Somaliland ministry of education has warned schools for not abiding to the rules of implementing same dress code for lower primary and a different type uniform for upper primary (intermediate). Those of secondary shools were equally same. The education department ordered schools to reinforce the directive last year circular.

The education ministry, similarly, called for school principals not to exceed the required number of students per classroom. It stated that schools found exceeding the limit of the number of students per class set by the ministry will be held accountable.

The director general of the ministry of education Mr. Abdirisak Jama Nuur Naakhuude stated that flouting the ministry’s decree for students to don the same type of uniform country-wide, is a gross violation and will result in disciplinary action.

Speaking to reporters he said, “Last year the minister of education issued a circular ordering primary and secondary schools to wear different types of uniforms, but some schools have not implemented the directive.”

He ordered all district and regional educational officers to make sure the order has been implemented by schools in their areas.

He stated that the ministry will not allow students wearing different types of clothes to sit in the same classroom.

The DG also warned schools against overcrowded classrooms. He said only the required number of students per class is allowed.