You would think that the UK would know better than to cry wolf.

On Sunday, the UK government issued a warning urging their citizens to flee Somaliland. According to a statement released by the UK foreign office, there’s danger of “kidnapping for financial or political gain, motivated by criminality or terrorism”.

This bizarre warning has left us Somalilanders stunned and in a state of confusion. The Republic of Somaliland has never been known for danger and terrorism but rather for its peace and democracy.

Many other questions have risen since the warning was issued. How can Somaliland’s stability be compared to Libya’s and Syria’s? What do we have in common with these unstable countries?

Libya just went through a deadly civil war and is getting acquainted with terrorist attacks. Syria is still in a bitter power struggle and the fatalities are rising daily.

Clearly we do not share the same problems as these countries.

Our national security is incomparable considering the fact that we share a border with Somalia. Also, unlike Kenya – a country that has political and economic advantage over Somaliland – we have been virtually untouched by terrorist attacks.

But then again, Britain, like every other nation, has a right to assure the safety of their citizens abroad. Despite that, there should have been proper steps taken to address this matter. Britain should have teamed up with the Somaliland government on this matter and issued an investigation rather than put us in limbo. Our government should not be undermined nor downplayed. Our strength and peace should be aided and commended not ignored.

This attempt at crippling our image should not demoralize us nor put an end to our battle of self-determination.

It is vital that we remain united and continue to prosper and showcase our achievements over the past 22 years.

The truth is – we are not perfect. We might be Africa’s best kept secret, but there is still room for improvement.

We must put an end to the conflicts that were ignited by November’s election. We must put an end to our trivial tribal differences that still linger today. But most importantly, during times like this, we must put aside our political differences and put our nation first.

All these issues are minor compared to what’s going on around Africa, but since we are an unrecognized country, our flaws are magnified more than our achievements.

We are not a nation that hosts terrorism nor are we a country that is headed into political turmoil. We are the nation that shines bright like the moon that covers ours dark skies.  And most importantly, we are – and always will be – the most peaceful and stable country in Africa, no matter what anyone says.

By: Robleh M. Lafcanbe


  1. This author is delusional and he is insults the british, for protecting their citizens lol

    I can promise you this idiot lives in the west, and is a hypocrite.

    besides your precious siilanyo has a british passport. loooool

    • Well said all these so called "hardcore" secessionist seems to always be typing comfortably from the west if they really believed in what they preach they would of lived in Sland instead of going their for a holiday once a year or two bunch of hypocrites.

      • also on their passports i bet my life on it it says Mogadishu because they know fully well if they say the're from Hargeisa they would find themselves on the next flight going back

        • why would i say mogadishu while iam from proud hargueisa what i suggest is to expel every darod from hargueisa because they are the enemy within they don't like somaliland but they like the safety we give them we should deport them to xamar and see how they like then they cry to be returned to the haven of hargueisa but vermins should be exterminated perioddjibissak

        • Looool you made your point mate ! They should put their money where their mouth are !
          We all know including them how they get the Right to stay in those western country !
          Anyway it pretty sad that they put the long Wait burden of recognition on Their Fellow brother back home.

        • But there are atleast 100 thousand DAROODs in hargaisa who all hate hargaisa while wanting to enjoy its peacefulness, Talk about biting the hand that feeds you.

  2. I would like to warn my fellow british citizen al-Qaeda jihadists have arrived in groups in Somaliland to spread terror. Don't go anywhere without consulting the British goverment.

    • Dont forget that the latest Mali Islamist have started arriving in Burger-land, garowe is the new hub from those terrorist from Afghanistan, pakistan, Yemen and south somalia.

      • Don't also forget, they just bypassing Puntland and are on their way to Separatists land. You don't hear the IC giving warnings on Puntland, but you sure hear them warning their people about the separatists land

        • ya habibi, burger-land is part of south somalia.kkkkkkkk

          IC knows somali only from hargaisa and mogadisho, not that abandoned toilet (garowe) that was used to by banana traders travelling to to great berbera.

  3. Interesting, perhaps the UK officials confused their warning with Somalia, since suicide bombing, rape of Somali women seems to be the norm in the south. Hell, just this morning, suicide blast targeting the so-called Somali president took place, while Somaliland has never experienced terrorism or continuous violence in the past 25 years. It will be in the interest of both the British and American government to fix their fake government props in Somalia before attempting to interfere and send false flag about Somaliland.

    • Loooool say the women with a western Passport !
      Get your ass back home and we Will see if you’re really about that Life !

      • since Somalians are mostly refugees and immigrants across the globe, your argument is quite pathetic and devoid of any facts. Most of the leadership, including Somalia president all hold a foreign passport. Come up with actual argument with evidence based, I tend to get bored with intellectually inferiors being who are suffering from a disease known as qabiil/tribalism.

        • Hodan, you just showed how far you willing to go with your lies. You yourself are a refugee including your family and family tree. Let's not talk BS on the refugee talk. There are more than 500 thousand Is@@qs in dadaab and dolo ado camps in Kenya, and other refugee camps east of Ethiopia.
          Somalia President unlike Silanyo never run away from his people for the past 20+years.

          You said: ''I tend to get bored with intellectually inferiors being who are suffering from a disease known as qabiil/tribalism'', when your whole separatists agenda is based on that. Honestly, stop revealing how retarded you are.

          • Loool, we have a time waster in the forum. Please ignore him. Somaliland should continue on business as usual. We are not phased. Nor are we putting any of our interest to the obvious attempt to pressure us to accept this haphazardly put together government. Only recognised on paper but has very long way to go before it can even be real one. I don't care for it at all.

      • Hodan are you british or the victim of Britain because the British in London said that Somaliland was unsafe and i find that outrage. Instead of standing up for Somaliland against Britains comments and replying and saying that Somaliland is peacefull you are taking your anger on southners. What the hell do they have it with this that England Somaliland and you are taking anger Uncle tom.

        • Hodan @Loooooooool aaaabo kanyar iga celi, kanweyn iska dhacsheee.Somali maah maah. Clearly it’s anger displacement blame it in the south. In fact, Puntland is more safe than both Hargeisa and Xamar. The only problem we have is Faroole acting like SIYAD barre on his peeps.

          • Buger King
            Oh no you didn't, Oh no you didn't well atleast Hargeisa is safe much safer than ghettoway or garowe whatever the hell you call it burger king this is article well probably you are pissed of the changes in Mogadishu the improvement of security but this is not important what's important here is that this topic is about the Spat the UK give to Somaliland.

          • You tell me why I SHOULD GO TO PIRATLAND EVEN IF IT IS THE MOST SAFEST PLACE ON EARTH. Are you really deluded? What is the attraction? None. Sad..!

    • Lool @ falls flag. Clearly you are not aware of the bomb blasts in Hargeysa. And how can your Government be attacked by Al-shabaab when they are the sole funders of Godane? I guess Godane changed his mind, since it is reported that Al-shabaab shifted them self to North-west Somalia. The war on terror is shifting to the North-west Somalia, and it is for that reason why the Britain's are warning their people. Maybe if you keep up with the news you would have known that.

  4. It's sad to see the British betraying breaking the secessionist heart, now that they realise that their over interest does not lay with SomaliLand. I love saying it, but we all told you, that these white folks would betray in heart beat.

    • Well you can never the britz and they were never a fan of Somaliland and they are not interested in Somaliland. Who cares atleast we have the locals and diaspora somalilander who can help Somaliland. God Bless Somaliland.

      • About the diaspora, many of them have renounced the separatists agenda. And we all know how the locals are being oppressed by two clans of the Is@@q clan. Get the full support from your tribe before you claim that the people of North-west Somalia support you agenda

        • Well take your galackyo bull somewhere else. Yeah many of them are Somaliland supporters lie detector.

          • Lie detector or the truth whatever the hell your name is What my tribe is not your business and at least i have a tribe. Yeah if have been living in the diaspora for over 30 years you will understand who are with Somaliland and Somalia and when that time comes let me know.You will see how many Somaliland parties taken place Since in North America, Europe and throughout the globe You don't have the experience of living in the diaspora so sit down and be shut upt lie detector.

          • Judging from you grammar, I think I've been in the west way longer than you. And also, I noticed, living in the west has not gained or improved your brain. If you think you can assess a support for Somaliland by parties, then clearly you are beyond retarded. Parties are attended by young people, and they don't care whether it is Somaliland or Somalia party. As far as they concern, it is a party where they can get have fun and score some chicks. I can hold Somalia party myself, and I can guaranty you that the same folks that attend Somaliland party, will also come to Somalia party. Clearly from what you just said, highlights how backward you are.

          • Look who's talking Jack, IYour grammer is poor and you speak like a wino. I have been living in the far west since 1978 that far west as North America. That means I have been living here for 35 years way at longer then you. You are right about one thing backwards in a good way because i did not live in a refugee unlike you, I can tell from your grammer and you just arrived in the west yesterday of a boat from puntland. Let me you something Liar Liar or truth Dubai or any gulf state doesn't count as the western world. Well the Somaliland partys do talk about political issues not the only the parties are for the young generation, they are for the older generation. At least we have a place to go back and what about you. I don't you live in the western world you probably live in Dubai that's the only west you can get. So back off fool. I am been living in the west for 35 years and Somaliland has been on it's own for 22 years .

          • Well, from how you assess the support of Somaliland, the 35 years in the west has not gained you any common sense. And for your information, I was born in Holland in 1986, and I live and graduated in London.

          • Well i suggest being born in a refegee camp doesn't give you any sense. This is not wikepidea you darod scum bag. Being born in a refegee camp in holland and you call that bragging

          • Lol, there was no such thing called refugee camp in 1986 in Holland, and my parents were diplomat you idiot.

          • You are not judge and i got to say grammer is poor and when you use isaq you write you sensor the a. Vegatable

          • Truth please you need ESL. It is Judging by your grammar, not judging from you grammar.
            I don't think you were born or even educated in the west. Who are you trying to fool.
            You were not born in Holland and you did not graduate in London. You are in a rundown internet cafe in Dubai, You were one of the the luckys to come to the UAE by boot from burgerland or puntland and now you are acting sophistacted.

          • Lool, I guess the 35 years you seem to claim you in the west has not taught you that both phrases are acceptable, depending on how you use. Honestly, I couldn't care less what you think, it;s totally irrelevant to me.

          • Don't worry, I won't insult your mum as you insulted my mum. I will leave you to Allah. My mum is Allah fearing person who prays 5 times a day, so I'm sure you will be punished severely for what you said about her. I'm glad you showcased what I call ''a typical frustration method known to be used by the separatists''.

          • I will leave you to Allah for insulting everybody on this website calling people terroists and retaraded why are you being religious now. Calm down. Inshallah Allah will deal with you on the day of judgement.

          • Well You should be insulting people man. I'll make sure that Allah will deal with you for insulting your elders.

          • Allah is going punish for insulting your elders, and for calling people terriotist or a retards you shouldn't be insulting people. Allah is going punish for your arrogrance. Allah doesn't tolerate arrogrance and you will be punished by Allah during the day of judgement.

          • Well being born in a refegee camp in Holland doesn't make you perfect. If you were a diplomats son your persons would have taught you manners.
            Probably you are those sick people who fought for those sensless animal al shaytan and your family rescued you out from Somalia. After your hangover from Somalia let's keep in touch. 35 years sure taught me alot Lie detectors. If you have any education you wouldn't be insulting people or their countries.

          • I'm sorry if I insulted you. Perhaps I should have taken your age into account when replying to some of your comments. But also urge you to not abuse your ''age right'', and be respectful too. Again, there were no such thing called refugee camp in 1986.

          • Yeah Man, Life has it's turns when you are insulting someone not the person's feelings are going to be hurt but other people will be involved and they will be saying things that would hit close to home. Insults sure pays the price. Let me get this straight you want me to respect you that doesn't work that way in Somali culture. You are still upset that i called you a refugee.

          • Now this nonsense is over and the problem is resolved. I hope doesn't get involved in this incident what we witnessesed here today. I am sorry if your mother was insulted by that insensitive Jama.

          • I'm disappointed honestly. How can you only call him ''insensitive'', when he deserves to be called retarded or worst. Sadly, it shows how tolerant you are towards just people. Didn't expect that from you honestly.

          • You have no manner you rude punk. you have no education if you are that senstive and disresepectfull to elders. I said retard is a disease and it is nothing to get upset about.
            | don't think you have any education whatsoever if you are insulting or was born abroad. Not even the diaspora or the local kids in Somaliland are evil as you are and why don't you called an imam to get rid of the shaytan you are out of you.

          • So the guy that insulted my mum is less evil than me to you right? Look at yourself, and in the manner you are talking. Clearly you are an alcoholic old man that has no manners whatsoever. I feel sorry for your kids. Keep barking like a dog you retarded alcoholic old man.

          • How you dare talk to me like that you paranoid little sh$$. Well i feel sorry for your parents they have diasppointment for a son. Why don't you shut up once you already pissed off everybody on this website. Go get a job you bum and do you something with your self. I curse you i hope something really bad happens to you.

          • Your the drunk up 4:30 AM your time and you are mentally unstable because you said that you were sorry and you in your i quote there was no such thing as a refugee camp in Holland in 1986. You loser are bipolar and why did you call me a sick old man, That's why i called you evil. Go get some help darod scum.

          • Truth1

            stop conversing .because there's nothing more to say to each other. It reach that point and I remember when I was engage something similar to this situation' and it didn't get better but we just keep going.The difference is we're woman but you guys are man and I was hoping you handle but human nature is human nature. SO LET'S COOLER HEAD PREVAIL AND GO ON YOUR MARY WAYS AND HAVE GOOD NIGHTS.

    • Hi Lie,

      There are two kinds of people; those who are ready to be deceived and those that no power can deceive them.
      Somaliland people belong to the first kind, and you and your likes belong to the second. Somalia has been and still continue to be deceived by IGAD and others for 22 years. Were this is not so, Somalia would be in a different situation than the one we observe today. The reality on the ground tells us there are no people who exactly know what they want and where they want to go. It is better to your build put your house in order before you talk about someone else's house (Somaliland). Common sense understand this. Com to logic, get your people out of the tight situation first.

      • Hanah are you talking to me or the truth because man I am a true Somalilander and what are you. I stand up for Somaliland while it was being insulted by liar. Because i am not sure if you were implying that on me. Just let me know dude.

      • Hanad

        The problem is. When someone comes saying you coming alone with me. I don't have a problem with you going whatever you want to go' just keep me out of it. you give me the courtesy and the consideration you want the rest of Somalia to give to you . we want that from you and respect our wishes who have no intention of leaving Somalia and our problem could be solved without a hassle.

  5. The Northern Somalia region (Somaliland)self style government is behind the suicide in Mogadishu.They are always happy the unrest in Mogadishu and they also fund Mr Godane and his shabaab group.

    It's time Somali government to close the borders including all Somali airspace.

    • DAROOD WHINGEING and WHINING. Clean the streets of garowe and boosaaso semi villages.

      And get your ugly SHHEGATO off galmudug, galmudug is a peaceful hawiye province.

  6. Let us distinguish between the political interests of Britain and Somaliland. Britain is merely seeking to end the London process with a success story and to that end one must weigh proportionately THEIR EGO to counter balance the TURKISH influence and their Moral duty to honor the Action-points that were reached in the process.

    Somaliland-Republic is also pursuing it's own political end-goals in that it only entered the process to further it's cause in establishing a presence more significant then it had done prior at the international arena.

    One must also remember you cannot win every battle and what really matters is winning the WAR.
    – Somalia-Italia's recognition is a battle
    – London conference is a battle
    – Undermining the legitimacy of this road-Map government is a battle.

    The WAR is Full international recognition where, How, When ever it is a possibility. In the mean time why stress when one can sit back relax and watch the Road-Map reach it's inevitable DEAD-END. All contracts and Agreements signed by a road-Map government will be limited to the road-map signatories… Pure and simply.

    Recognition is over rated and we need to reach out to the vast potential of Nations who can equally gain from a mutually beneficial relationship.

      • As long as we have each other Somalilanders we can help each other we can't depend on England because you saw for yourself what they did they are trying ruin everything that Somaliland worked hard for the last 25 years.

        • You mean, they (Britain) are trying hard to ruin what to sub-clans of the Is@@q tribe tried hard to fabricate. It's the end of you lies son, accept it.

          • darood BULL as usual i see, Darood are very goood at WHINING , for the last 200 years all they have done is WHINE. We see them complain about the success in hargaisa, they even go as far as to insult Rage omar and Mo farah.

          • Lol the same Rage Omar is the same one that renounce separatists movement, and his brother is a well know politician in Somalia who served as foreign minister of Somalia between 2010 and 2012.

    • For 20+years you been telling fabricated lies, and is no surprise to me that you are also willing to create another fabricated lie. The situation there has been assessed carefully, as a result of that assessment, the findings are that Al shabaab has crossed over to North-west Somalia and has taken positions. Cry as loud as you want, but it won't change the facts.

      • Listen here Lie detector what fabricated lies that i have telling you for 20 years did i know you.
        These are allegations there is no sign of Shaabab in Somaliland and everything is secure in Somaliland what lies liar or truth.

        • Lool, keep barking the same fabricated lies like a dog. Soon you and your separatists will be labelled as terrorists. Hahahahahaha

          • Well for a person who was born in a refugee camp is the only person who doesn't have brains why you are calling a person a terrorist. You said that you graduated from London from what exactly okay let me guess the school of stupidity. Now the internet police are after you and Somaliland should be free from enemies like you. Your country puntland is not going to help you. Your country puntland is pirateland and terrorist land.

          • Lol, again you are highlighting how retarded you are. There was no such thing called refugee camp in Holland in 1986 when I was born there. I graduated from University of Westminster. And yeah, my parents were diplomats.

            As far as I know there are no terror activities reported in Puntland, but guess what, there terror activities reported in Somaliland 🙂

          • Well You are retarded and that goes for your mother. Your mother was siad barres whore. Don't tell us your lifestory you should go on Oprah for that stuff.
            You don't have an education and educated person does not easily get upset nor insults the people. You I am your worst nightmare . Your parents were not diplomats stop lying.

          • Don't worry, you will be punished severely by Allah insha Allah for calling a woman that prays 5 times a day a whore. Just don't come with, ow Allah forgive me when something bad happened's to you. I'm glad you showcased what I call ''a typical frustration method known to be used by the separatists''.

          • Allah is going to punish for calling insulting people and you will see what is going to happen to you on that day. You sir are arrgrorant and arrogrance is haram. Well I was going respect but you lost it and you are losing mind. Those people are evil okay what they did was totally unexpectable for insulting your mother. Now Truth you are going into their level and you are not letting it go . I respect man how take any amount of garbage not babies that was 2 or 3 hours that those people insulted you. Don't get religion involved in this problem is the internet and people are watching. You were calling people retards and territorists, Allah doesn't tolerate hypocrites. Have some respect there some people who are mentally challenged and you are using that word to insult people that is haram. Allah will punish you for that and don't call people handicap. I am really disappointed in You. Somaliland is here to stay.

  7. Great article, and I must say, Oh, sure, cynics will scoff, but Somaliland can part the clouds and bring sunshine to the lives of its sodden masses.. And we see hope. The days of somalinweyn is finished. Endless days of sunshine, lollipops, and laughing children……. for Somaliland. God Damn those who hate Somaliland.

    • ''The days of somalinweyn is finished. Endless days of sunshine, lollipops, and laughing children'''…….No wonder why you separatists are hated by all Somalis, including the majority of you own tribe. I know you rather call yourself a jew than a Somali.

  8. Everybody this article is about who England said that Somaliland is unsafe to travel and this article has nothing to do with Somaliland this or Somalia that, it's about who Somaliland was insulted or slapped in the face England over it's security. You guys are galacyo cowards you guys are afraid to talk about England and what they did to somaliland. Cowards, Wimps.

  9. I remember those early dating experience with me wife she was so full of herself. There was this particular moment while we were dining out she whispered into my ear and said walaal I will never settle down with a faqash guy. LMAO not only she settle down with a faqash but she had his three children and she has forgotten all about the Ethiopian stooge (SNM)…

  10. ''The days of somalinweyn is finished. Endless days of sunshine, lollipops, and laughing children'''…….No wonder why you separatists are hated by all Somalis, including the majority of you own tribe. I know you rather call yourself a jew than a Somali.

    • What is wrong with Jews?

      Our Ancestors have traded along the Frankincense route to the land of caynan as far back as 8000years ago. Garments and theological imports like the worship of Cows/Xator are evidenced on the Cave painting of laas Geel and many other sites.

      We have Ancient ties with the ancestors of modern samitic people. We interacted with them long before Abrahams children developed any animosity towards each other. Islam is an Ibrahimic Religion and hating half his decedents for no reason is rather small minded to say the least.

      We somalis are in enough trouble with our own self hate without you hating people who do not even acknowledge the difference between you and a chimp.

      Stay silent from now on.

    • So if we are hated by all Somalis as you put it, then why are you keep crying after us while we have divorced you 21+years ago?

      Your comment doesn't make any sense, think before making yourself a fool in the eyes of the world.

      Secondly, I rather be friend with a jew, than to share country name with like of you.

      You are nothing but a little pig with full of hatred against Somaliland people and one clan in particular.
      You can cry to death, Somaliland is here to stay for ever!

      • LOOL, we are not crying after you. As far as we consider you get your secession, but not on the cost of a land that is not yours. You can take your pathetic desert between Hargeysa and Berbera, but you have no say whatsoever over Awdal and Khaatumo.

        • Liar boy u comment too much on this website but it s ok zoomlian are too jealous of Somalilander. Why Darood like u can speak for Awdal, suclan of DIR clan? Faqash rule is definitvely over and like Djiboutian we decided to stay away from crasy walanweyn and Faqash.No more BS somalinimo

  11. Hey listen Liar Liar if your parents were diplomats they would taught some manners. For your information dumbass there is a refugee camp in Holland.

  12. @Truth1

    You seem quite emotional , and irrational as you spew jiberrish with an amateur like verocity. Your a child trying to debate on an adults forum, about a topic that you have no understanding of, expect through the arduous teachings of your “diplomat” father. Your a son of marexaan farmers converted into diplomats by the siad barre regime, each touting a certain educational pedigree from a western university, go and ask your father and mother to produce their degrees for you, they will be non existant, as that which you refer to as a brain. Surely they were among the many walaweyns who claim some form of education, but were taught at the russian institutions the communist manifesto, rather than anything substantial.

    Somaliland is here to stay, and the strangeness of your 2 clan theory, must somehow allude to the HA and HJ clans, yet the former president was a gadabursi who was a former NSS officer.

    Have you been to the quagmire that is Puntland? a state literally run by gangsters of all types, and drunken militia boys dictate attention from arrivals as you exit the airport in bosasso? Ofcourse not, you sit at your internet cafe in London, with your effeminate holland looks, and cry wolf about topics that are beyond your intellect!

  13. When the British arrived to the shores of the protectorate, they signed agreements with the 5 tribal elders who resided in the north-western part of the region. The main tribe of what is called today Sool & Cayn never signed any agreement with the British and Sayid Mohamed Abdulle Hassan was based there. The people of this region were in perpetual war with the British until the day the colony was given independence. Farther norther east in Sanag region, the British signed a different agreement with the war-like inhabitants of that area with the capital city Las Qorey. These two regions do not want to be part of any division of Somalia into fiefdoms and they are part of Somalia. That is why you have a war raging in that area as recently as last week.

    As the former master of the region, Britain knows what is going on in the region and separatists can not sell it a snake oil. Also, dissatisfaction with the recent fraudelent elections which led to the killing of innocent civilians and the Garadag government releasing known Al-shabab terrorists from Berbera prison last week (may be to allow them to continue the distruction of southern Somalia) will give the British a good reason to issue a security alert on Somaliland.

    • Amin to that…

      Crazy Garadag terrorists and their Dhiigshiil bomb squad are losing their minds and Britain is now telling them not to claim them as one of their orphans. Very sad. Somalis want all Somalis together while the Habashi habar and their little associate farmers in Gabiley want to cry after UK and Ethiopia…who continue to drag them in the mud….

      They deserve it.

  14. Truth you paranoid little magot, Somaliland is here to stay and Somaliland is moving on with it's young life. Go on take about trash about Somaliland we don't talk about Somalia, but as a remainder we will never unite with your country and Somaliland is not fo sale.
    Hey Guys this Truth kid is mentally unstable so watch out for hiim.

  15. Even UK has abandoned them and now it will suspend the little aid they used to get under the umbrella of "British Empire Orphanage program".

    What will the two sub-clan who claim to be British orphans now tell us? What is their next chapter of lies?

    UK exposed them…no one is confident with one mad council administration that is built on bent tribal hatred.

  16. Al Shabab or Al shaydaan is a cancer and the only way to eliminate kill them all , the head of Al Shabab is from Burco. and his assistant is also from Burco , Somalia goverment need to know who funded this group most likely from. Dahabshiil.they need to shut down Dahabshiil all over Somalia.

  17. You enemies of Somaliland( Sade Keise Puntland) jealous .heartbroken people full of hatred wuth the development and the progress of somaliland ,keep looking and listening to progress this is just to wake up our goverment and see the next weep of your pupet Ugandese which speaks on the tanks of AMISON no space to governt and power to adminster but mere colony under NIGRO colonialists .shame on you foes of Somaliland
    what are doing here in our website ,you better sleep weeping and sad about your starving Kismayo orphans .