By Goth Mohamed Goth

The Ministry of Employment, Social Affairs and Family Affairs on Monday launched a major project meant to uplift the living standards of vulnerable people.

The launch of the Social Safety Net will benefit more than 32,000 poor families consisting of 200,000 Somaliland citizens all across the country, particularly vulnerable people who will receive the shock-response cash transfers.

The launch was attended by members of the National Assembly from the Minister of Planning and National Development, local and international organizations.

Mr.  Abdi Rashid Sheik, the director general in the Ministry of Employment, Social and Family Affairs speaking during the launching ceremony said “The SNHCP would provide 32, 000 poor and vulnerable households nutrition-linked cash transfers to meet their immediate consumption gaps and protect against food insecurity and malnutrition With a view towards longer-term development, it would also support efforts by the government of Somaliland to strengthen institutional resilience and establish the basic delivery mechanisms of a national social safety net system.

Ms. Hinda Jama Hirsi Gani, the Minister of Employment, Social Affairs and Family Affairs officially launched the Safety Net for Human capital Project (SNHCP).

She added that this program demonstrates strong political will and commitment. Now is the time to turn commitments into action to create inclusive opportunities for working families and the poorest and most vulnerable groups in the country.

The Minister briefed the audience on the various stages of the project and the selection process for the beneficiaries.

The implementation period for the program will be one year.

The program will be implemented in the following regions;

  1. Xaysimo
  2. Gebilay
  3. Selel
  4. Saraar