The Minister of Culture, Information, and Awareness of Somaliland Hon. Suleiman Yusuf Ali Koore has called on private media to obtain operating licenses.

He also reminded them that the concerned authorities in licensing issues for the media are the ministries of information, finance, and the attorney general’s office.

He sternly warned that the laws of the media should not be flouted and that culprits and erring persons or institutions will be held accountable.

The minister gave the warning while he was addressing the audience on the occasion of the Somaliland Press day that was marked at the Hargeisa Cultural Centre.

He recalled that the ministry had imposed fines on erring media houses that were operating in the country. The amounts fined, he noted, went straight to the treasury.

He said. “I am asking all media institutions or agencies to obtain an operating license”.

He pointed out that it was a prerequisite thing that all such media agencies are mandated to obtain.

He cautioned that the fines should not be otherwise misconstrued but goes straight to the treasury.