By Goth Mohamed Goth

Burco- Dr.  Aden Caseyr, the Togdheer regional ministry of health coordinator cum the chairman of the national committee on the preparedness and prevention of Covid-19 in Togdheer region, dismissed reports circulated in social media outlets which purported that a citizen was tested positive for the COVID-19 as untrue and unfounded rumors.

Dr. Caseyr noted that the alleged man had no symptoms and health officials were aware of his medical condition. He added that those behind the dissemination of the false and misleading information would be subject to the law.

The Togdheer regional ministry of health coordinator Dr.  Aden Caseyr, added that the reports purporting a man was a health threat after testing positive was baseless and lacked any merit whatsoever. There some occasions which a person is suspected of contracting the virus, which call for him to be placed under quarantine for monitoring for the duration of 14 days as a measure to protect others but in this particular instance the man was checked and tested negative

Dr. Aden Caseyr, added that the man, in this case, is fit as a fiddle, and after undergoing rigorous tests, the results turned up to be negative since he lacks all the tell-tale signs such as high fever, constant coughing and other symptoms related to COVID-19 and we have sent his blood to the ministry of health for further analysis and we are awaiting the results but I, definitely assure you that he is a healthy man.

Lastly, the medic stated that legal action will be taken against those individuals who posted false allegations on social media outlets as soon as investigations are completed by the concerned security agencies.