The 98th seating of the Somaliland cabinet of ministers which was chaired by President H.E. Musa Bihi Abdi discussed essential issues on national security and elections. The president was flanked by his deputy H.E. Abdirahman Abdillahi Ismael Sayli’i.

The cabinet acknowledged the committee of registrations of political parties had completed the first phase of the registration process. According to the law, the three national parties do not participate in the first phase of the race for the registration of new political organizations exercise.


It was mentioned that 15 political organizations have been issued certificates after they completed the first part of the requirements of registrations.  The political organizations compete for three slots that will transform them into national political parties.

The three national parties that will be chosen will participate in the upcoming presidential election.

The following are the deliberations of the cabinet:

  1. Matters pertaining to elections of political parties and organizations will follow the law of the land as enshrined in the constitution. The election law Lr- 91/2000, political parties and organizations registration law article Lr-14/201. It was noted that the supreme court ruling will be implemented.
  2. The government executing Lr-14/2011 article 6 which clearly states that after every decade new political parties and organizations should contest for leadership.
  3. The government has decided that the registration of political organizations and parties should be completed as scheduled. The responsibility lies solely with the committee for registrations of political organizations and parties and the Somaliland National Electoral Commission.
  4. Anyone who is not satisfied with the government decisions should go to the judiciary and file their complaints.
  5. Protection of national security and implementation of laws and stopping illegal protest.
  6. The cabinet praised security personnel for being vigilant against elements of insecurity.