By Goth Mohamed Goth

The director general in the ministry of national planning Mr. Abdirashid Ahmed Guled presented the ministry’s policy on law governing Somaliland non-governmental organizations and registration of such organizations.

The planning director said, “The Ministry of National Planning and Development is the sole and only representative of the government of Somaliland mandated to register, administer and coordinate all national, foreign and international non-governmental organizations operating in Somaliland and we usually classify this organization into three categories, International non-profit organization, foreign non-profit organization, Local non-profit organization.

All International organizations are obliged to sign a memorandum of understanding with the government of Somaliland for them to work in the country, while the two other categories (Foreign &local NGO) are required to comply and fill all rules and regulations required to qualify for registration.

The director general stated, “The national assembly recently passed into law the “Non-governmental Welfare Organizations Law – Law No. 43/2010 which means we now have in place laws unlike before we did not have laws that govern the NGO sector and that all NGO’s foreign and local are required by law  to registered in our offices which can be found in almost all regions of the country,




  1. Its good step forward, but we should insist that any job that our graduates can do, should not be given to expatriates. We should control those NGOs even if we need their help. There should strings attached to certain things. Waan Baahanahay Looma Bahalacuno.