Director General ministry of livestock and fishery Dr.Ahmed Ali Maah has opened a new veterinary laboratory at the ministry offices in Gabiley.

The ultra-modern veterinary laboratory has been equipped with the latest technology. The lab will be used to test milk, and other livestock products, and treatment of livestock diseases.

The director general also made an inspection tour around the ministry of livestock office. Most of them were recently refurbished and equipped with new office equipment and furniture.

This undertaking comes as the government of Somaliland had started the implementation of decentralization of state responsibilities to the grassroots.

Addressing the press at the venue ministry of livestock and fishery coordinator for Gabiley province Mr.Ali Bashir stated that the new veterinary laboratory will help in the treatment and testing of livestock diseases in the greater Gabiley region. He said “ This will protect the population against transmission of livestock diseases to humans and vice versa.”

The Ministry of livestock and fishery coordinator requested the director general to include some veterinary doctors in the government payroll.

Present at the opening ceremony was the governor of Gabiley Mr.Abdiqani Mohamoud Jirre. The governor thanked the ministry of livestock and fishery for bringing new developments to the province.

Director General in the livestock and fishery ministry said “I’m very elated to see new look offices and veterinary laboratory. We have fully funded the refurbishment of these offices, hence we would like to see you uplift the lives of our people.”