“Oh my country! When right, keep it right; when wrong, set it right!” – Carl Schurz

THE REPUBLIC of Somaliland has been a ‘new’ country in the midst of hostile region for the last nineteen years. For almost these two decades, several praiseworthy work have been brought to fruition. Our petty differences are no longer unbreakable barriers. Thanks to Almighty Allah for He has kept us peace and unity when so many others are still in sorry state.

Our strength as a nation is found in unity, not division. Yes! With unity we are better-off. Many have admired that we at least managed to bring ends meet while there is no remarkable foreign assistance. That they call it miracle! We are optimistic about the foreseeable future though we do not know how long it will hold true for us.

But today the Somaliland I see is not the one I used to be proud of. It seems something has gone wrong in the middle. Right now, our motion is like that of tortoise! We are dragging our feet everywhere. Our tyres are punctured for a reason unknown! So let this essay be a wake-up call for Somalilanders. I dare to comment such scenario positively before it gets too late even though the word positive may sound differently among us.
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This country has longed for a visionary leadership who would not lead us astray.  I dream of a leader that is elected not because of the clan he happens to be; nor the mere promises he makes during election campaigns, but because the wisdom of his political character and maturity. We are desperately in search of a leader that no more gets hectic about the worldly things but instead thinks seriously about the means of taking services closer to where life is impossible. A leader that stays awake to act in response to demands of the voiceless society.

My concern today is whether we will stop importing the extraneous political ideologies which we swallow as they are. If those ideologies worked well for another country; it may not be fine with us at this defining moment. Uniqueness is very imperative, so let it be for that country. Unquestionably we are obliged to discover what we really stand for and then set new dimensions.

I dream of such a country, where transparency is the catchphrase for governance. We desire a country whereby the police improve their work ethics and become people-friendly, a country where teachers are respected and well-paid. A country where useless degrees and examinations will be done away with and only students with an aptitude and talent will go in for higher education.

More so, I look forward to a country where people get serious about the value of education and understand that schools are the platform where tomorrow’s religious scholars, doctors, engineers, civil servants, to mention but a few, are trained. If our students are not well taken care of today, needless to say they will end up in a dark future.

In the same spirit of patriotism, I look forward to a country where, its youth will genuinely interact in a meaningful way beyond their localities instead of quarreling about the ‘dirty politics’ and making stories about tribalism in streets.

I look forward to a country where people are no longer crazy about consuming Qaad but rather take books and go to schools, work for the well-being of their families and on the top of all, serve for their communities.

In this respect I call upon every Somalilander to put the interests of the common way above their personal interests. Fortunately, for all that I suggested, none requires a big conference to debate. They are all just do-it-matter! These dreams are built upon attainable pillars and for whose realization, many like me, are committed to the last drop of their blood. Let’s work for a time where we will be an example of peace, prosperity, progress and brotherly co-existence to our neighbors and world at large.

By Abdikadir D Askar, exclusive to Somalilandpress, 28 January 2010

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Abdikadir D. Askar is a youth activist based in Uganda. He writes about the political and social issues. He can be reached at siraskar@live.com.



  1. Yet another wonderful article by Askar, a young intellectual Lander based in Kampala, this is the sort of people we need in Somaliland today, time to flush out the old guys, and old guys have to know you have failed us so many times, time for you to retire.

    This is the problem with Africa, they have no shame they stay in power for 20+ years and make no changes and expect people to be happy with them.

    Somaliland needs new leadership, no doubt! My dream country not yet!

    Your dream for Somaliland is beautiful dream- if we work together we can make it possible. Education is the key to fulfilling dreams.

  2. You are right Askar, but didn't we all? Don't be dismayed. Keep dreaming, there should be a light at the ends of the tunnel.

  3. Beeyn sidan la iskugu sheego waligeey ma arkin war qabiil dowlad kuma noqonaysid cidna ku aqoonsan meeyso eey ha is daalin

    • Xiqdi fadhiyaad tahay adeere, ma ogtahay haday dadku meel wax isla dhigtaan in waxkastaba laga dhabayn karo. Magacaad ku soo galaysaanu fahmaynaa cidaad tahee, miduun ha is diidsiin, Somaliland waa daad socdee yaanay ku qaadin.

    • Xiqd iyo xaasidnimo ayaa is eating up your hearts and your souls, intaa sidaa tihiinna weligiin meel ma gaadhaysaan. Qabiil iyo qudhunnimo idinkaa ku shaqaysta. Qabiil, xaasidnimo iyo xukun marroorsi waa waxaad dawladdii hore ku burburiseen, dabkii aad shideenna waa kaa weli holcayaa.

      Cuqdad ma qabno annagu oo sidiina qabiil kumana adeegano, dadkana sanka kama marmarinno. We are civilalized and above using tribal identity to be a country. Dib u joogso Darwiish uu daadku ku qaadine, waa halkii Casaawe'e. Annagu Dawladda iyo Calan aan degayn baannu nahaye.

  4. It is really touching brother! I see you are gifted in writing. May good Lord bless you. Few can express their thoughts as simple as this. I congratulate you on the job well-done. Hold your sleeves up!

  5. Just a note to say.. you guys are doing a great job. You may not earn the big $$ but sure you are doing your part to shape society to what it has long lost to reality. Keep up the good work Askar.

  6. You are a true comfort to thousands, if not millions of people! I am among those people.Thank you for what is, in my opinion, perhaps the best article I have read about my country. Best Wishes.

  7. wasteman, you cannot write as elegantly as I. I have written for the New York Times and the British Guardian broadsheet. However, i must congratulate you for your infantile attempts to 'enlighten' the eternally idiotic readers of your article that is littered with the grammatical errors a child the age of 5 would be ashamed of. No hard feelings eh, just pointing you in the right direction bruv.
    Sheffield's Finest Landa – Saeed Hereri

    • No one among us knows you but we know Askar, if you write for LA Times and British Guardian good for you – are we suppose to give you a candy?

      Who cares about grammatic errors, even the most intellectual can not spell most of the words right and just because you can spell doesnt mean your as intellectual as Askar. What matters to us is his message.

      Get real and go back to the marfish.

    • For someone who is so critical of other's grammar you would think that you would at least know that "I" is always capitalized. They teach that in grade one. Also the word "bruv" is spelled "brother. It's lowering all of your I.Q.'s to read your respond, so please in the future 'practice what you preach".

      Great article by the way Mr. Askar!

  8. A voice of patriotism and a wake-up call for all to stand up for the common good. Thanks for this message Mr. Askar.

  9. I am very new to this site, and i really love this article. I am glad i found people we share the same ideals and dreams. You guys should display these kind of articles on face book, so many young people will see and wake up. We think we have land but it has been hijacked by the old school folks who are using the same dictatorship mentality. All you hear about somaliland by the young generation is "may18 parties" if somaliland existed only on the day. The younger generation seem to be diverting away their attention from their land.

  10. Hold on boss, you gonna make us proud.Gifted ya re, nothing can stop ya climbing the greatest of heights. I burst laughter when I read dirty words of what-so-called Saed Herreri. Bragging like gals yet writes nonsense. Is that the language you write to the Times? You can't say a single word about giants.Don't be jealousy about him. hehehe. Sorry for you.

  11. A scores of individuals with difference educational background visit this website and post their comments and/or topics. And not everybody is young though. Without isolating anybody, we need everybody opinions counts, although not everybody's comment is going to be right, but we can balance each other and learn from other each. There are though some cynics like Saeed Hereri who never says anything positive about anybody.

  12. ahlan dhaalinta iyo odayaasha meesha ku lagdamayoow salaan diiran. intaa ka dib, waxaan odhan lahaa hadhaagii faqashta waydinkaa arkaya ee ay gacantooda isku gawracayaan ilaahay haw sahlo,, qaar baa ilaabayba ta ka socota muqdisho oo xaasidnimo awgeed ishoodu tustay intan yar ee ilaah nooga eryay faqashtii, oo aan wali ka dhammaan dalka s/land,, walina inagu dhex jira,, waar hadii aanu sidiina cuqdad nagu jiri lahayd hargeysa laguma sheegeen hooyada soomaliyeed,, cid walba waan kusoo arkay,, mid qudhunkiinan ka mid ah mar aan la sheeekaystana wuxuu igu yidhi Hargeysa waa hooyada soomaaliyeed,, hadii cuqdad igu jiri lahayd waxii aan ku arko dalkayga waan layn lahaa,, laakiin ilaahaybaan ka baqayaa oo waan iska daynayaa,, ileeeyn hadaan dilo cid iswaydiin lahayd may jirteene,, hadaba inta aad halkan ka nac-nacda haysaan soo dhowaada oo soo arka dalkii somaliland waad ka dhex buuxdaan,, waxaanad noo tihiin qaxooti aanu soo dhowaynay,, kuwiinan qurbaha ka nac-nada hayoo,, xaqiiqada soo ogaada,, hargeysa reer xamar miidhan baan qudhmiyey,, hadii waxan aad wadaan joojin waydaana talabo ayaanu idinka qaadi

  13. KKkwhen I saw Hereri's commment, it I remember how some of the visitors of Somalilandpress were acting. Some would say they graduated from one of the best University on the planet. It all come down that some people think they are always better than others. We don't have a time to proof read but we just write;besides,English isn't our first language. You can even make grammar error for your own langauge and that is ok because we are not expecting anyone to give us a marks.

  14. I hate when someone like "Saed" tries to steal the attention – perhapes he should write his own article rather than cry for some attention.

    Focus on the article people and share your views ~ Askar is simply a gifted thinker.

    You should also read his other article.

  15. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your article brother Askar. It was well-written and contained sound, practical advice. In fact, I have already benefited from your previous article on youth. Knowing your dream, I hope you will be willing to be a president in the future and being vice chair-person of the Somaliland Students in Kampala is first step of reaching that larger dream.

    We have had tremendous success during the 19 years of our own freedom. My brothers & sister of Somaliland we have to remember the past and we have to develop what we have done, Somaliland’s independence is irrevocable and its people will fight for their rights and freedom what ever it costs.

    Thank you and keep these good articles coming.

    Farhan (Oday)
    Hargeisa, Somaliland

  16. I will join those above me in saying great article. I have discussed the various ideas you presented as well as the various ills of our current state on numerous occasions.

    I'm glad to have fellow 'Landers like yourself and those who have posted above with open minds as my fellow countrymen. By discussing these topics and bringing them to the forefront we will eventually be able to overcome our shortcomings.

  17. Really toucing and appealing article…….., henestly we deserve all u hv said. keep up the great work. i enjoy reading ur aticles. keep up bro.

  18. Okay, lets get one thing straight, I have nothing against Askar. I was merely trying to motivate via the use of constructive criticism. It would be folly to suggest that Mr Askar is an illiterate imbecile, and that is not my message, on the contrary, my aim is to ignite a more powerful and potent dialogue that can then be exploited by Mr Askar who does an admirable job in getting his point across. I realise Askar has fiercely loyal following, and long may that continue. Insha'allah his voice shall plant the seeds of ambition and hope in the minds the ignorant masses to create 'renaissance' of Somali patriotism and unity, God Bless. Sheffield's Finest Landa. Saeed Hereri