By Goth Mohamed Goth

Somaliland Minister of Health Dr. Saleban Essa Ahmed“Xaglatosiye” yesterday flew out the country headed to Helsinki, the Finnish capital to attend a health conference.

Somaliland Health Minister is expected to sign a new agreement for the next three years known MIDA FINNSOM Health project with the Finnish government after the previous one ended recently and which is a demand driven and based on priority needs identified by local authorities and project partners in Somaliland .Such needs will be matched with available human resources in Finland. Furthermore, the transfer of knowledge, the creation of personal and professional links, and the promotion of bilateral institutional partnerships will serve to institutionalize the Finnish-Somali diaspora’s role in the reconstruction of their homeland’s health sector.

The government of Finland has in the past provided funds for the MIDA FINNSOM Health and still supports the rehabilitation and development of regional health sectors in Somaliland which continue to bear the consequences of years of neglect, and a debilitating lack of qualified human resources.

In the framework of this project, Finnish-Somali professionals will carry out temporary capacity building and mentoring assignments in local health institutions; transferring skills and experiences gained while working and studying in Finland. As a complement, Finnish health experts may on a limited basis accompany Somali colleagues in order to carry out specialized training sessions for which the know-how is not available within the Finnish-Somali health community.

Dr. Saleban Essa Ahmed also gave an in-depth briefing of his tour of Awdal and Selel regions which aims and purpose is to assess the health situation in all regions of the country.

The Health minister said, “The credentials of all foreign doctors will checked and evaluated by the National Health professionals council in order prove their qualification before he can be allowed to treat people in our hospitals,