The Director of Immigration department Col Mohamed Yusuf Ali has revealed that there is no change in the country travel patterns following the UK travel advice which warned British citizens not to travel to the country.

Col Mohamed Told reporters during a press briefing that the announcement made by the Uk foreign office and commonwealth affairs has not affected the country’s travel trends in any way what so ever.

“People are coming into the country day every day be it foreigners and nationals alike ,even from the united kingdom , America and the whole world, added the Director of Immigration.

Col Mohamed went on to say “ I want to take this opportunity to sure all those traveling to the country their safety is guaranteed and there is no any reason to be alarmed about the security of the country’.

On the other hand, the head of the immigration department said that I want to confirm to that it is true we are holding some of our officers for misconduct and not corruption as purported in most media outlets.

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    • Horrific use of English language, What is "Go is on yourself" please explain yourself. I though daroods had started to learn English by now.

      • Loool Somali Refugee in the UK got attitude now !
        Son please leave your Passport to the immigration and tell them that you’re not somali
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        Show the way to your Fellow somalilander (including british citizen governor silanyo lol) and put your money where your mouth is !

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  3. " The threat is real let us no kid ourselves it is just that Somalilanders tend to respond to everything emotionally."

    Indeed we are quick to strangle everyone who appears to be down grading Somaliland's status and this may come across as emotional driven act but what people may fail to grasp is that Somaliland is very much attached to the emotions and the identities of the people. In other words, Somaliland is them and any perception of harm is personal. To destroy Somaliland is to destroy the people first and that will be the conflict of all mothers in the context of Somalia.

    Normally we know the people are far from emotional.

  4. Sick of those hypocrite ! They want to go west in the name of somalia but start to talk s*** as soon
    as they get their asylum status !
    Show your balls and leave your Passpors you Hypocrites !

    • Ayanle,

      Think before you write this kind of garbage comment. I know of thousand Southerners, who pretend to be from Somaliland when dictator Barre, destroyed Somaliland and got an asylum most of them were today anti-Somaliland. So stop your nonsense.

      • Far more somalilander pretending to be somalian than the other way round !
        I speak of thousand why you pick few exemple !

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