in spreading its authority in the Somali territories. However, if an agreement is concluded with Mr. Silanyo, in the interim, financing of Somaliland development plans will be part and parcel of the conference. If no in principal agreement is reached, Somaliland will definitely not attend the conference. In short, the British obviously want to make the conference more inclusive to address the political and security requirements of entire former Somalia. The second phase will be essentially restricted to the negotiation between Somaliland and Somalia in a more comprehensive and detailed manner.
In this context, the UK government wants to have the two sides agree on the ?Principals? of resolving the longstanding recognition of Somaliland prior to the international conference in May. The real issue at stake is to avert renewed conflict between the two sides vs. Somaliland declaration of independence. In addition, the general security issues like the piracy and terrorism in the Somali Peninsula are also of paramount importance as far as the international community is concerned.
The UK government will use the famous tactic of the Carrot and Stick to reach the required goals. For instance, the Government of Somalia will receive pledge of getting the direly needed financing of their ambitious reconstruction and rehabilitation plans, but no such assistance will be forthcoming unless and until they agree, in principal, on how they intend to address the dispute with Somaliland. Equally enough, Somaliland will not receive sizeable financing for its equally ambitious development plans unless they also agree to amicably resolve the dispute with the South. In short, the UK government wants to have the following points, or something similar, on the table before the international commuity to justify any meaningful and sizeable assistance to Somaliland and Somalia in the upcoming Conference in London.
The governments of Somaliland and Somalia agreed to pursue political and peaceful means to resolve their differences.
The two sides agreed not to use diplomatic or political pressures against one another in resolving their dispute, which is centered around Somaliland declaration of independence.
The two sides agreed to respect the International Boundary between the two sides prior to the union of 01 July 1960, which will be treated as de facto Border between the two territories until final political settlement has been concluded.
The two sides also agreed to share the proceeds of the international financing on prorate basis, to be agreed upon, based on the needs of the two sides.
An International Fund will be set up to finance the needs of the two sides. The Fund will be managed by International Joint Committee and both Somaliland and Somalia will be entitled to their respective share of the funding.
Hassan Abdi Yousuf
Saudi Arabia


  1. any agreement that violates the wishes of the people of somaliland via their constitution is null and void our country is supported by all people and clans across our territory (british colonial borders) and any enemy trying to undermine us will be blown away like hurricane sandy lol

  2. I do not have any quarrel with the other expected outcomes in a communique , but accepting the pre 1960 border as the defacto border will tie down farole and the Southern elements interested in formenting strife in 'Sool sanag and Cayn'. I t will definitely be the most contentious. can president Hassan reign in Farole. This is a pipe dream.
    At the end of it I have afeeling it will be positive for Somaliland. The President , Dr Silanyo should not be easily browbeaten into a corner. He should give himself flexibility by being consultative as he has always done on such national issues.

  3. Great Article Xasan Abdi Yusuf. Whatever happens It will be a positive achievement for Somaliland and Somalia. Both leaders need to show their somali public that they are willing to resolve the issues we are facing, so we can move forward with our lives in a positive matter.

  4. Time will only tell outcome of the would-be conference, but expectations are such that things will not appear as they are imagined. It is unlikely that Somalia will recognize Somlailand as a stte. The mentality of Southerns is always that Somalilland is part and parcel of Somalila. They neither refer to the reality on the ground nor recognise that reunion requires a cultural revolution, a creation of new horizons, or relics of antoher age. Somlailand peo-le must undertand this and should take oheed of the pressure and the push from the interntaional communtiye, namely the UK and Americans and Arabs as well. We have to make all people undertand that the concept of Somaliland secession is a critical one, that it is broad and cannot be difned within emotional frameworks, that no one specify it in terms of religon, kind, color, language or even relationship. It must be evaluated within a context of demand and destiny and determination. Any attempt to deine it in watertight referendum frameworks fails. What secesion varies is with where we are, what we want, what we plan to do and who is making the desion. It is not what few can decide, what no one has the riight to deny.

    • The only way you can get your one clan nation and the IC and the south to accept it is, to respect the wishes iof Awdal and Khaatumo. If not, then no one will ever accept your wishes either, and soon (as it is already happening) you will see many peeps of your clan abandoning you separatists. You better face The reality mate.

    • And yeah, a referendum whereby only your clan took part of it, is not considered a referendum. That lie has also came to an end.

      • 🙂 Somaliland-Republic respects the wishes of it's people and that is why if another REFERENDUM is required it will be held.

        People of Sool, Sanaag, buhoodle and Awdal will all have the right to cast their Votes with confidence.

        It will never be the Somaliland government that rejects a NEW referendum but the Government of Hassan Mahamoud 🙂

        Because this guy bought 190votes to become a President of Amisom controlled territory and has no respect for democracy or the rights of civilians.

        It seems you like to make unfounded comments for the sake of ranting… you lack substance.

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        • If the comments you always, make on this website about your wife is true, I will advise you to seek professional help as soon as possible. No,healthy human being can keep on talking bad things about the mother of his own child. Shame on you!

          • @ Puntlandgeezer, you are a disgrace if what yu are saying is true. I am the so called Faqash too and happily married to ISaaq woman. our beautiful women have no argument with anyone, There are thousands of Isaaqs married to Daarood woman and are treating them with respect. Its our culture to treat our in-laws with respect even in the fog of war. So my brother Geezer get your comments straight, i don't think you are telling the truth. By the way i really get offended when people call me a Faqash, its a bad word. We are all Somalis and some day we will learn to live together in peace.

    • shame on you to always talk about your private marital issues in such low level despicable
      attitudes. shame on you buddy.

  6. What clans they have other then the dudeled and pathetic Issaqs who sold themselves as slaves to serve the royal white trash family. There won't be two state solution but a clan meeting between somalia government and fugitive Isaaqs holed up in one of those abandoned villages in Northern somalia. If the Ethiopian stooge (SNM) continue to test us and hesitate on creating a white trash village border then the somali government should abandon the meeting. The Republic of Somalia will never compromise on its sovereignty and its territorial integrity, we will swallow the bitter enemies the Ethiopian stooge (SNM) that threatens or damages our sovereignty.

    • Can you stop speaking the "white Trash" Language in that case since you are pretending to be a proud Somali?

      • Lol obviously I am proud somali I do anything for my country probably more like killing the white trash lovers.

  7. I don't care one iota . Where you want to go, what you wants to do .what's your plan is in the future. as long as everybody understand we got nothing to do with this agenda and we have no problem sharing with the rest of our brothers. provided we're dealing honest hand and we all are interested making our nation one that works for every my hope is this new government will start building consensus among our people and trying harder minimizing any misgiving and mistrust either be small or big that could derail the tiny gain we have made so far. it's a tall order for health country let alone one that's in the condition like our. let's pray to all mighty merciful Allah with his direction and guidance will get there.

  8. The international community Pledged in 2012 to fully support an independent dialogue process between Somaliland & Replacement-Provisional-Government[RPG].

    The Road-Map government is the [RPG] to the Transitional Federal Government[TFG]. Both of which were designed for and chosen by the people of Somalia-Italia territory.

    The May London conference if to be chaired jointly by David Cameron and Hassan Mahamoud will then have no relevance to Somaliland-Republic. This Conference will then be limited to Somalia-territory for which Hassan Mahamoud's Road-Map Government was SELECTED for and represents.

    It would be totally fraudulent for anyone to claim that the London conference is representative of any territory outside the Road-Map Signatory's territories of former Italian-Somalia colony that gained independence from Italy 01-Jul-1960.

    The May Conference does not concern Somaliland-Republic in the slightest. The 2-state dialogue process will occur at a later date when Both Somaliland & Somalia are able to attend as EQUALS. This conference has already set it's agenda when it is being co-chaired by David Cameron and Hassan Mahamoud. Somaliland's absence will not harm the conference since it is being held for Somalia's Road-Map signatories-territory only.

    Somaliland does not need to give the Road-Map Conference any greater legitimacy by attending for the sake of attending.

    • Why you keep deluding yourself man? You keep telling yourself that two state solution blah blah blah which is a false statement because it will never happen. your leaders are bloodthirsty Isaaq militia who have committed heinous crimes against a fellow clan in khaatumo state and claims a territory of another clan from Garowe. certainly you're deluded country is doomed.

      • Let him delude himself, in the end of the day, it is him that is playing with his mind lol. Let him f**k himself

  9. US, UK twisting arms with Somaliland security warning

    (Medeshi)- Opinion- The recent calls of the United Kingdom and the United States of America for its citizens to avoid visiting Somaliland on the ground of security threat is arm twisting. It is a method designed to persuade the Somaliland government and the wider public to accept negotiating with the newly Western installed government of Somalia on federal basis.

  10. When UK authorities last week made the public warnings of imminent dangers to British nationals in "Somaliland", it indicated how Somaliland's has become irrelevent to the greater importance of the Somali peninsula.
    The reason for that is the emergence of good and functioning Somali government that could forge a security partnership with the UK and USA. As Somali government got stronger, autonomous enclaves like Puntland and Somaliland got weaker and became insignificant diplomatically (note: Faroole's wacky advances toward Somaliland).
    The UK likely knew about the terrorist and extremist links within Somaliland for years just like Zenawi did.
    The key question is why publicly humiliate Siilaanyo now?
    There are two possible answers; the first one, the persons of interest with terrorism links are powerful officials within Siilaanyo adminstration.

    or in my view, the west is trying to take the attention of terrorism out of Somali center toward the fringes.

    Now, Siilaanyo is in kenya to meet US embassy officials. He will probably show disappointment in the new developments (they are not new). And then he will listen to the recommendations of the embassy. Do not expect the hyperbole statements in Somaliland websites that portray Somaliland as independent country with the expectations of equal treatment and partnership; it will not happen here.

    The recommendations are to pursue the individuals in the area that are causing problems in Somalia.

    Also, Siilaanyo will be advised to participate in the London conference. He will also be told not to derail the process of the Somali federalism which somaliland is included.

    but, expect different reality when siilaanyo comes back. it is simply propaganda intended to appease the masses.

    • darraan.

      Your comment kind of contradicting yourself. said"Puntalnd, somaliland getting weaker while culusow his goverm get stronger but the sametime USING the wrod FEDERALIZIM".

      No Puntland and s/land not getting weaker,but one thing is fro sure somalia is heading FEDERAL SYSTEM and this means somalia will have few semi-autonomous. the central goverment current or the future one will never control these semi-autonomous states. those are over when president use to have executive power. but hassan culusow done his best to sell this to westren nation but got rejected.

      • Well said Drurraan. No matter how you clarify issues, separatists can only see what they want to see – a country that only exists in their imagination. Still, we have to tell it as it is. Welldone!.

  11. " the Government of Somalia will receive pledge of getting the direly needed financing of their ambitious reconstruction and rehabilitation plans, but no such assistance will be forthcoming unless and until they agree, in principal, on how they intend to address the dispute with Somaliland."

    no somali leader,president or PM or anyone in the government can promise somaliland recognition ( selling out khaatumo and awdal) or referendum or anything simmilar that official will simply, literally be skinned alive in Mogadishu or in the parliament if he reaches it alive kkkkkkkk

    no financial promise or billions or trillions can give somali leader the guts to give up the territorial integrity and unity of Somalia. keep dreaming forever

    • The reality on the ground is as such:

      – The international community has pledged to support dialogue between Somaliland-Republic and who ever replaces the [TFG]. Hassan Mahamoud's Road-Map government is the Replacement-Provisional-Government[RPG].
      – The international community will facilitate an EQUAL platform dialogue process where the two countries can formulate their FUTURE-RELATIONSHIP without external influence.

      – Somaliland-Republic Reclaimed it's Sovereignty 18th May 1991 as a product of Majority Desire.
      – Hassan-Mahamoud was Selected as leader of the Road-Map territory 6 months ago what gives him the legitimacy to deny the democratic choice of the Majority in Somaliland?
      – Is Hassan Mahamoud denying that re-independence of Somaliland did not take place 18may1991?
      – Hassan Mahamoud and his country will not have an Army with which to invade another country not in the near future so his only option is to respect the democratic choice of the people of Somaliland.

      – Where is the Joint financial Management Board from the 2012 London conference?
      – Are the London conference worth anything if non of the Action points are ever executed or reviewed?

  12. Keep on dreaming! Italian somalia British somalia just think urself those names it’s fake somalians has been divided b4 we’ve 3 more territory to gain rather then loosing europians divided us but please don’t fall into the trap that we’re different ppls we’re all somali it may take 100 or more yrs but InshaAllah somali ethnick will be one at least by morally so you seccesionist stop dividing what”s left for us british italian french kenyan & ethiopian the’ll love 2 c us divided!

  13. PIS and Kaboon chill out on talking about Somali sisters for Gods sake. This issue is between us Men so stop bring your dirty laundry on the web even if you want to embraced the other side dont disgrace our Somali women they are our sisters and our mothers. You free to call any name you want that terrorist loving traitor Silaanyo

    • Well said SADE, dumarka somaliyeed, waa gayaan ka dhexeeya raga Somaliyeed oo dhan , dhaqanka somaliyed yaan laga tegin lakiin siyaasadu waa hakeeda.

  14. Durraan
    You made an accurate observation of the current political development . However,I would add that because entire Somalia is meant to be going to the polls in four years time,to elect the next government ,the pressure has begun in earnest on silanyo to get real.This security threat that seem come from out of the blue is only start of what is yet to come.and the days of friendly backslapping are over. Will silanyo be candid and disclose the truth to the people in the area ,time will tell.

  15. The Author's comments are nothing more than speculations. No real basic facts.
    What needs understanding is: That Somalia govt led by President HSM represents only the
    all inclusive roadmap signatories of Somalia proper without Somaliland proper outside the
    scope of Somalia Mogadiscio Govt. The talks between Somaliland and Somalia on feb 2012
    in London, Turkey,Dubai would be reviewed again in London on this official trip of DR Silaanyo
    and his team with the UK Govt. What format this official trip talks would take is not yet clear but in my view the UK Govt who already have deep commitments in Somaliland both in Govt funded projects
    and British private sector investors, and Somaliland being a more promising stable
    peace and fledgling democracies, and bcos Somaliland gained independence from Britain in 1960,
    and bcos Somaliland always looks into Britain who has privileged powers in the world stages,
    maybe this time the conservative coalition uk Govt led by PM David Cameron could have a sudden
    heart change to show more serious attitudes towards pushing forward the fulltime recognition
    of the Somaliland long awaited?

  16. The author,
    You make so many predictions about a conference between what you call Somaliland (sic.) and Somali Republic and its outcome without basing your claims on any facts. Let me ask you, what is Somaliland? Does Somaliland include Sool, eastern Sanag and Audal State? If the rest of Somalia is in chaos as you claim, why there is fighting in the above regions in Somaliland and UN humanitarian workers are being kidnapped as recently as this week in northern Somalia?

    Makhir state (north eastern Somalia), Khatumo State (borders Nugal region) and Audal State (northwestern Somalia) are all inhabited by people who don’t want to dismantle Somalia. That is why we have a fighting that is raging in Sool as I write this comment.

    It is not difficult to understand why most of Somali people will choose unity over petty tribal squabbles and regionalism. Most Somalis including those in Hargeisa want a united strong Somalia. Also, it is wrong for those who want to divide Somalia into fiefdoms to force their desires on those who do not want to be part of this misguided secession project. If the separatists are claiming self determination to declare independence they should allow others to make their own choice.

    • The borders of Somaliland and Somalia are well known to everybody and you do not need to proof your point by choosing the Somalia-style local borders. Get real and learn history, but not from your ignorant and defeated Siad Barre remnant father.

      • Let me correct you so you can learn.

        The borders that existed were between colonial powers, somaliland did not exist as a country.

        It used to be called British Somaliland protectorate, a colonial enclave, and the people who inhabited the land took arms to expel them out.
        I do now want to go into details, but it is worth mentioning that some tribes signed documents to be under the British Empire as British subjects. Other tribes told the British "screw yourself".
        Therefore, you are either a British sympathizer or Somali nationalist, pick one of them.

    • Pure lies,I don't understand people like you trying to force your personnel opinion,I live in hargeisa this is home and I've never met someone who wants to join Somali everyone here is patriotic and loves this land,and secondly most people don't have a problem with the south,in fact people were coming here from the south to flee the war in the last few years and we have helped them a lot,why can't you just except what we have decided a long time ago and move on,we can unite as Muslim brothers and sisters but we will always be somaliland

  17. How about if I tell you the conference about strengthening the UK-Somaliland bilateral economic, military and cultural relations? Both the author and commentators are dead wrong.